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posted on 30th of january, 2014


Start the new year is a time for planning my trips abroad. What about you?

What or where is your photographic paradise?
In the woods, in the wilderness, at sea, in the mountains, in the city or in your house ...?

What category of photos inspires you the most?

Which country or destination you would like to visit and why?

Share with us your thoughts and dreams on this DT blog ...

What about this place? I am convinced that all of us love these shots from Pacific Islands.

... or these from untouched nature in the Himalayas?

... or these from one of the most visited destinations in the world - Santorini Island, Greece ?

... or these from a carefree stay in your house by the pool with a book or in a forest near a waterfall?

... or these from our capital city Prague ? Prague is an exceptional destination for those who love the vibrant nightlife and for those who love history and architectural treasures.

What is my dream?

I would like to visit Patagonia, Alaska or Tasmania. I love natural beauty. The hustle and bustle of big cities is not my priority, because in one of these cities I live permanently.

Each of us is different, one has the money, the other does not. Someone has the latest and most expensive camera and the other does not.
I believe that all of us conjure up such great pictures that buyers will want to buy and the sellers, they will be satisfied with their earnings.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend !


Comments (35)

Posted by Hellen8 on February 26, 2014
To: Angelaostafichuk
Thanks Angela for comment. I'm starting to think quite seriously about visiting the land of the Great Khan. Otherwise, you have beautiful pictures of Asia. You've visited Tibet?
Posted by Angelaostafichuk on February 24, 2014
Yes, go to China. It's incredible there!
Posted by Hellen8 on February 24, 2014
To: Wxh6763
Thank you for your nice comment. I would like to visit China. China has beautiful locations, which is worth a visit. It will be my next destination :-)
Posted by Wxh6763 on February 24, 2014
What nice pictures! Would you like to visit China? There are many beautiful scenery and human landscape. If have lucky to meet, we can exchange about photography and travel. The foremost thing is that I can help you more.
Posted by Hellen8 on February 13, 2014
Hi Derek !
Thanks for comment. Yes, you're right. There are plenty of beautiful places in the world. I love traveling, especially as an independent traveler. I do not travel with travel agencies, but some places can be reached only with agencies. By the way, you have beautiful photographs in portfolio.
Wow ! South Georgia! That is my dream too ...)
Have a nice day !
Posted by Dprogers on February 13, 2014
Tasmania has some nice scenery. As does Norfolk Island and the Galapagos is my all time favourite but there is also Rwanda and Antarctica but where I would most like to go, is South Georgia (off Antarctica and South America).

Nice photos. Oooh and Iceland is good too. Even Uluru and around Alice Springs in the center of Australia and up near Broome in the North West.

So many places to visit in the world :-)

happy traveling.
Posted by Hellen8 on February 06, 2014
To: Fxsfxs
Thanks for visiting and comment.
Your photos are interesting. Wait for sales !
Warm greetins to China ! :-)
Posted by Hellen8 on February 05, 2014
To: Laurasinelle
Hi Laura !
Thanks for your visit and comment. Your portfolio is beautiful :-)
Posted by Laurasinelle on February 05, 2014
Love your images!!
Posted by Hellen8 on February 02, 2014
To: Jdanne
Thanks for comment. Your last architecture photos are beautiful.
Posted by Jdanne on February 02, 2014
Very nice photos! Congratulations!
Posted by Hellen8 on February 01, 2014
To: Lenutaidi
Thanks to you Lenuta for comment and congrats :-)
Have a nice day !
Posted by Hellen8 on February 01, 2014
To: Pettys
Hi Peter !
Thanks for visit and comment.
Your photos from Himalayas are gorgeous ! :-)
Posted by Lenutaidi on February 01, 2014
Wonderful images, amazing places, Helen! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing!
Posted by Pettys on February 01, 2014
Hey Helen
I like to photograph the mountains. The last time it's the highest, Himalayas .........

[imgl]28013284[/imgl] [imgl]17011326[/imgl] [imgl]22364458[/imgl] [imgl] 28084845[/imgl] [imgl]17025335 [/imgl]
Posted by Hellen8 on February 01, 2014
To: Lejoch
Thanks you for comment. Yes, your last paradise in Sardinia island is fantastic and your photos too.
Take care !
Posted by Lejoch on February 01, 2014
Hi, I often change my mind. Every time I visit a new place I always think that it's the best and I think I'll be back there again. Later I always change destination every time. So I can only tell you that my last paradise is in Sardinia (Italy) and exactly here
Posted by Hellen8 on February 01, 2014
To: Egomezta
Thanks Enrique for feedback on my blog and congrats. Your last pictures remind me of my visit to Las Vegas. We enjoyed the night life and I won $ 50.
Have a nice day !
Posted by Hellen8 on February 01, 2014
To: Davidwatmough
Hi David !
Thanks for your visit, nice comment and wishing :-)
Posted by Egomezta on January 31, 2014
Wow, you have gone to amazing places, congratulations your images are amazing, and thanks for sharing.
Posted by Davidwatmough on January 31, 2014
Lovely portfolio ...... very well done........ wishing you lots of sales. David .
Posted by Hellen8 on January 31, 2014
To: Osmar01
Hi Patrizzio !
Thanks for feedback on my blog. I am glad that you like my photos . I was pleased that my picture you do not want to lose. :-)
Posted by Osmar01 on January 31, 2014
Hi, your pictures are beautiful. Some of them I'm putting in my lightbox and my collections... I would not lose them!
Posted by Hellen8 on January 31, 2014
To: FabioConcetta
Hi Concetta !
Thank you for congrats and comment. Your picture : Baby smiling ...897 is very nice.
Take care !
Posted by Hellen8 on January 31, 2014
To: Yorgy67
Hi Yorgen !
Thanks for visiting and comment. I saw in your portfolio photographs of Prague. Come again! You are welcome !
Posted by Hellen8 on January 31, 2014
To: Inyrdreams
Hi Susan !
I'm glad you visited my blog. Thanks for nice comment and sharing some of your dreams and wishes. Yes. For traveling you need to have money and sometimes a lot of money.
Your dream of going to the South Island of New Zealand is very nice.
I wish you to make you dream came true.
New Zealand is beautiful. I visited both islands of New Zealand a few years ago.
Have a nice weekend !
Posted by FabioConcetta on January 31, 2014
Great images Hellen8, congratulations!!!
Posted by Yorgy67 on January 31, 2014
We stayed at your place in December, and not for the first time - hope, not for the last as well:) We have in mind mills, cows, cheeses and tulips of the Netherlands! Nice trips and great shots to all of you!
Posted by Inyrdreams on January 31, 2014
wow I dream of being able to travel! never have the money to be able to take time off work to do so. amazing places and wonderful pictures you have~! I dream of going to south island in new zealand, and people inspire me when I shoot. I can see a lovely scene like your hammocks in the trees-but then wish I had a couple sleeping in them holding hands! AH BUT THE Nice thing about yours is you can put yourself in your photo and think you are there. thanks for sharing!
Posted by Hellen8 on January 31, 2014
To: Cheese365
Hi Julie !
Thank you for your long comment. I am pleased that you like my himalaya photos. You have very nice pictures in your portfolio.
The scottish scenery is stunning, I know it. I like to go there sometime. Have a nice day ! :-)

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Comments (35)

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