1000 online photos!! A good reason to say Hello :)

posted on 15th of october, 2013

Hi everyone. I have recently reached 1000 online photos.

This is an extremely important event for me, something that a year and a half back when I started seemed very, very distant in time. In terms of Internet social activity (including blogging) I’m virtually inexistent. Mostly because I am almost always extremely busy. I’m a graphic designer before being a photographer and I have something to do about all the time. But this is also because I am quite unused to online social communicating. When it comes to online social platforms I am like an old man who is given a smartphone and who somehow understands that the device is doing a lot more but he simply uses it to answer calls ☺
But 1000 photos is a landmark important enough (at least for me ☺) to overcome my online social disabilities and simply say: “Hi, I’m here!” This may be also my first blog post ever!
Those 1000 photos were quite a journey for me. A very interesting one during which I have humbly and honestly come to acknowledge how little I know of photography. But as a famous philosopher once said: “the moment you realize how little you know, that’s the beginning of true wisdom”. And indeed there were illuminating moments for me during this period. For instance, for a long time I had the subconscious idea that great pictures come from equally great moments and situations. Of course you can read books and listen to veteran photographers testimonials about that. But it’s not until you start doing actual photos for a variety of non-related subjects that you realize how false this idea is. As well as spectacular events could yield flat and ordinary photos, the same way simple, boring and mundane day-to-day situations could bless you with marvelous shots. Of course, if you have eyes for them ☺
Also those 1000 photos (actually the figure represents naturally the approved ones; the submitted photos were, well… a lot more ☺) convinced me that you could photograph virtually everything. This is especially true for microstock photography where absolutely EVERYTHING has a photographic potential. To quote the motto of a dreamstime lady photographer whose profile I came across these days: “You don’t choose the subject. It is the subject that chooses you.”
My last thought is about how working for a microstock website can change your mindset. Now, after one year and a half of dreamstime presence, I assess each and every situation, place to go and things to do in terms of photographic opportunity. I find myself saying almost all the time something like: “that’s a great place or situation to take photos to”. Which drives my wife quite nuts at times. Fortunately she’s also quite forgiving. Not to mention a great photographic subject ☺.
Finally, I would like to thank you for the time spent reading these lines or for browsing my portfolio. Also big thanks to those who purchased my files! Not many sales, actually ☺ but nothing to worry. I have just begun…

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Posted by Ciolca on August 19, 2014
Thank you!
Microstock photography is a long time project. The sales are real but you begin to sale more the more photos you have approved. I began to sell constantly since October last year when I reached 2000 approved photos. Right now I am selling more or less 100$/ month. Which of course is not much but for me is enough to keep me going :) But I have only 363 sales. If you look at the 'big boys" with thousands of sales and thousands of approved photos you understand the thing is for real. But, again, it is a long time project.
Posted by Valentinacata on August 19, 2014
You have great pics from great places.

I love the photography and I am really happy that I finally found a way to publish my photos. But as I am a beginner in stock photography, I really wonder if you really get paid for them. :P

Is it for real? Did you get the payments for your sales until now?

Thanks and good luck!
Posted by Ciolca on November 15, 2013
Thanks. Yes, you are right. It's important to get social. I have learned a few useful thing solely from those who commented on this post. So definitely when I consider I have something useful to say and share I will do it again.
Thanks again.
Posted by Perstock on November 15, 2013
Hi! Great milestone and great images!
I share a lot of your experience on the subject :)
Also, I think it´s important to read blogs, write blogs and become an individual on the blog. Just a feeling though but anyway nice to have a chat now and then and meet people that have interresting experiences to share.
Posted by Ciolca on November 02, 2013
Thanks for your kind words but I am not interested in relationships other than photographic ones :))
Posted by Ciolca on October 20, 2013
Thanks. :)
Posted by Hoxuanhuong on October 20, 2013
wow, i just 200pic, and i have to work ward so i can understand your feeling, good luck to you on your sale
Posted by Ciolca on October 18, 2013
You are right. Most of my pictures were uploaded since August. And sales are low especially for that. I don't worry too much. They will rise eventually.
Thanks again :)
Posted by Fredbro on October 18, 2013
That is A LOT of pictures in a short period! You are a machine! I wish I could upload that many pictures. I have to admit though that I am surprised at how low your sales are, after 1 1/2 year and with a portfolio that big. I'm new to stock (since january) so I can't really give you any advice but I wish you to be able to find what it is that your pictures don't sale. Good luck! BTW, nice coins shot!
Posted by Ciolca on October 18, 2013
Thanks. I truly hope the same :)))
Posted by Agaliza on October 18, 2013
Congrats on your speedy progress! I'm sure sales isn't trailing too far behind :-)
Posted by Laurasinelle on October 18, 2013
Posted by Ciolca on October 18, 2013
Many thanks! :)
Posted by FabioConcetta on October 18, 2013
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
Thank You!
Posted by Maocheng on October 17, 2013
Congratulations ![imgr]33672218[/imgr]
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
Yes time is very important. Fortunately for me I am a freelancer therefore no daytime job. So I can manage time better this way :)
Thanks for you comment!
Posted by Oliver7perez on October 17, 2013
An amazing moment I am sure to reach that milestone. Hoping to start getting more photos but finding time is difficult. Congratulations!
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
Congratulations and hopes for many sales!
Thank you very much!!
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
Congratulations ! and i LOVE your tennis racket photo !!!!!
Thank you!!
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
Congratulations from Denmark too :). Keep shooting, editing, uploading, and sell sell sell!!! Best of luck :)
Thank you!
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
Good im closer :)
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
Congratulations! You are my role model!
Thank you! You are the first to be a role model for!!
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
Also, you do have a touch on blogging, it was very smooth to read your post.
Thank you. The thing with blogging comes from my Journalism background. My only journalistic reminisce actually :))
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
Too bad the ratio isnt inverted. 1023 sales from 38 photographs! Think more shoot less!
Thanks. I try to follow your advice all the time but I am not always so successful :))
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
hello and congrats on the milestone! I am 115 away from that number as well, so I know the hard work that goes into reaching it. I enjoyed your portfolio very much!
Thank you so much!
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
Congratulations on your milestone!!! Keep up the good work.
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
Hello, nice to see you. Congratulations on reaching 1,000 uploaded. Good luck with your sales.
Thank you!
Posted by Ciolca on October 17, 2013
Hello, Daniel!!! Congratulations!!! Nice portofolio!!! Dont stop!! Keep shooting, keep uploading!! Sales will come!!! Good luck!! I work hard to get myself to 1000 online by the end of november, I hope:) Best of luck, Lenuta:)
Thanks. Actually you were the first to mark me as a favourite photographer so I pretty much know your work. :))
Posted by Alvera on October 17, 2013
oh, I see, your portfolio is very recent. So, no worry! Good luck uploading the next Terra-byte of photos :))

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