Weekend portfolio case study #1

posted on 5th of may, 2013

I study a portfolio every weekend and I thought I'd share what I study. Not all of it, only some parts of it. I don't pick up images or artists from the editor's choice collection of featured photographers collection either....which means that the portfolios I pick are one of the least likely ones to be noticed by us contributors but they do have a crazy number of sales. Some of you may find this useful.

I choose portfolios based on these points:
- Artists with no message board activity
- With weird photos having unexpectedly high sales
- Artists who didn't use million dollar equipment to shoot their best sellers.

If this helps you, read on...

I studied this portfolio this weekend: Raman Maisei - Portfolio

600 uploads and 11,500+ sales...

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Posted by Robinstockphotos on May 23, 2013
That's all done with some 3D modeller. I don't think many people could do it. I tried it already long back. Very difficult.
Weekend studies later....maybe from Next month. I'm very busy right now. Exams, exams and exams.... :/
Posted by Lenutaidi on May 23, 2013
For this weekend:Kounas portofolio
Posted by Positiveflash on May 19, 2013
I guess I don't understand why the layout would be different for certain users. This could be a test and they are only rolling it out for some users.

Either way I hope they get this fixed or let us know what's going on.

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Process a JPEG as good as RAW!

posted on 10th of may, 2013

Newbies: Please skip the article if it scares you. If you are in doubt about WB or exposure, ALWAYS shoot in RAW.

The photographers of advanced levels of knowledge about color representation and compression surely know that RAW files contain a huge amount of additional useful data as compared to a JPEG. A RAW may contain 14 or 16 or sometimes 32 bits of data per color channel. A 16 bit TIFF contained from a RAW of equal bit depth would give you (2^16)(2^16)(2^16) unique colors and intensities. An 8 bit JPEG would give you a few million times smaller color depth.

The result?

A RAW contains a higher "dynamic range" of data. Just like your eyes see both shadows and lights but a camera doesn't see both at the same time...but it still retains fine detail in shadow regions...

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Posted by Suebmtl on June 04, 2013
Very informative article.
Posted by Infokus408 on May 16, 2013
cool article. thanks for sharing.
"A photographer must always try to be equally good without depending on anything else."
i agree. master the basics first.
Posted by Robinstockphotos on May 15, 2013
Haha I always write boring stuff that's why. ;)

Harsh, RAW makes you deadly casual if you're just starting out. It burns the "I can fix it" into your mind. Very dangerous idea. A photographer must always try to be equally good without depending on anything else.

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Finally, my own independent blog!

posted on 18th of may, 2013

I have been writing a lot of articles here and many don't really show up high on Google search results. And those who aren't members cannot follow me. I cannot post images not yet approved by Dreamstime for sale.

So here goes my new blog RobinStockPhotos on WordPress
Excited about this one! :)

I'd be posting there most of the time now and I would post a copy here for everyone or a link to the original WordPress blog.
The good thing is you may enjoy some of my latest photography. The photos on Dreamstime portfolio are very old. Around 6 months old, most of them. But the new blog doesn't need approval and would have the latest photos, in case you are interested. You'd find there romantic lizards having dinner and professor lizard studying geographic....

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Posted by Harshvardhan on June 10, 2013
Congrats! God bless you success!
Posted by Shopartgallerycom on May 22, 2013
Lovely blog Pratik!
Posted by Mike2focus on May 21, 2013
Very cool, Pratik! Your passion is going to carry you very far in photography and in life. Well done!

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Image descriptions: A place for unrelated keywords?

posted on 29th of may, 2013

I was looking up random images trying to figure out and list a number of potential subjects in demand. Right now I have no proper gear and not enough time for much. Next month, I think I will have both. Plenty of it. Hence the casual research in free time.

And see what it turns up.
I searched "revenge" (I didn't know what else to search for)...and quite some images turned up in the search results. "Quite some" means a thousand or more images. I hit the "most downloaded" category because the most relevant isn't really relevant for me as of now.
I got this image in the search results, on second row of first page:

Why did this image turn up?
Keyword spamming? Not really. It turned up because it has "revenge" in its description. ONLY description, not the title or keywords....

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Posted by Robinstockphotos on June 01, 2013
But I'll put name in every possible field including "comment to editor" if Mr. Obama signed a release for me. ;)
So apple pie beach should be there unless you know for sure it is world famous like Times Square. And some cunning fellows would make a model stand there with an apple pie and thus be eligible for including the keywords "apple" and "pie". Better sales potential I guess. :P
Posted by Igordabari on June 01, 2013
What if there is a beach called "Apple pie beach"?

It could be. In Italian town Bari where I lived for some years there was a beach called Pane e Pomodoro (which means Bread and Tomato). :)

But be agree: the probability that somebody will look just for this specific beach is negligible small. The most probably buyer will look simply for an image with a beach. Buyers generally need concept of beach rather then specific beaches. So, on my opinion, to increase relevancy and, concequently, also sales, one should not include apple and pie both in keywords and description. In fact, these words are irrelevant in this case.

Have a look at the Yuri's photos with models. For sure, all the people there have their specific names like Monika or John or Lucia or Artur, etc. But you will not find these names among keywords. They are also missed in titles and descriptions. Which is correct, I believe.
Posted by Imagerybycharly on May 31, 2013
I searched apple and that image didn't show up in the first 11 pages using most relevant, but .... I can see images of NYC coming up in a search for "apple" since it's famous nickname is "The Big Apple". It's a very common reference here in the US, often used more so than New York City. :)

Of all the searches I've done on DT, rarely does something come up that doesn't match my search on some level. Sure some are a stretch, but I got their use after a bit of thought. ;) And nothing is ever "perfect", though we'd like it to be.

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