Celebrating my number 2500 online file

posted on 12th of april, 2017

It's been a while since I was official :) ---- but reckon that number is something to be a bit proud of and look back. With more and more competition I have lately started putting up my numbers regarding uploads to keep up a bit. I have adapted a bit to stock photography but tried not to lose my identity - so many of my pictures are still "me" - which I find important. At the same time I want to encourage the newbies here on DT - it all takes some time till pictures sell. My number one has in the meantime 93 sales - and that one is one of my typical landscape pictures from which I would love to do many more.

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Posted by Martingraf on April 19, 2017
too kind, thank you :)
Posted by Kpandiyath on April 18, 2017
Congratulations! Great Going!
Posted by Egomezta on April 17, 2017
Congratulations, great achievement.

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5 years DT

posted on 18th of january, 2016

Time runs - and I reckon 5 years doing something continuously without giving up is something to be a bit proud of. There are contributors who do far more uploads but I do this for fun - to learn - and I reckon I have learned heaps here. So a big thank you to all my DT friends, to the DT staff and of course to all the people who are going to buy or have already bought my work!

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Posted by Photostoryap on October 12, 2016
5 years in DT - time running out. Keep going great job. We are inviting see our portfolio. We have similar favorite subjects. All the best.
Posted by Martingraf on February 15, 2016
Thank you - and "Indydreams" I wish that too - but at that stage I wasn't able to invest in a digital camera
Posted by Inyrdreams on February 14, 2016
Nice portfolio and congratulations on the aniversary. Wish I had discovered stock a few years earlier

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1500 Sales - Thank you dear buyers!

posted on 18th of october, 2015


I am very happy that this one made it to my sale number 1500. I love Australia and sheep, sheds and farmland are typical for this beautiful country with it's great people. I want to thank my buyers - I'm grateful how many times you guys have downloaded my work and hope that I can improve it to make it even more attractive on this marketplace. Thanks heaps DT for giving me a platform.

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Posted by Martingraf on March 24, 2017
Thanks - but that is really a while back - I'm now striving for the 2500 :) - takes quite some patience with sales - remembering back it took several months till I got my first sale
Posted by Aleksandrmendelev on March 24, 2017
Great job, Martin!
Posted by Laupri on January 12, 2016
Congratulations! :-)

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3 Years with Dreamstime

posted on 18th of january, 2014

It's my birthday at Dreamstime - its been now 3 years with them! I remember my first uploads very well - they all got rejected :) --- well, gladly this didn't stop me. 2 of my 'bestsellers' are editorial and my penguin pic, which really shows what I like taking photos of, is 2nd but also my best earner. I'm really looking forward for the next few years and I also realize that I've been in many forums but this one with DT is my favorite. People treat each other with respect - fantastic atmosphere - reckon it's because we all have the same goal - be successful in what we love doing!
Special thanks to my wife Marion who always encourages me to go on and does all the keywording for me.

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Posted by Anees32 on February 17, 2014
thats great so happy dreamtime birth day
Posted by Martingraf on February 13, 2014
thanks and welcome to DT :)
Posted by 1nadezhda1 on February 13, 2014
congratulation!!!) And I'm here 20 days!

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What was your first sale in 2014?

posted on 2nd of january, 2014

First of all - Happy New Year everyone. Wish you all a blessed 2014. Last few days I was asking myself - what will my first sale of the year be? One of my nature photos, people, city? Well it was my Luna Park one - and as Luna Park looks best at night I think I did a good job on this one. A bit a funny and different view on it but I had to do something different to stick out of the crowd. Many thanks dear buyer - sale was $6.66 - not that this is my lucky number!! but it will be used for something good :).

Tags: 2014 first sale
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Posted by Portiadecastro on February 16, 2014
https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-black-eyeliner-brush-blue-background-image32621355 My first sale this year....;-)
Posted by Johnnymitch on February 15, 2014
A photo of Sudanese refugees. Most of my work is editorial so news drives sales.
Posted by Terhox on February 15, 2014
My first sale for 2014 is:
 Powerful links 

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500 images online - time to celebrate!

posted on 26th of march, 2013

Two years ago, if someone would have told me that I will have half a thousand images online at Dreamstime - I would have said "No way".
Now the 500th picture has been accepted. Funny though that they're brick walls, because I never thought I would take pictures of them -because there are already thousands on DT. But mine are different - nicer - at least that's what I think ;)
I really haven't got much time for my photography but I take the time whenever I can - the issue always was: What reason do you have to take photos - whom do you want to show your pics - how can you make a bit of money out of it??? With microstock I did find a purpose and suddenly the learning curve skyrocketed - man did I know nothing and I thought I know it all! Honestly, I&#...

