Why photography? (win a 7 credit sale!)

posted on 1st of july, 2013

Share your obsession with photography, why you like it, what makes you admire your subjects and what you want dream of capturing one day and where would be your dream destination for photography?

Great to know your fellow photographers better and you might hit upon something you haven't yet tried but others have.

About the 7-credit sale, let's see who comes up with something really interesting. Preferably newbies. I have a lot of credits from blog articles, which have been popular due to you readers. I have gotten significant publicity with the articles. So I'd buy any (affordable) image from one of you on next Sunday. :)

I have always dreamed of hang gliding over the Grand Canyon, USA just after sunrise and capture the scene from above. Been my dream since I was 5......

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Posted by Sml on July 09, 2013
Serghel I am so happy for you, this is the beginning of many more great sales for you. Thanks Pratik.
Posted by Robinstockphotos on July 09, 2013
Show us a portfolio of 100 images soon. :)
I like writing articles. And of course, we are all here to help, at least with the technical stuff.
Posted by Delned on July 09, 2013
Thank you very very much Pratik! I'm really very happy!
This competition has motivated me even more to work and enjoy this hobby!
Thank you all guys for good articles! I've learned a lot in this months since I registered on DT. Specially from Pratik's articles!

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Dealing with noise the smarter way

posted on 3rd of july, 2013

You noticed a bear inside a cave just before evening. You recall seeing a duplicate of this shot in the last National Geographic magazine. You bring your thousand dollar camera up with a proud telephoto lens sticking out a couple feet and set ISO to 200 only to find shutter speed showing 4 seconds. Okay, no problem, Set ISO to 800. Still a shutter speed of 1 second. But the bear is licking its belly. Stock photo sites usually don't tolerate tongue blurs. No worries. ISO 25600. Now you got a shutter speed of 1/32. Okay, manageable. So you shot away 20 continuous shots and got 2 or 3 sharp enough. Happy ending for most newbies, especially those with cameras boasting sensitivities up to ISO 25600.
Then comes the clutching your hair and moaning when you start up Photoshop and hit "100% view".

Then the...

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Posted by Robinstockphotos on July 26, 2013
Exactly, but what if you cannot really use a shutter speed longer than 1/60 second? And your good lens still isn't wide enough? That's what the article is about. I have been frustrated many times because of these situations.
Regarding noise reduction, better to always use the manufacturer's own RAW processor rather than generic ones like Adobe RAW because they use generic noise removal algorithm supposed to work properly with everything rather than work best with each one. The generic ones would work great as long as you don't stretch them too far.
Posted by Montylola on July 26, 2013
Interesting blog about digital noise but I think you should be looking at the quality of glass (lens) you are using, it must be a very slow lens. One helpful hint might be to get a good tripod and a 4 second shutter is easily handled and you can shoot at 200 asa!
Thus doing away with excessive digital noise.
Another thing one should use noise reduction siftware that not part of RAW processing you will get a much better end image as there are limitations to noise reduction within a RAW processor, like Adobe RAW.
Posted by Doubleclick7 on July 23, 2013
Excellent advice!

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My silly grudge against DT

posted on 11th of july, 2013

As a new contributor here, when I was in the first 50 uploads on DT, I was uploading stuff I should not have. I had always considered a beautiful red rose photo I had shot as my best ever shot. I uploaded among the very first uploads only to find it rejected.
Guess the reason?
We already have similar images in our database and your submission doesn't exceed existing images in quality or composition. Or something like that.

A brutal punch in the face, a sky high contributor with a castle in the air goes flat down to the ground. Shattered dreams and lost confidence. They say my best shot isn't even worth accepting?! How dare they? I mean, my family loved it! My mom said it is the greatest photo in the world. My sister fainted when I told her it is me who shot it. My dad was so impressed he bought a...

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Posted by Danieldanleelee1 on August 10, 2017
I agree with the comments that were written above, you are a very good writer
Posted by Haotian on August 08, 2013
Personally, I think to be able to get DT to accept a flower image, is a testament to your photography skills. Congrats!
Posted by Marion429 on July 22, 2013
Rejection happens. It is humbling to remember you are one of the millions out there with a camera in your hand. You cannot let it bother you. I am grateful when my work is accepted and happier when there is a check in the mail. Keep shooting!

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For those who need inspiration

posted on 16th of july, 2013

I watched an episode on Discovery Channel some time back and it was about a photographer out to photograph tribal folk and culture in Ethiopia as the tribe was close to being wiped out, with modernisation threatening its existence. While my people images stand nowhere around his, his portfolio really makes me want to photograph life of people like that. It takes a lot of effort to make people comfortable for shots like this. There are so many shots where it seems like the photographer is being ignored, but I want photos to tell the tale better. In a more natural and influential way.
Link to this inspiring photographer's portfolio: Joey L Photography, website (joeyl.com, if you want to remember) and some viewers may find the contents of the portfolio offensive, it contains...

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Posted by Hel080808 on July 23, 2013
The photos are so impressive!!! Thank you very much for sharing with us!!
Posted by Lenutaidi on July 19, 2013
Good work!Thank you for sharing!
Posted by Infokus408 on July 19, 2013
great shots! thanks for sharing.

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