The Golan Heights

posted on 7th of october, 2014

Everyone hears about the civil war in Syria, with heart breaking images, bad news and ISIS.This includes the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. There is something very frustrating to know that the beautiful scenery of the region, is a background to this horror.

(The Israeli-Syrian Border in central Golan Heights near Hazeka)
Yet, on the Israeli side of the border, you can still enjoy the beauty of the region. This post is about the famous landmarks of the Golan Heights and tips about visiting.
Gamla Had been a major Jewish city during the 1st century A.D. on the Western side of the Golan. It's a good starting point to any visit to the region. a short hike of about one hour will bring you to Gamla fall from which you can stand above the Cliffs of Gamla creek...

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posted on 9th of october, 2014

I was fortunate to celebrate my 40th birthday in Rome.
A clever wife who knows better than me what's good, convinced me that we shall leave the kids behind and fly there.

Rome is ancient and yet very vibrant. Rome is a shortcut for Rom(e)ance, with its pretty streets covered with cobblestones and meandering like snakes around the main boulevards.

Holy places and ancient ruins and very modern people who go out to work looking like they go straight to the catwalk.

If you haven't been there, I urge you to visit. If you've been there, I am sure you know what I am talking about.

For me these days had been like visiting a magical place, out of this world.

Photographing Rome is really easy, the people...

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Posted by Celiaak on October 12, 2014
Nice advices, and great iages. Conratulations on the 40th birthday.
Posted by Amitai on October 10, 2014
@yorgy67, thanks a lot!
Posted by Yorgy67 on October 10, 2014
Ops, correct:) Anyway, follow and like many of you images

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Wide Angles- How to create panoramas for your portfolio -update

posted on 12th of october, 2014

This post was first published in 2009. During the 5 years since I posted it, I have come to important conclusions, I wish to share with you.
1) of all, there is a market to Panoramic stock images. It's not the mass sales of mine, but occasionally, a buyer finds my panoramas viable for purchase.
2)The progress in technology makes it easier to shoot and a lot simpler to compose. Software like Picasa or
Microsoft ICE are available for free and produce (especially ICE) professional grade results.

3) In camera Panoramas, are useful and in case of Fujifilm X series, produces beautiful results with easy to...

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Posted by Amitai on October 15, 2014
It takes a little practice to get the darn line to turn green, I work exclusively with the EVF and maybe it's better this way.
Never tried the XT1...
If it works for you with a tripod, then use it, I never liked it.
By the way, going thru your portfolio it looks like you're doing great without the green line... :-)
Posted by Adeliepenguin on October 15, 2014
I tried the x100's leveling line, without a tripod, and couldn't get it to work right. Same with the XT1. Even with a fast shutter. You must have very steady hands:)
Posted by Amitai on October 15, 2014
1. My fuji x100 has a leveling line that turns green. I also use Picasa to straighten images and panoramas. I don't use any tripod, just carefully exposing fast enough (with the x100 it means >1/35th on my shutter.
2. For stitching I use Microsoft ICE which is free and does a wonderful job.
Good luck and share your results here.

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Home Made Food Photography - new tips and tricks

posted on 14th of october, 2014


The best thing about being married to a spouse that cooks, is the ability to snap candid food stocks without seriously investing in it (I elaborate more about it in the original post bellow).

In the years since I publish this post, my wife has become a serious cook and pastry chef (in my eyes at least).

We have also started a tradition of special meals with close friends of ours, which allow for more special dishes. Even in a restaurant in Rome under artificial light, I was able to produce the following image:

I am surprised at the small amount of time that's needed to create images for DT, just by planning ahead of time, the capture of the process/dishes.
My point is, anyone can become a food photographer...

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Comments (5)

Posted by Adrizoon on October 15, 2014
Thanks! Might give it a try one of these days :)
Posted by Bluwarrior on October 15, 2014
Nice post. I agree completely with your perspective. Besides that there is a wide variety of styles in Photography Food (what also reflects the diferente needs of the various clients purchasing images,as you said).
Posted by Onime on October 15, 2014
look delicious

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Israeli Fall Colors

posted on 31st of october, 2014

It's October 31st. Today was the first heavy rains in Israel. We are still in what's considered Fall season.

In a recent post I mentioned the fall a little, but it was more general overview of possible locations and what's special in each area. In this post I'd like to show more examples of what I call ""Israel Fall colors".
The widest spread color of our coming fall is... White - Starting Mid September until mid October, the harvest of cotton is coloring the fields of Israel in white bales scattered with glowing colors of orange and red from the plastic covers of the bales.
These gives you various ways to documents them, you can play with the repetitive square shapes of the bales


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Comments (2)

Posted by Henrymm on November 04, 2014
Colorful Israel. Love the last one skyfull of balloons. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.. .:)
Posted by Celiaak on November 03, 2014
Nice to know a little about Israel, I had no idea it had cotton fields. And what a nice cloudy sky!

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