Stock or not Stock? that is the question...

posted on 5th of may, 2013

As someone who has used stock photos in a past job, I can appreciate the creative photographs some photographers see when they capture an image.

I always had something in mind when i was searching for stock photos, whether it was for a blog i wrote such as the following hyperlink or an article. The nose knows or does it While i no longer work for this company it does provide an idea of how some of the pictures we take may be used.

In my opinion, signs are something that people look for to use in an advertisement. This next image shows a unique sign and hopefully a potential client finds useful.

Most stock photos are only limited by your imagination and it's likely that something you find interesting or envision in an ad...

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Posted by Laurasinelle on May 06, 2013
Nice image! Good blog!
Posted by Komar on May 05, 2013
That's a great image.

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It's all about the children

posted on 8th of may, 2013

As mentioned in a previous blog of mine, capturing the perfect images of children sometimes means letting kids behave naturally to catch some great candid shots. Think of children exploring a beach at low tide and the expressions on their faces as they find a starfish or a small crab. What a great image this would make..

While I still believe candid shots of children create some truly memorable images, I have found that some pictures are better planned and posed (P&P) to correspond with the spring blooming of daffodils or to coincide with an early morning sunrise.

This image shows one of my daughters squatting in the middle of a field of blooming daffodils.

Luckily, my children are at an age where they can pose themselves and not take as much instruction from me....

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Tripods...Useful or Too Heavy to Carry?

posted on 28th of may, 2013

Many of you already know that in order to capture tack sharp images either with a macro lens or a telephoto, you must use a sturdy tripod.

Additionally, using a shutter release and changing the setting within your camera to keep the mirror up, will all help assure the sharpest images possible with your own specific set-up.

I believe we have all been guilty that we just want to go out and snap some images and not wanting to lug around a heavy tripod, I have been there. Later, i have regretted not having it with me.

There are ways around this by shooting at the highest frame rate possible with your camera and allowing your camera to auto-focus. Shooting at a faster shutter speeds helps as well but is not always possible. Hopefully, out of the 20-30 images shot in rapid succession, you have...

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Posted by Matthiase on June 20, 2013
My Manfroto isn't that heavy. Its all aluminium, but still rock steady. Since i've bought it, i have used for ALL images lately. Makes me shoot, when i don't have to worry about motionblur and shakey images anymore.
Posted by Martingraf on June 02, 2013
I also did the mistake with having no tripod with me and still sometimes do - I reckon half of my nature or landscape shots are with tripod - for me it's not only because of the shake - if you want to make a good composition you want to make sure that everything is right - the horizon aligned etc.
Posted by Angelaostafichuk on June 01, 2013
I'm a travel photographer and I always carry a tripod, a Manfroto in my backpack. I agree it's a little heavy for me as I am only 5 feet and 100 pounds, but i think it's a necessity and at times a great weapon.
Excellent picture.

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