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posted on 4th of june, 2013

As a full time professional who has been involved in shooting stock photography since 1972, I upload to DT for one reason give a home to (and make at least something) from the many hundreds of images I have that I do not submit to my regular mainstream stock agencies or are not accepted by them.

My main source of income is G___y Images where I earn on average around $9000 per month from roughly the same number of images I have with DT (that earn around $500 per month).

This time last year I had about 2000 less images on sale at DT, yet up to the point where DT dropped levels from sub sales, my average earnings where around $675 per month.
(so now, at $500per month, I get roughly $175 per month less from 2000 more images !!)

I think this standard 42...

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Posted by Gmargittai on June 21, 2013
I view this process of hundreds of thousands of people trying to produce stock as crowd sourcing the photo business. Crowd sourcing happens in many fields, not just in stock photography. All these amateurs me included do not expect to make a living out of this. Let's take for example Wikipedia. In the last couple of years it managed to push out of business all the professional encyclopedia writers including the venerable Encyclopedia Britanica. How about computer software? Linux is today the only unix system left standing. It pushed out Sun Solaris HP UX and IBM AIX. How about journalism? Bloggers replaced many professional journalists, most papers close or downsize, can't operate free. Many more examples I can come up with many more but it is too depressing. And also interns work for free. No need to pay them. They are just happy to serve. I did not buy a computer book for many years. I find answers to all my questions on Google, much faster and cheaper.
Posted by Mrallen on June 11, 2013
Bluwarrior, I could not agree more!
Unfortunately, any 'power' that contributors have is so spread out amongst hundreds of thousands of contributors over hundreds of stock agencies, that it is very diluted. Trying to get thousands of contributors working together to force the industry to change is, I fear, a non-starter.
I think the majority of the public worldwide (and many businesses too) have little knowledge about copyright and care even less. I think this is especially true of young people who have grown up with the internet, seeing images everywhere. Many seem to have a 'if it's on the net it's free' attitude. The proliferation of 'Free' images by microstock agencies just helps to reinforce this belief and devalue our work even more.
Posted by Bluwarrior on June 11, 2013
Very interesting article Steve. I agree with you in many points. ( Yehp why should someone give away pictures for long term just undermines all photo stock business and photographers work..And creates the general feeling ,online, that is fine to pinch or disregard the authorship of any image.
I share many of your views.
Just a pity that generally contributors (specially in micros think that agencies are doing a favor when accepting their images ...without contributors agencies couldn't exist. Contributors should believe more in their own power to shape the rules of this business (and value of their own work-even if for the majority is "just" a hobby. Cheers!

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New Collection: Cityscapes, Landscapes, Seascapes

posted on 15th of june, 2013

Take a look at my new collection: Cityscapes, Landscapes, Seascapes

This great collection contains over 300 images by over 30 contributors.

Go to:

Or go via the link on my profile page. Here you can view all 76 of my collections.

Here's a few images to get you interested:

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Posted by Wordplanet on November 19, 2013
Hi Steve: I recently added this seascape/cityscape of Reykjavik to my portfolio. I'd love it if you would add it to your collection. I't's file No. 31907817
 Reykjavik Iceland skyline harbor mountains 

Posted by Wordplanet on June 22, 2013
Beautiful collection. What a wonderful tour of the world!
Posted by Bevanward on June 20, 2013
Amazing as always! Good luck with your sales improving ...

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