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posted on 21st of january, 2014

One of the easiest ways to sell pictures of people doing things is to submit them as an editorial image because you don't need a model release when used in this context. The alternative is to arrange for a model and set up planned shots. Sometimes, this creates an image that does not feel as real as a candid shot taken of an knowing or unknowing subject doing something naturally. Unfortunately in the later case, most of the time you are not going to secure a model release from people who don't know you without them asking for financial compensation or just saying no. As seen in this image from Washington DC, it would have been impossible to secure model releases for everyone in the image.

To help get around this, we, as photographers, can take their picture and on stock photography sites, sell the picture for use only in an editorial setting.

While people make up one aspect of editorial images, copyrighted material, companies, trademarked and anything that could be considered illegal to use without sole permission from the company or individual, make up the other side. As seen in this image of vending machines in Japan, anything can be used as long as the composition is well done.

Like mentioned previously, we as photographers can use any of these subjects without their permission as long as it's approved for editorial use.

I have created a collection of a few photographers who have taken a number of editorial images and had success having them downloaded. Please visit this Editorial Collection to see more examples.

I hope you find what you need.

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Posted by AuthenticCreations on April 27, 2014
Hello Mandritoiu,

I can help you with that since i tried to upload them. An image of just one product only for example a can of Red Bull energy drink is refused. But if you will put several energy drinks together from different brands in 1 shot then it will be accepted.

Posted by Mandritoiu on April 27, 2014
@mandritoiu, your best bet is to search DT for brand names you will see what is available. Searching for Sony revealed a lot of images with branding and their products.

I found some examples in the DT collection (i.e. a bottle of Heinken beer) so I uploaded a batch of photos of well known brands. All of them were rejected as being too specific with low sale opportunities.
That's too bad for DT, because I sold quite a few on the other microstock agency.
Posted by Tempestz on February 24, 2014
@upwardway38 If there is a visible brand name, even with a model release for the person, the image can only be submitted for editorial use.
Posted by Upwardway38 on February 24, 2014
Thank you for the information. Can you tell me if a model released person drinking a can of coke fits anywhere in editorials? Or, a baby in a bathtub with a visible bottle of shampoo showing the label?
Posted by Tempestz on February 10, 2014
@mandritoiu, your best bet is to search DT for brand names you will see what is available. Searching for Sony revealed a lot of images with branding and their products.
Posted by Mandritoiu on February 10, 2014
Some other sites began to accept product photography images as "illustrative editorial" (with brands and logos clearly visible)

Are these allowed on DT?
Posted by Onime on January 31, 2014
wow.. interesting.. thanks for sharing.
Posted by Tempestz on January 31, 2014
@annieannie, you are correct, other sites are more critical of editorial images, DT is not and we have had success selling images that would not have been approved on other sites. Editorial's are easier but should still tell a compelling message that a customer would find useful. It is important the images are composed and exposed correctly and are in focus, otherwise DT is easier at approving editorials than other stock sites.
Posted by Annieannie on January 30, 2014
Thanks, I have looked at the images on your blog. I know that other sites want specific wording on editorial, they have to read like (old time) newspaper editorials, so was wondering if DT had specific wording requirements for those as well. It doesn't appear as though they do require that, from the descriptions in the blog images. Some other sites also require that the editorial images submitted be newsworthy, meaning images that fit what's happening in the news at the time. So this doesn't include "street photography", unless it's photographs taken of current events. But not just photographs of people in general, hanging out somewhere in a mall or wherever. (if that made any sense) So that's why I asked. Looks like submitting editorial images here is easier. ?? Just shoot anything and call it editorial? ;)
Posted by Tempestz on January 30, 2014
Annieannie i was under the impression that Dreamstime would have more information on editorial when i posted the comment in the blog. Other stock sites do have information to help the contributor. I can tell you when i word the description i try to be as specific as possible and if there is date sensitive material to include that as well. Pictures of people that you do not model releases, company logo's and other items that can infringe on copyrighted, trademarked, incorporated subject matters. If you look at the link i have in the article to the collection i'm managing this will give you an idea on what pictures are approved for editorial use. Also, review the descriptions and keywording used by the contributors, this will help you understand and learn. please let me know if you have other questions.
Posted by Annieannie on January 30, 2014
Could you please direct me to the page that explains the rules of what governs an editorial picture on Dreamstime? I have searched and cannot find an explanation anywhere. How are the descriptions to be worded? What qualifies, etc? Thanks.
Posted by Tempestz on January 29, 2014
@wordplanet no problem it's my pleasure, you have some great images. Hopefully they result in additional sales for you. Thanks for following me on twitter, i returned the favor.
Posted by Wordplanet on January 29, 2014
Thanks so much for adding a bunch of my photos of Hillary Clinton, the NYC Marathon and Yankee Stadium to your Editorial Collection. I also appreciate your adding some of my macarons to your Food and Beverages Collection. Nice collections and enjoyed seeing your work!
I found you on twitter and am now following you and shared both of the collections. I'm @campyphotos if you'd like to follow me back. Thanks!
Posted by Wordplanet on January 28, 2014
I started my career as an editorial photographer and I always appreciate stock as a secondary market for some of those images. I've done nicely with the handful of editorial stock I've put on DT.
Good article!
Posted by Tempestz on January 26, 2014
thank you for all the great feedback. btw, if you want me to add any of your editorial pictures to the collection in the blog above, please add me as a favorite photographer and I will go through your pictures.
Posted by Inyrdreams on January 26, 2014
hi Dan good article on editorials. I think half my portfolio is editorial and love the freedom of street photography! feel free to add any of mine to the collection as well.
Posted by Yelo34 on January 26, 2014
One of my favorite themes is Editorial. Good article. Thanks
Posted by Yelo34 on January 26, 2014
One of my favorite themes is Editorial. Good article. Thanks
Posted by Didaso on January 23, 2014
you right, and its must originaly people when you shoot them and put it in editorial more than model, i like shooting editorial also.
Posted by Lenutaidi on January 23, 2014
I love shooting editorial too! Thank you for sharing!
Posted by Perstock on January 23, 2014
Microstock price levels makes it possible to illustrate articles even for low budget magazines, education and non profit organisations - on a completely different level - and with significant higher quality - than before.
More than half of my sales are editorial :-)
Posted by AuthenticCreations on January 22, 2014
Great article!

I love shooting editorial too. Candid images of life around us. It sells very well. Many clients specially look for editorial over commercial i see when i look at my sales and the search terms that are used. Many magazines needs images that shows reality...images with logos or real people doing real things. Clients needs very often images of a Opel car for in a magazine. This is only possible with editorial.

Like i said my editorials are selling regulary so why dont add more. Other "traditional" agencies have top contributors selling only editorial images from daily life subjects around us (not news related) and making a living from it. Why we should not have these images in Dreamstime also. Images on these "traditional" agencies are selling for average 75 dollars each. So if we can make a strong collection here we can only profit from it.

Posted by Anicaart on January 22, 2014
Hi Dan, thanks again for adding some of my pics to your collection. I was glad to read your blog to reinforce editorial, as I have recently visited a beautiful and interesting historic site, and editorial would be the only way to upload.
Posted by Martingraf on January 22, 2014
Thanks for adding some of my editorial's to your collection. When I started at Dreamtime I had no idea what editorial meant - many of my first pictures got rejected because of that. Now I reckon about 1/3 of the pictures I take are editorial and I'm thankful that this works so well with DT and some really sell very very good. You did I good explanation on this!

Comments (24)

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