Why photography? (win a 7 credit sale!)

posted on 1st of july, 2013

Share your obsession with photography, why you like it, what makes you admire your subjects and what you want dream of capturing one day and where would be your dream destination for photography?

Great to know your fellow photographers better and you might hit upon something you haven't yet tried but others have.

About the 7-credit sale, let's see who comes up with something really interesting. Preferably newbies. I have a lot of credits from blog articles, which have been popular due to you readers. I have gotten significant publicity with the articles. So I'd buy any (affordable) image from one of you on next Sunday. :)

I have always dreamed of hang gliding over the Grand Canyon, USA just after sunrise and capture the scene from above. Been my dream since I was 5...

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Posted by Sml on July 09, 2013
Serghel I am so happy for you, this is the beginning of many more great sales for you. Thanks Pratik.
Posted by Robinstockphotos on July 09, 2013
Show us a portfolio of 100 images soon. :)
I like writing articles. And of course, we are all here to help, at least with the technical stuff.
Posted by Delned on July 09, 2013
Thank you very very much Pratik! I'm really very happy!
This competition has motivated me even more to work and enjoy this hobby!
Thank you all guys for good articles! I've learned a lot in this months since I registered on DT. Specially from Pratik's articles!
Posted by Robinstockphotos on July 09, 2013
Glad to know a little about all of you. Adds a feeling of reality when I get to know about people I interact with through the message boards. Admins, sadly, still chose to be robots.
50 credit sale contest coming up for admins I guess. Takes big bait to lure big targets. ;)

The 7-credit sale goes to Serghei Rudicov, someone passionate about photography for many years, starting with film and restarting with it after a spell of being unable to. Also a total newbie on Dreamstime. I think that is where the sale would encourage someone the most. There is 1 upload as of this month after joining in March, 2013, which means there is potential there. :)
Most new contributors are totally inactive for a few months, which is a negative sign.

Congratulations Serghei Rudicov on your first sale!
Posted by Inyrdreams on July 08, 2013
well pratik... who won???
Posted by Brocko on July 04, 2013
I've been so obsessed by photography then when i was a little boy i broke my father's camera(Zmena), then i tried to repair it and i realized i have to take a break. After 20 years... I have no dream where/what to photography and i don't get it why i have my camera with me everyday(hope i won't broke this too)... shooting good, bad pictures:P
Posted by 4harmony on July 03, 2013
Two years ago, my wonderful husband bought me a Canon 60D. I always wanted to get into photography but could never afford it. My husband knew how much it meant to me and made my dream a reality. I have spent some time on my photography almost every day since.
Birds have been my most frequent subject, though I enjoy all aspects of nature. It is awesome to wander around and find interesting subjects. There are so many wonderful things to discover.
I would love to visit every state in the US and photograph a bird or other animal, or a flower, or a natural feature that is unique to that state. Dreaming bigger, I'd then travel to every country! Our world is full of hidden and not so hidden treasures. It is a gift to have a camera so that I can share the treasures I find with everyone else.
Posted by Sml on July 03, 2013
Pratik what great ideas you have.
I started out with a Kodak brownie, which might give my age away, taking picture of my friends and the area I grew up in. The other point in my life where photography was an inspiration was in grade 8. Yousuf Karsh’s nephew, brought me to his fathers (Malak Karsh) studio, and it was amazing to see a real studio with thousands of files of negatives and images. It was a Saturday and he did a photo shoot of me. Sadly, as with my first photos, I do not have one of those images from the shoot. You would think that would inspire me to become a portrait photographer, but I became a country bumpkin having a studio and shooting portraits was not to be. Skipping ahead many years and cameras I got my first DSLR and have not looked back. I love taking images of building, animals and just about anything that catches my eye, but what I would love to do, would be to take an image from the top of the pyramids in Egypt, and then do a fantasy image showing animals...(More)
Posted by Clearvista on July 03, 2013
Well I started taking photographs many years ago when I was very small with a Kodak "Brownie." I didn't take many photographs at this time because the films and developing were too expensive for me to pay out of my Saturday job I had when I was at school. I got an inexpensive 35 mm camera when I was 14 for my Christmas present and a set of blue flash bulbs which meant I could buy a colour film and take photos indoors. The pack of ten bulbs soon ran out and and the indoor photos had to wait untill I could leave school and earn some money. I eventually left school got a job and found that after everything was paid out then a new camera was still out of the question. I met a girl and fell in love at sixteen. We got married and and wages were poor. The dream continued . Bills, mortgage, and by now extra mouths to feed kept me just dreaming, as this passion was far too expensive for me to pursue. Well time went by, busy keeping a family etc. My four wonderful children flew the...(More)
Posted by Lookslikelisa on July 03, 2013
I like to believe I can do anything :-) I first picked up a DSLR six months ago with the intention of shooting stock because I think it could be a wonderful avenue to make a small impact on the world. I love the idea of thousands of people seeing something I've created. I average a sale per day across multiple agencies but am still hanging out to see my work published somewhere...
Posted by Mudplucker on July 03, 2013
I started as a buyer, then became obsessed with the images created by Yuri Arcurs, pure technical excellence. I've been doing more learning than producing since i joined, and actually i was slow to pick things up for a very long time and felt like i had to work extra hard just to learn the basics, but now I am finally almost to the point where I consider myself to be totally self sufficient and capable of producing high production quality images myself. I've spent the last 8 or 10 months learning lighting and just finished up spending 5 great days with one of the biggest name photographers in the USA and have brought home several new techniques for my toolbag of tricks... I have long ago realized that money isn't going to come big in stock competing in the model shots category, but for me it is a passion and also a mission, and even if I lose money instead of making it, I won't quit until i am considered one of the best in the business.
Posted by Data2203 on July 02, 2013
It was 2-3 years ago. I found that photo change our reality into another. Sometimes I saw very attractive pictures of things or places that I saw by my own eyes. Skilled photographer can focus a little things in big picture. That process make good authors to minigods of picture reality. Сomplete control over events and things in making frame gives to the photographer complex feelings of the creator!

