Hunting sharks

posted on 9th of august, 2013

On the ship we operationally changed the diving location. On the originally planned seemed to be little fish while the nearby locality had plenty of them. Then, when I looked from the bottom of sea toward the surface, thru the fish was barely see the sky. And the change of location was not great only because of the quantity of fish.

We sailed along the coral reefs and from the darkness of water directly against us appeared shark (whitetip reef shark) and by the graceful arc disappeared again. We continued swimming in a gentle current, and I lost interest in everything else. Will the shark appear again? He did! And he was not alone. There were two. Again, however, only showed themselves and sailed away.

The current changed and with it we turned out direction. I was losing hope...

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Posted by Thorken on August 22, 2013
:-) diving with sharks is not so dangerous.

Most kinds of shark are not attacking humans, only as an accident - and most on surfboarders who looks like their food (e.g. turtles). There are only three kinds of dangerous sharks - the great white shark, bull shark and tiger shark.
Posted by Cmoulton on August 21, 2013
You must have nerves of steel! These photos are well worth it though, congrats on surviving, lol!
Posted by Laurasinelle on August 20, 2013
Great images! Thanks for sharing!

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Shark (as) on the plate

posted on 13th of august, 2013

I stayed at surface longer than others. My guide solved some technical problem on the equipment, so I didn´t dive headlong with the group, but I waited for him. Then we descended slowly along the coral reef and in that I saw him ...

Wobbegong shark was lying at a depth of 10 meters on hard coral as on the plate. I prepared the camera except cutlery and approached the shark close at hand. I looked directly into the sharks mouth overgrown by prehistoric flounces while he watched my lens.

Evidently I have disturbed it. While on other occasions this kind of shark is very calm and divers at all ignores, now after each firing of lightning it stirred. So I took just three frames and left nervous six-foot long creature having more rest.

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Posted by Thorken on August 16, 2013
Yeah. It´s good to have a good guide with :-).
Posted by Perstock on August 16, 2013
Yeah, most people swim around eager to find interresting things and miss it all...

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Hunting manta rays on Manta Dropp-off

posted on 19th of august, 2013

Briefing for the dive was the most precise I've ever experienced. And that was why. All it would enough was the slightest mistak and a diver was pulled down by a strong current in the sea depths. On the dive we went just two divers with three guides. The aim was "Manta Dropp-off" promising countless manta rays.

Manta Dropp-off in Raja Ampat (Papua Barat, Indonesia) is a break in the seabed, where manta rays go for snack. Longer visible from the surface is reminiscent of a strong current flowing as a river in the middle of the sea. But that is far from being the biggest threat. If diver is pulled into this current, he would just flow along the reef, where it could picked up by a boat.

Greater danger comes from currents flowing from the cliff top. It´s strength would take a man...

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Posted by Gheburaseye on August 20, 2013
what a beautiful animal! In sea and ocean there are the most beautiful and misterious beast fo the world!
Posted by Lazydino on August 20, 2013
wow, papua barat,,, awesome creature.. :D
Posted by Thorken on August 20, 2013
Yeah, it was :).
Thank you.

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