Starting off and eager to learn

posted on 11th of may, 2013

I always loved taking photos and over the years I think I have created a great portfolio. The problem was that before this year all my photos were taken with a basic point and shot camera. I worked very hard and saved all my money to buy myself a DSLR and some important lenses. It certainly was the best purchase I have made (besides my house of course:)

I first got into stock photography because I just love advertisement. Like I am literally obsessed with it and so I guess I am trying to make this my career. This isn't really a informational article but its more to hold myself accountable for setting goals and keeping up with this to a point where I can actually say that I am a stock photographer. I am not big on people photography, but I love nature so I am making my niche nature and wild life. This...

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Posted by Matewe on May 17, 2013
Hi, I love to photograph nature and landscapes too. Try to follow your goal and succes will come. Good luck.
Posted by Infokus408 on May 16, 2013
welcome to dt! congrats on first sale! keep uploading.
Posted by Robinstockphotos on May 16, 2013
Nature? Good but it is an extremely competitive field with millions of images. I hope you get new things to do and shoot with nature. :)
I'm still at the compact camera stage, struggling with poor quality output. But I have sold quite some nature images. :)
Good luck! Keep in touch with me in case you need someone to share joys and sorrows of stock. Haha it's an interesting hobby and job!

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How to increase image views?

posted on 13th of may, 2013

Increasing image views seems to be the hardest part about stock photography. I mean among millions and millions of images how does a photographer get their pictures to be viewed?

I come from a Marketing background. I studied advertisement in school. I have years of experience in promoting and social media. I used to bring in over $6000 sales per week for a company and yet, I find myself struggling to market myself.

Of course I did research on this subject but there is just so much out there, my head started to spin.

I think that I have the title and keyword part down. I fully understand the importance of having a descriptive yet emotional evoking title occupied with strong keywords. However, this alone does not get image views. I edited and edited my images hoping the number of views would...

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Posted by Robinstockphotos on May 22, 2013
I don't know if any of you is a hardcore mixed martial artist too. When the fight is around a water body, they say "What goes under stays under". And it is a fact. Once your opponent pushes you down, you're permanently down. I find this suiting the stock industry too.
Your recent uploads keep appearing on top of "most relevant" searches till they are level 1. Then they drop down. People think you get sales if you keep uploading - not always true. The main thing is you have to have images on the top 5 pages and cover most searched keywords. Also make the images attractive enough to go to level 2 or 3 in 6 months. Buyer types "butterfly", "alien", "freedom", "revenge", "foot", "headless", "love", "creep", you should have it all. At least one of each. That maximizes chances of getting someone to your port.

The Flicker idea is not good! Suppose you have a great photo of the Grand Canyon with $200 potential but gets rejected for chromatic aberration and you upload it for free - you...(More)
Posted by Javierespuny on May 22, 2013
I think your flick idea is no bad at all

quote: I was advised to post my rejected photos on Flicker, so if someone sees my photo and likes it they would possibly go to see my profile and click on my link that leads to my stock portfolio.... For some reason this idea seems a bit far fetched. First of, by uploading images on Flicker I am allowing anyone to use my images for Free.

but if you show rejected photos... perhaps they're not enough interesting. why not to show them water marked? and even with a link on description or caption to generate traffic to your portfolio in dreamstime.

see who has pictures on the same subject as you and who had set a collection and ask him to publish your photos in it, or make a collection yourself

link your photos everywhere on social

and, as others have said, have a lot of images in your portfolio! your exposure is 0.03! with an average of 1 pic / month nobody will see you.
Posted by Suyerry on May 22, 2013
I see lots of great advice here in the comments already. I agree that keywords and titles play a great part with exposure, along with a large portfolio and unique items. But try to incorporate what you love to do in with it so that you don't become bored with it. Good luck, looking forward to seeing more of your work! :)

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