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Posted by Ewapix on April 11, 2013
Martin, please, there is nothing to worry about! I am a big fan of your photography and I am sure I am not alone. Bricks are just a small part of your portfolio - which is all brilliant. I was very pleased to hear that you are doing so well. The numbers show it all - both the expanding portfolio and the number of your sales. Your success is an inspiration to other photographers. All the best! And keep us informed! :-)
Posted by Martingraf on April 11, 2013
thank you - now you make me feel bad - I don't read all the things on the message board at all ;) --- hope you don't take me so serious with my bricks - I was a bit overdoing it :)
Posted by Ewapix on April 11, 2013
Hi, Sorry to congratulate you so late - I have just been catching up with my reading on the message board. Your bricks are much better indeed! All the best for next 500 images and more!

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Compact camera or pancake lens?

posted on 30th of january, 2013

Lately I realized that I wasn't using my Canon 5D II as much as I should. I also realized that about 70 percent of my uploads were done with my compact camera Canon G1X. Well the reason was quite obvious - I had my Canon G1X most of the time with me when I went travelling, day trips or business trips.
This made me think: Shall I sell my 5D?
Well, to make it short - I didn't. I sold the G1X - it nearly broke my heart but I had to be tough on myself to get rid of the temptation - and bought myself the 2.8/40mm STM from Canon. The idea was that it had to fit into the same compact bag I was using for my G1X and the only way to do that was the pancake solution. Now someone might come up and say that I have no IS anymore, no zoom, no flash. Yes, that's correct but I now have my fullframe...

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Posted by Martingraf on January 28, 2016
meantime things have changed again - I have a Nikon Coolpix A with me nearly all the time - a pity Canon didn't try to build one like that - and the Canon when I'm on a photo trip
Posted by Physi28 on January 28, 2016
Very interesting post coz I am in the same dilema, would like to have a second camera for travel and "always with me ", my doubt was exactly that: to buy a good compact or a second hand 5d (I owe already a pancake).
Posted by Martingraf on February 16, 2013
Thank you Ekaterina!

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Sales Number 200

posted on 13th of december, 2012

A small milestone for me - this number 200 - and I'm glad it's actually this picture. It's one of the rather rare moments I took a picture of people - I only have 4 "models" and they don't always have the mood to walk up and down a hill for me ;). Sales have been rather low lately - probably the season I reckon - so this is a bit of a motivation for everybody to keep on going. Milestones can also be achieved in "not so good times". Appreciate the community on DT - is really some sort of photo-family. A Blessed Christmas time to ALL!

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Posted by Gheburaseye on December 25, 2012
And Merry Christmas to all!
Posted by Martingraf on December 18, 2012
thank you - and congratulations back to Vasja - your new Christmas Time picture is great!
Posted by Streager on December 18, 2012

Today i have reached 200 sales too. :-)

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Upload number 200 - what a journey!

posted on 23rd of march, 2012

It took me a bit over a year to gain my 200 uploads - today I did it.
I'm usually a bit shy taking photos of people I don't know - so this one isn't really typical for me. But what I like about this pic is that it really tells a bit a story about the diversity of the people who live here in Sydney.
I hope to have more time for photography - my week is full of other stuff and I only have a couple of hours a week which I can invest in photography. I want to encourage everyone who is in the same situation or has just started - to go on and not give up. For me it's not the money - it's the learning by doing what makes stock photography interesting for me - and yes - one day perhaps I can invest much more time and gain more out of it ;)
Love spending my free time with Dreamstime...

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Posted by Nelieta on February 02, 2014
Posted by Martingraf on March 29, 2012
thanks to all :)
Posted by Nero67 on March 25, 2012

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My first level 2 - one real milestone for me!

posted on 14th of october, 2011

Motivation for what we are doing is of course each single sale and today one of my pictures made it to level 2 - which is for me a milestone. Good was also that it was downloaded in maximum size, so it also achieved the highest sale I have done so far. It has been a nice experience here on Dreamstime since I have joined beginning of the year and I really want to push everyone to go on putting in pictures. I will go on searching for that little bit different view of things - so that I might stand out of the crowd like so many here doing so successfully.

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Posted by Iwhitwo on October 16, 2011
Congratulations on reaching your milestone and also for a beautiful image!
Posted by Laurasinelle on October 16, 2011
Congratulations, its a fabulous pic!
Posted by Picstudio on October 15, 2011
Congratulations! Great pic.

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