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posted on 3rd of june, 2013

I shoot micro four thirds.
Unlike many, I'm not a DSLR to m4/3 convert.
Although they fascinate me, especially full frame, I know little to nothing about cameras using APS-C,APS-H or full frame sensors except what I have read on the internet.
My decision to go micro four thirds was mostly borne from the fact I bought into a brand and to save cost remained there. Other than my long since broken 35 mm film camera, my experiences with anything that allowed the ability to be creative, with adjustable aperture and shutter speeds began with my Panasonic FZ100.
I loved that camera.
Fourteen megapixels, twenty-five to six-hundred mm zoom, 11 fps continuous burst and an articulating screen, all features that, at the time, made this the camera for me.
I thought that camera would die with me...until I was...

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Posted by Bradcalkins on June 09, 2013
I did get the 50mm used, and there is a great deal on a lens in town that I thought the adapter would be used for as well, so I sort of consider it as half the price :) That said, I was happy with the tubes, and love the ability to carry a tiny 10mm tube with me and get macro ability. I've got some shots that way. But you basically need a few lenses with the tubes to be able to frame how you want - distance is not very flexible. Why I got the 50mm is just because it is such an amazing lens. Everyone raves about it for good reason, and at f/2 it is nice and bright and capable of sharp images wide open. It does focus slowly, but in many circumstances it still works just fine - even for sports if you prefocus, and not big deal in the studio as you are manually focusing on a tripod anyways for close up work.

The main difference with the macro lens is that is can focus anywhere in the range without switching lenses, and it great for stock. For under $500 all in it is probably one...(More)
Posted by Martingraf on June 09, 2013
You're probably right with your summary - I also tried a few things lately - luckily I bought myself on ebay a Canon IS 70-300 (not the L) instead of a manual 300mm - where I did have a few favorites in mind. Full function with IS and AF - instead of manual in everything but a "more solid" feeling - at the end I want to take pictures with it and have results. Tele means usually you need to be quick and haven't got all time of the world to play around and miss the opportunity. Still, I'm glad that Canon and co build lenses who do give us a bit of nostalgic feeling - my Tamron 2.8/90 or my Canon 2.8/20 - both perform great but look like out of the 80's to 90's.
Posted by Daddiomanottawa on June 07, 2013
In reality, macro is something i don't shoot a lot right now so tubes or macro lens are a something I'm considering a little longer down the road. I have my Canon macro which seems to play for the time being.
The thing about tubes from what I read is light loss, so as a lightweight solution sounds great, except maybe for that. I'm not sure about how well autofocus works with them either, hence my thinking about a dedicated macro like the oly 60.
If you're using the 50 4/3, then you're using the 4/3 to m4/3 adapter.
Adapter is kinda pricey from what I've seen.
Although it, and the 50 4/3 might be a little cheaper now since 4/3 has basically disappeared.
Do you see light loss with the adapter?
I've read the autofocus with the adapter is quite slow?

Anyway, like said, the macro further down the road.
My current goal is getting myself a Panny G6.
Although my G3 is perfectly fine, the idea of looking thru the viewfinder while touch focusing with thumb on the rear screen by itself...(More)

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Is this you???

posted on 17th of june, 2013

Each workday morning I have a ritual.
Arrive at work, turn on my computer and let it boot-up.
Being the ever-so-efficient fellow that I am, I prepare a morning cup of java during this wait time.
Once booted, I check my personal email, my work email, my facebook and of course...my Dreamstime account.
I've learned that the latter absorbs the most time during my morning ritual.

With baited breath and nerves tingling, I await the Dreamstime page to load, all the while staring at the upper right corner of the page hoping to see if I've had new downloads and an earnings balance increase.
Some days, I feel a shiver of excitement. My download count has increased and the dollars have risen forcing me to immediately check out what has...

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Posted by Onime on June 25, 2013
I enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing.
Posted by Myersct on June 22, 2013
Glad it's not just me!!
Posted by Laqhill on June 19, 2013
Hey, the start of your day sounds just like mine......especially the Dreamstime part, and I go thru the SAME regiment as you do. :D It is so exciting...that little upper right hand area!!! I wish DT would put a column for lightbox counts along side of the view column.........

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