Noise Reduction Tools: A Review

posted on 10th of june, 2013

As a photographer, you always get to encounter situations that are worth capturing but the light is extremely unfavorable. If you have a tripod, you are good to go. But that doesn't always help. Recently while trying to make an HDR of a church interior, I wasn't allowed to set up the tripod because it would obstruct flow of tourists. The church was beautiful and I wanted an HDR, whatever happens. So I had to step up ISO to 1600 (still got a shutter speed of around 1/13 only). Thanks to Canon's outstanding IS, I got a steady shot at even 1/13 shutter speed.

But noise? HDR at ISO 1600 is usually trash unless you own a seriously good camera. I have 4 noise reduction tools. Here's what I got:

Topaz Labs DeJPEG
This works really good with highly detailed shots such an HDR image...

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Posted by Linqong on July 01, 2013
Thanks a lot for sharing.
Posted by Robinstockphotos on June 13, 2013
Thanks for the additions everyone, this article has gathered some really useful content now!
Edjbartos, If you use noise reduction on the sky, you can use channel specific noise reduction (in which you remove noise from only one channel. For skies, the blue channel is usually properly exposed and has less noise. So you apply noise reduction on the other two channels only. Chroma noise reduction must be applied on all three though. That preserves most details).
Posted by Rolmat on June 13, 2013
Tks for sharing.
Noise Ninja is now known as Photo Ninja (current version is 1.0.5)

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Now, more work and less talk...

posted on 12th of june, 2013

I had been waiting impatiently for getting proper equipment. I have been tired of post processing each and every single photo from my compact camera. The only good feature of my compact camera is IS and 840mm lens.

So, finally...the much awaited equipment upgrade!

I got a Canon EOS 600D with 18-55mm IS lens and 55-250mm IS lens.
On the cropped sensor, 24mm to 400mm. What more would I want? I shot 600+ photos in a day and most are certainly worth uploading and would sell sooner or later.

So this is just to say that I would not really be participating much in message boards now. I will not find time with overload of work to do. I already have 50 images to keyword in one day and 50 more to edit. Plus a lot of article writing stuff to do. I would surely sneak a peek once a week though to see what'...

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Posted by Hanbaoluan on June 15, 2013
Beautiful pictures, I wish you have a good sales!
Posted by Chanevy on June 14, 2013
Very nice! Cannot wait to see what you will do next!
Posted by Robinstockphotos on June 13, 2013
Your majesty, I really want to hijack your ship now. :D
The 18-55 is quite annoying in doors. It shows my whole room in one shot. Lol
I use the 55-250 for all studio stuff.I don't have any lighting facilities yet...no flashes..nothing. But I don't need them. :D

Yours is the best comment I've read on any of my blog posts I ever wrote. Thank you!

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My bestseller used on a website!

posted on 19th of june, 2013

Now this is something really exciting! I casually searched my bestselling image, the comet and moon night scene...and found it on a binocular related website along with many other spectacular images. This isn't really the typical "bestseller" with 300 downloads. It only has 5 downloads...but for me that is quite a good sale rate because this file isn't even 6 months old. This would make it to level 5 one day (nobody got arrested for dreaming yet). :)

Here is where it is used: Which-binoculars

The other images used there are truly spectacular, probably all from Dreamstime. I can't imagine how mine found a place there. I spend at least 10-15 minutes on EVERY image, post processing it carefully to get the right colors and get a...

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Posted by Onime on June 25, 2013
Thank you for sharing.
Posted by Adeliepenguin on June 22, 2013
All good news-congratulations:) I look forward to celebrating your first level 5. Your patience and enthusiasm are amazing.
Posted by Kartouchken on June 22, 2013
Congratulations, nice picture

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Understanding Camera Flash

posted on 27th of june, 2013

From one of my recent articles for someone...
Frequently wondered points about flash photography (basics and advanced):

1. They say pop-up flash ruins photos. It is true?
Yes and no. Pop-up flash eliminates all shadows as seen from the camera as it is located right above the lens. It can flatten up texture of a food image and ruin it. But it can provide a vivid and proper image when used on a non-reflecting surface with no texture. For example, shooting images of watercolor artwork on paper.

2. What is fill-in flash and flash as main light source? No such setting on my camera!
A flash is said to be used as fill-in flash when the flash illuminates the subject slightly to lighten up shadows. Example, a person in the midday sun has shadows under the nose/eyes. Use fill-in...

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Posted by Hamik on July 04, 2013
Useful. Thanks ;)
Posted by Egomezta on July 02, 2013
Amazing blog, thanks for sharing.
Posted by Chanevy on June 30, 2013
Very useful info!

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