Valentine's Day cards, pictures say it better

posted on 13th of february, 2017

Valentine's Day is the magic day when everyone officially celebrates the greatest feeling of all, love. It's also the day when people have to officially express their feelings. What better way to do it than let a card do the talking. Let's be honest, expressing one's true feelings may be the hardest thing for some of us. Besides, sending cards on V-day is a V-day rite all lovers must go through.

While there are plenty of shops and apps to provide you with a ready made card, only you can tell what you feel for real. And only you can show that so all you need is just a great visual and the rest is piece of cake. Here's how to make choosing an image for a card delectable, easy and even fun:

All cards on the table. This means you have to possess a thorough knowledge of the recipient’s preferences, likes and dislikes. You need a card that shows your loved ones exactly what they want to see: vintage cars, candies, a giant cake, pets, sunsets, hugs, hearts, clouds, geometrical shapes, the Moon or the stars. Some may want to see cards with simple designs so you can dig for cool borders or labels, others like corny flowery stuff while others will just love a blunt 'I love you' on a piece of paper. And you know what would go great on a simple piece of paper? A great pattern.

Play the sweet card. Did you know that sweet talk will get you anywhere? The same goes for images so picture your card sweet. This means you have to be romantic. Very romantic. You have to go sentimental and mushy all the way. You may want to check any card or card design that has hearts, balloons, kisses, chocolates, lips, pink, red and bubbles on them. You'll never fail with classic images of flower bouquets, chocolate boxes, cute puppies and kittens.

Love is in the ... card. People used to write poems for V-day. They still do but it works better if you show it rather than just say it. Quod erat demonstratum? It's in the visual. This means you have to pick an image with a statement, one that says more than just I love you. 'I wanna grow old with you' and 'I love you more than morning coffee' images do the trick but you can also find images that say 'I'd go to the soccer game for you' or ask your better half to join you on a journey around the world and beyond.

I pick this card, for you. This means your card should show you went through some trouble to make sure you picked just the right one. Let your soul mates know you've noticed what makes them special and picked your card accordingly. It can be romantic, funny, mysterious, spicy or even annoying. It must be original, it must come from the heart and it should tell one truth about your loved one, preferably one you appreciate the most. 'You like me, I like you' can be translated into an image that shows what I actually like best about you. The looks or the brains? The fact that you annoy me, make me smile or hold my hand when I need the most? I bring you beer, you bring me candies, there's an image for every loving feeling out there.

The funny card. V-day is a serious holiday but let's not get too serious. Some humor never hurt anyone, just be careful on who you bestow your Vday pun. Some people may not take your lightheartedness lightly. This way, 'You have my heart' or 'Let's get physical' or 'Hot minds think alike' can successfully go on a graphical image if your loved one is not faint hearted and has a good sense of humor. Be creative and funny and put a smile on the recipient's face.

So if you lose your words for V-day, the pictures will surely save the day. Make the picture a card and you'll hold all the cards. And speaking of cards, we have a great V-day collection of images you can choose from. Check it out HERE

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Posted by Pepebaeza on March 16, 2017
Beautiful photos, specially the last one, it put a big smile in my face catching my attention.
Posted by Williamsphere on February 17, 2017
Nice variety of images to represent different ideas and angles on love and fun.
Posted by Cavalierking on February 14, 2017
A real card that is lovingly made beats technology always. :)
Posted by Onime on February 14, 2017
nice images... Happy Valentine's Day.
Posted by Steveacer on February 13, 2017
Very True. From my experience every year Valentines day is a great day for romantics and photographers!

Comments (5)

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