10 reasons to love bacon

posted on 30th of august, 2017

Maaan, I don't know about you but I love bacon. A bit smoked, a bit crispy, with that gorgeous sound it makes in the pan, bacon has driven many people crazy since the first time it was introduced in the cookery.

Now, I know that many nutritionists and doctors are preaching that bacon is unhealthy, but there's this little voice in me that tells me these:
1. The asparagus/avocado/green beans/pimientos I'm eating tastes better if it's wrapped in bacon slice.

2. The pea/pumpkin/beans/corn soup is great with some bacon bits in it.

3. The breakfast works great with bacon. The dinner, too. OK, so does lunch.

4. Bacon is versatile and it can be used in all sorts of dishes, including desserts. Gourmet food with bacon? Yes, please!

5. Bacon releases the endorphins. Had a bad day? Add some crispy bacon in your salad(!). Your boss gives you a headache? Add some bacon bits in your sandwich. Share it with your workmates. They need it too.

6. Bacon is nutritious, It has plenty of vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12), a good amount of  high quality animal protein, selenium, phosphorus, some other minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium. But don't eat too much of it, it has an important amount of fat and sodium, too.

7. Crispy bacon covered in melted chocolate. Say what? My inner voice is going nuts by now. Nuts, I tell you.

8. If you don't eat meat, there are other (healthier) alternatives: rice paper bacon, king oyster homemade bacon, algae bacon, soy bacon, tempeh bacon, coconut bacon, zucchini bacon, you name it. You can replace it with crispy onion or sun dried tomatoes, too. They all have that fifth taste all of us crave: umami.

9. Bacon is visually tempting. It looks great as a decoration for many types of food including cakes. It looks appealing when combined in some cocktails.

10. Ice cream bacon. I can't believe they made this. I didn't manage to taste it yet, but I bet it will be crazy.

Happy International Bacon Day! [September the 2nd]

Write in the comments if you have any favorite food. I am curious about it. And how do you use bacon in your (everyday) cooking?

*Liked my article? Another one about food will come up soon.

Comments (11)

Posted by Nycscripts on September 26, 2017
Bacon has been my best seller so far. Your bacon photos are perfect.
Posted by Julioseleghin on September 13, 2017
As we say: bacon is life!
Posted by Leswrona on September 03, 2017
Somehow, bacon is associated with Canadian breakfast, but I have recently traveled in Romania where you are from, and experienced Romanian breakfast with bacon too.
Posted by Gluestick on September 02, 2017
Bacon is awesome! Tastes good! Looks Good!
Posted by Joliephantasm on September 02, 2017
I am droo... oops over my keyboard. Excellent photos, cool article, I love bacon too, but had no idea you could mix it with chocolate or the ice cream bacon...I'd like to try them :)
Posted by Aurelielemoigne on September 01, 2017
Miam !
Posted by Jayemm on September 01, 2017
Love this article. The most imaginative food article I've ever seen. I'm off to cook some smoked bacon and just sniff it. Ok, then eat it too. Thanks!
Posted by Serjedi on September 01, 2017
Unfortunately the bacon is actually a part of a death animal.. not really ethical.. btw, great photos
Posted by Catarii on August 31, 2017
Oh boy, bon apetit!
Posted by Pamjreynolds on August 31, 2017
A person after my own heart, there is nothing nicer than the smell of fried bacon - booootiful and thanks for the article I'm off tomato a Bacon Sandwich
Posted by Idklever on August 31, 2017
Super. I do not really like bacon, but maybe I'll look at it more closely

Comments (11)

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