Which country smells best?

posted on 7th of november, 2014

This week Heathrow Airport installed the "Scent Globe" a contraption that allows you to smell how your destination will be like even before getting on the tarmac.
But let's take a look at some of the countries featured and their distinctive aromas, but not just that, let's enjoy the beauty of these destinations captured on photographic medium by our contributors.
Myanmar, and pretty much any country in Southeast Asia
Visit Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and you will remember the sweet smell of incense sticks burning at every temple. It will be mixed with the spiciness of street food and the smiles of the people walking by. You will definitely want to return for another visit.

That's where winter is right at home and what other smell than that of...

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Posted by Codereductionfrance on December 15, 2014
Interesting fact.
Posted by Angelaostafichuk on December 01, 2014
An excellent thought to ponder. Smell is an amazing way to make us remember the moments good or bad and each country has something very special about it.
Posted by Jonkio4 on December 01, 2014
thanks for sharing :)

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Priceless monuments lost in war zones of Syria and Iraq

posted on 20th of november, 2014

There are historic monuments that you will never get to visit. They are the silent victims of war zones, they stood proud for millennia only to be destroyed by bombs and crossfire.
These places take their legacy with them in the rubble of war.

Ancient city of Bosra, Syria
Bosra, once the capital of the Roman province of Arabia, was an important stopover on the ancient caravan route to Mecca. A magnificent 2nd-century Roman theater, early Christian ruins and several mosques are found within its great walls. Archaeologists have revealed the site is now severely damaged from mortar shelling from the current armed conflict.

The Great Mosque of Aleppo, Syria
The mosque, built between the 8th and 13th centuries, is reputedly home to the remains of John the Baptist'...

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Posted by Leswrona on March 10, 2015
Those pictures and the article show how cruel the war is. Several nations throughout the history had suffered similar loses of magnificent cultural heritage that could be lost during war.
The capital city of Poland, Warsaw was deliberately mined by Nazi German occupation in 1944 to wipe out the cultural heritage of over one thousand year old nation. The historic city of Warsaw was 85% destroyed, but yet with the determination and support of the whole Polish nation the reconstruction restored all the buildings spanning from 13th to the 20th century. Every building in the Old Town, a blend of different styles from Gothic to Baroque can now be enjoyed by visitors and stand as an example of the resilience to cruel war.
Posted by Data2203 on February 09, 2015
This is so sad. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. Our lifes so short against civilization age.
Posted by Jdanne on November 22, 2014
The historical center of Nuremberg, South-Germany was heavily destroyed during World War II. It was so flattened that nobody could imagine from the ruins how the center looked before.

One professional photographer made hundreds of photos from the center in the years before the bombing. These photos were used to reconstruct major parts of the historical center. It took 20 years to rebuild it. It became a major tourist attraction again.

When I walk through the center I like to look at the walls and check which bricks are original (the dark one from the fire) and which are new (the light ones).

Of course, photos cannot prevent destruction, but they can - at least - help to rebuild it.

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