ps: Sorry for worst English
Posted by Egomezta on July 02, 2013
Why photography? When I take pictures I feel like I'm a hunter in the wild and I'm always looking for a new prey, for me is an amazing feeling.
Right now I'm planing a trip to las Vegas and I will take some time to go to the Grand Canyon and to the Monument Valley, (one of my dreams to photograph), there are other places that I hope to go soon in Mexico like the Sumidero Canyon, the Huasteca Potosina, Agua Azul, Real de Catorce, etc.
Posted by Dark3y3s on July 02, 2013
I dream of capturing fairytales. My stock portfolio obviously doesn't show it, but that's what I truly love in photography: fairytales. :)
Posted by Delned on July 02, 2013
I was attracted by photography from a long time ago. My first camera was a Canon camera with film. That camera was purchased for my entire family but the photographer was me, always. I remember almost all my personal money were spent for film and film developing :)
Then I "forgot" for a time about my hobby because of studies and the chronic shortage of money :)
Right now I'm working as system administrator and few months ago I made a gift to myself and I bought a DSLR Camera. I take the camera everywhere (even if sometimes I take no photos).
I've registered on DT to try to sell some of my picture on DT to buy a tripod and new lenses (It will be quite difficult with only two accepted photos:) ).
For me the most attractive subject is the sky and astronomical objects. Yes, the astronomy is another hobby. :)
Greetings from Moldova!
The end. :)

P.S. Sorry for my ugly english...
Posted by Inyrdreams on July 02, 2013
in my case, I started as an artist at age 14. when I reached my first year of high school, we could 'check out' a medium format camera in a photo class and next thing I knew, I was the year book and wrestling photographer at my school! that first year I won a drawing competition and so bought a camera to take photos of things I wanted to paint.. but then photography started making me a lot more money then my art did, and 35 years later I am still a photographer! (many bends down the road however, and a full time studio for 15 years also...)
my dream is to be able to travel around the world and have photography pay for the experience. oh- and to have the magic power to instantly upload AND keyword in my best images without having to be sitting in my computer chair!
Posted by Kkamlesh on July 02, 2013
I am the first one to reply. May be the prize lured me as I have no sales here for some reason :)

Now to the topic. Well, Since I was a child I was very passionate about capturing everything in the camera the way I interpret it. Though I was the smallest in my family I was the family photographer :). So, it has been a hobby, a passion and an addiction for me. And my dream is to travel all over the world and see it through my lens and give it a meaning as I perceive it. :)

By the way I am not very active here but I noticed we have something common between us Pratik. Check out my port, you will find some familiar things :)


Edit : Someone posted before i typed my messase,so, I am not the first one anymore.
Posted by Unteroffizier on July 02, 2013
No subjects or type of photos I want from photography. Just working towards the day when Photography can pay for my monthly basic bills and basic expenses. I am still a newbie actually so yep I guess I qualify for this 7-credit download competition?

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