"Travel Photography" Tips (August 17 Update!)

posted on 24th of july, 2017

---Update is on ending of this article---
Hello everyone on Dreamstime,

Today I want mention about art of travel photography (I mean when voyaging). Taking travel photographs are quick reflex and reaction because you don't have a specific time. Every seconds are very important because you're not always on a specific place. Some example photos :



For example (actually now we're entering a short travelling simulation, please prepare for it), when you're taking this type pictures, your rear passengers may push you or security guard there will warning you for don't stay on there.

How about camera's condition? When you got a perfect view in specific seconds, you take your camera and you see your camera says "Battery exhausted" or "This card cannot be used" either "Write protection". Let's say you success to open your camera but you forgot to set your lenses and etc. What a luck? I also have many perfect view photos but with distorted pixels. :(


Finally you arrived to your aircraft. Your aircraft makes a short briefing and takes the route. Many aircraft are flying on environment. And your aircraft starts for take off. Stewardess around checking passengers for closing their electronic devices. Your camera is on your hand hidden from people, standing up for any shots. And you see, what!? Your window is dirty! Arghhh... Ok, ok, relax... Let's try for camera not focusing to the dirt. A bit helping, trying, oh no! Stewardess saw you're using a electronic device. She warns you and people around are looking to you with weird. What do you will do after this?


And you success for taking a little photos. Pilot speaking : "Please fasten your belts, ready for landing..." After all, you arrived to the airport. Look around and taking some pictures...


What a day! At least you arrived to your destination, you look around and get on a taxi. Going to your last destination, to wherever it is... (Wow, we had an imagination travel. Don't worry, it's free...)

In a nutshell, travel (voyage) photography are risky. They say : "At your own risk". You travelling for taking travel photographs but you may return back with beautiful photos, maybe no photos. But travel photography are worth everything...

--(19 August 2017 Update)--
Tips When Going and Taking Travel Photographs :

When doing preparation of voyaging for Travel Photography
1) Charge your battery fully
2) Get spare batteries (recommended) if you’re using a high battery consuming cameras (this will give you chances for taking flash photos or long cameras
3) Reduce camera screen brightness for reduce battery consumation.
4) Empty / format your memory card to the best cluster sizes like 8KB (optimize it)
5) (optional) If you have a little memory card, get a large memory cards and check for Class 10, UHS-I and greater
6) (optional) If you’re using DSLR or etc cameras, pick up your best lenses (that can focus widely / for landscape)
7) Understand your camera maximumly (get ready if your camera have an error)
8) Turn off your “Print Date” (date stamp) on camera (that this photos don’t accepted to photo stocks)
9) Update your camera firmware if available (on DSLR-like cameras)
10) If you can, take photos on RAW or highest quality JPEG for maximize your travel photography worth (more quality, more acceptance of designers)
11) Keep your memory card slot clean, non-dusty

And when taking travel photographs :
1) Aware to the environment about flashes (there's a many places that camera flashing is restricted)
2) Don't take photographs near security guards or personnel (that's only warning, everyone know this) because they will watch you continuously. This will prevent you from taking nice shots.
3) Don't forget your camera on everywhere, always carry on your side
4) Try to not shaking camera when taking photographs (especially on-board aircraft)
5) Aware to people that asking about your camera, don't walk into a unexpected traps
6) You can try to take panorama photos also, that's a nice idea when you're voyaging for travel photography
7) Get ready anytime for unexpected nice shot times (from your front, behind, right, left and away)

I'll try to update this article in next month. So stay tuned for the next update!

Thanks for reading and don't forget for leave a comment or share with your friends. Thanks again!

Best regards,
-Muhlis Gürsoy-

Comments (19)

Posted by Etkai7 on July 29, 2017
You're welcome
Posted by Mgphotostock on July 29, 2017
To Etkai7 (Sahaf) : Thanks again for your answer, my article got a place in top 6 articles in Hot Articles. Thanks again!
Posted by Mgphotostock on July 29, 2017
I already 2 months on DT but no sales yet. Congratulations for that Etkai7 (Sahaf) :). Thanks for your answer!
Posted by Etkai7 on July 29, 2017
@MuhlisGursoy My first sale was in the first month. Nearly 100 works were online.
Posted by Mgphotostock on July 28, 2017
@Etkai7, when you receive your first sale? When you receive your first sale, how much was your photos online?
Posted by Mgphotostock on July 27, 2017
I find you @Etkai7. Thanks!
Posted by Etkai7 on July 27, 2017
@MuhlisGursoy My nickname is Sahaf.
Posted by Mgphotostock on July 27, 2017
@Marbrydd, sorry because it. I'm not English and don't know English too much. If you have a suggestion, you may write here. So I'll correct it. Thanks for warning!
Posted by Mgphotostock on July 27, 2017
@Etkai, I registered to stoksanat.com just now. I saw many suggestion articles here. Very thanks. How can I find you here?
Posted by Mgphotostock on July 27, 2017
@Jayemm, yes. Nowadays (I also thinking) security guards are more strict to passengers and tourists, and more hard for taking perfect shots. Thanks for commenting @Jayemm!
Posted by Mgphotostock on July 27, 2017
@Lostintimeline, thanks for your advice. I'm thinking to do this in a few days.
Posted by Mabrydd on July 26, 2017
Article needs someone who is a good grammar checker... A picture may paint a thousand words, but one bad sentence can trash an otherwise great article.
Posted by Etkai7 on July 26, 2017
Hi, Muhlis. Nice pics. I want to say something. We wait for stoksanat.com, where Turkish stock photographers are taking place. You will share your information. Thank you ! :)
Posted by Jayemm on July 26, 2017
Interesting article - I find these days security is so tight around airports and even on planes that I hardly dare get my camera out.
Posted by Lostintimeline on July 26, 2017
nice pics one advice though try to pixalate or blur peoples faces in the PH when they are recognizable You may post them as editorials but it still is risky specially when noone of us know how these pics are gonna be used
Posted by Mgphotostock on July 26, 2017
@Project007, thanks a lot for your advice. If no problems, can I get some helps or guides from you for this? Sorry, I'm new at here and not have many experiences yet. I'll be happy with your reply.

Posted by Mgphotostock on July 26, 2017
@Digikhmer, I'm not available on any photos, because it I marked most of them as Editorial. Yes, taking travel photographs are almost mission impossible :)
Posted by Project007 on July 26, 2017
Your airplane and airport pictures are amazing! You need to send your link to the airlines so they can see what you did you will sell them all!
Posted by Digikhmer on July 25, 2017
Nice blog. Can you image what yourself as you described topped up with a spouse and two kids ? Taking travel photographs with screw is even more challenging :) Not saying that among stock worth photographs, you have to think about capturing family photographs as well with poses. I may say that it is almost mission impossible ;) I used to end up with nothing and not worth scarifying the precious time spending with family.

Comments (19)

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