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posted on 12th of august, 2013

Hi!! Yeah.....Lately I have seen increasingly more photographers who want to earn money from their passion for photography and want to try to sell stock images.

The easiest way by which an amateur photographer can earn money from photos that they make.Stock photography is a business. Those who don't want to hire a photographer to supply images and prefer to buy directly from the internet, because supply is higher and costs are much lower here.
Thank you,DT for this opportunity to increase my income!
Which photos sell / buy better stock in 2013?? With people?Is full! Business,travel,landscape,lifestyle,culinary?Also is full! Technical and technological,or electronics gadgets is a niche that would have to explore...how about it? I did advertising this website everywhere, but the most people who sign up as referrals they think it's very easy to sell the stock! After reading section FAQs and after they are rejected first uploads almost all give up!When they see it's hard work to put keys, title, description....generally a job that takes time and if you already have a job, most give up! Don't give up peoples! Go ahead! Come on in the malls! Come in supermarkets to fool the bouncers when they come to us and say:hey!!!!stop!!! not allowed to take pictures here!!
© Dudau (Help)
And I say:...ok..well, I understand...and go ahead...:) If this sells now,then let's shoot this!WHY NOT?Let's make money!:)

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Posted by Lenutaidi on August 29, 2013
Thanks all!Go planet now:)Go to the mall!Go to the supermarket or just market! Everywhere around you! HAVE FUN!Good luck, everyone!:)Let's make stock photo!Don't give up!
Posted by Fallostupido on August 29, 2013
Nove photo band job
Posted by Lenutaidi on August 22, 2013
Thank you, Yadamons!
Posted by Yadamons on August 22, 2013
Nice picture, Congratulation for new milestone.
Posted by Lenutaidi on August 20, 2013
Thanks all!Go planet now:)Go to the mall!Go to the supermarket!Good luck, everyone!:)
Posted by Laurasinelle on August 20, 2013
Nice pics, Thanks for sharing!!
Posted by Egomezta on August 15, 2013
Great blog, your images are great.
Posted by Wordplanet on August 14, 2013
When I want to be discreet I use my little Nikon P7000 point and shoot or my iphone. My D700 with a nice fat zoom definitely draws too much attention for stealth shots lol
Posted by Perstock on August 14, 2013
True, just shoot!
Posted by Haotian on August 13, 2013
Well said Lenutaidi! That's the spirit!
Posted by Lenutaidi on August 13, 2013
Yeah....come on peoples! Let's go into supermarkets with our cameras!We can shooting anything whatever!Carefully check the site at editorial section and you will see that they sell all!!Shoes, bags, clothes, flour, beer, chips, televisions, wine, champagne, vodka,electronics, computers, tablets, phones,people among shelves,crowded,absolutely all!!!Let'go!:)Go planet!!:))We are a consumer society!Cheers!Good luck!:)
Posted by Dejai63 on August 13, 2013
Thank you for this advice didnĀ“t recognize that people are buying now more photos of supermarkets !
Posted by Lenutaidi on August 13, 2013
Thanks, Gheburaseye:)
Posted by Gheburaseye on August 12, 2013
nice pics! I'm happy for your new milestone ;)
Posted by Lenutaidi on August 12, 2013
Thanks,my friends Sanjay&Pindiyath!:)
Posted by Pindiyath100 on August 12, 2013
Hi Lenuta! We love your spirit. :) Love these new pictures. Some of the security personals in Hong Kong are quite friendly. A few actually let us take the pictures and then leave with a smile while others made us run...lol. :P
Posted by Lenutaidi on August 12, 2013
Suyerry, here too are paranoid guard people that as soon as you see that make a picture in supermarket, immediately come to you to take you away:)Be successful to capture a few pictures there in supermarket is an adventure:)but it's fun!For me it's fun when I go to do my shopping and I take my camera with me to shooting in supermarket:)Thanks for your comment and have fun!:)
Posted by Suyerry on August 12, 2013
Nice pics! I get the "can't take pictures, here!" a lot myself. Funny though, never get that when using my phone to take pics. People are so paranoid here in the states about larger cameras.

Comments (18)

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Photo credits: Viorel Dudau, Lenutaidi.

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