Finding A Niche

posted on 2nd of june, 2013

Finding a niche is definitely important, preferably one that isn't over crowded already. At the same time, photographing what you love, is very important.

So I find myself mixed between what I love and finding a "not so crowded" niche. I guess Im still looking for the right niche for me, but I do know that I love nature. So I've now happily added 14 images all nature related, but all different and unique.

I love nature! So I experiment with a variety of nature shoots:

I am also really into gardening myself so recently I uploaded my first clay pot garden photos and they were accepted which was really exciting!

Of course I try to add some unique images (at least I think hey are lol)

So now the questions are, am I in the right niche? Is this way to broad of a niche? Is my niche, nature in general? How does one go about defining what they capture? And lastly, am I too predictable?

From my research I find that having a variety of themes is a good thing, but I've also gotten lots of advice to stick to one thing.

Being so green behind the ears, I guess I will expand my skills and try to go beyond the nature. If anyone has any answers to my many self asked questions, please share and THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. Also critics of my photos are welcome!

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Posted by Teeimagination on June 10, 2013
Yes Thank you Solidsdman!
Posted by Solidsdman on June 06, 2013
Commercial images can be used anywhere. An editorial image means two things FOR BUYERS: 1. it can only be used to illustrate truthful articles in print and electronic newspapers/magazines/journals/blogs and 2. they are not to be used in commercial designs and/or advertisements. For US CONTRIBUTORS, an editorial image is an image that we wish to submit with an identifiable brand or trademarked product, like an AT&T smartphone, a credit card, or a Walmart store front, or a celebrity AND we can't get a model or property release for that image. I hope this answers your question.
Posted by Egomezta on June 04, 2013
you have great images, but you need to upload many more images to start having sales..
Posted by Teeimagination on June 04, 2013
Solidsdman are editorial pictures used for magazines and books and etc but commercial stock cannot be used for thus purposes? because I feel that a lot of my pictures would be better used for editorial purposes such as magazines, paper, books rather then commercial? Or can a commercial picture still be used in a magazine article? Sorry for all these questions :)
Posted by Solidsdman on June 03, 2013
You can not upload tomato or onion photos as editorial. Editorial images contain identifiable brands, locations, trademarked products, or people for which property or model releases have not been obtained.
Posted by Teeimagination on June 03, 2013
Question: still trying to figure out the big difference between uploading as editorial or as commercial... I am now wondering if I should have uploaded the tomatoes and onion pictures as editorial?
Posted by Teeimagination on June 03, 2013
Thank you all for the comments! I just love this great DT community! and you guys make me feel good about my portfolio and what I am doing!
Posted by Solidsdman on June 03, 2013
If you do a search for "nature" you'll find there are over 2 million nature photos on Dreamstime. A hard niche in which to sell. I focus on editorial business images (and business related images in general) and have found they are my best sellers. There are over 1 million business images, but there seems to be a lot of business image buyers. I didn't start out years ago with that type of image in mind, but found over time that those were the best selling for me. That's my personal experience with Dreamstime. Upload a variety, and find out what sells for you.
Posted by Angelaostafichuk on June 03, 2013
Lovely photos. You are on the right track when it comes to the idea of finiding a niche, but you need to remember that nothing is really a niche anymore when it comes to stock photography. Shoot things that you enjoy, but also do your research for things that sell. Why not use some of your plant pictures and turn them into food photography? Can you fram the things you love differently? The only way to get better at this is to keep practicing, and seraching, and wondering and practicing. Good luck on here, you are off to a great start!
Posted by Banol2007 on June 03, 2013
I like the "Hungary cows". Concerning your's question may be you can find some answer in https://blog.dreamstime.com/2012/12/21/photography-ideas-evaluation-for-better-selling_art38530 . Good luck & have a lot of sales!
Posted by Suyerry on June 03, 2013
I think these are the same question we all ask ourselves. I am hoping to hear the answers also. I like the angle you shot the tomato plant. :) My only suggestion is to keep doing what you love, you will never get bored and you will have a lot of fun doing it. :)
Posted by Imagerybycharly on June 03, 2013
I'm pretty green behind the ears too, but what I've read a lot of is upload, upload, upload. ;) And need people shots, which I'm just dipping my toe into. Hope you have many sales!
Posted by Pandora849 on June 03, 2013
Your photo of the chipmunk is a good reminder to lighten up and not be overly serious in our pursuit of images that will appeal and sell. You seem to be on the right track finding subjects readily available to you, yet purposeful. Wishing you much success.

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