Kids say the darndest things

posted on 1st of may, 2017

We had 3 of our Grandchildren for the weekend.

I had decided to make Hot chocolate.

I threw in small colored Marshmellows , So I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of the yumminess.

My Grandaughter came into the kitchen and says " You are not taking a picture of our hot chocolate". I stated yes I was.

She said that is just creepy.

I got a good laugh out of that. LOL!   

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Posted by Callearlisa on May 04, 2017
Thank You Egomezta!
Posted by Egomezta on May 02, 2017

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posted on 3rd of may, 2017

I feel like it is and addiction can't stop taking pictures.

Even when I don't have my camera I feel guilty that I didn't bring it.

I have made a U turn immediately because I see something I want a picture of.

Driving down the road I look at the sky and think what beauty and have to take picture.

Yes, while driving!

Like I said it is becoming an addiction.

I pull in my driveway after work and start walking in my Yard and take pictures of flowers, birds etc.

I am Loving my life and everything in it.
Does anyone do this or should I seek Help lol!? 

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Posted by Aurelielemoigne on May 06, 2017
I feel the same.
Posted by Teyakp on May 05, 2017
No. It's nothing wrong with you. You are not seek. :) You just love take pictures, That's all. Like me! Tottaly adictid!!! But it's nice and I very enjoy in this...
Posted by Callearlisa on May 05, 2017
Felzum It is a nice addiction love to take photos. Have a Great Friday. Gonna get snap happy!

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posted on 8th of may, 2017

Over the weekend we got a lot done in the yard.

Tomatoes planted, green beans are in.

House cleaned, music going what a beautiful weekend.

But, I just couldn't contain myself I needed to grab the camera and hit the road.

My Husband and I started the cruise on a backroad and these beauties came alive enjoy.

Please share your weekend adventure I would love to here some of your stories. Getting snap happy! 

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Why Not?

posted on 9th of may, 2017

When your driving down the road and you must stop to take a photo.

I am constantly scanning and looking for that special photo.

When I saw this shed and the beautiful purple flowers.

I just couldn't resist a closer look with my camera in hand.

I was thinking do these people driving by think I am a freak.

Like I care but what is it that they call a person who needs to photograph just about everything.

Love this Life of Mine.   


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Posted by Seawatch1 on May 10, 2017
Nice shot. And I agree about what others might think. If I worried about what everyone else said about me, I'd never get anything done.
Onward through the fog!

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Anything special?

posted on 11th of may, 2017

Is there anything special that could be shared that is helping your sales. I post on facebook also pinterest and am just getting views.

Would love to hear from others on any ideas that would help sales.

There are no 2 pictures just alike we all view things with our own perspective so, I don't think this would hurt anyone else's opportunities but would love to hear some advice.
Gonna share some love posting my most recent photo at this time.



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Posted by Callearlisa on May 13, 2017
It really isn't about me making a sale. Just fishn for info from others just to put in my knowledge base. I would like hopefully, for other new members, as well as my self to get ideas from those who have been here for awhile. Thanks
Posted by Westwoodkuba on May 13, 2017
HI, i was in your boots a few weeks ago,and then POW first sale.
just keep shooting and it will happen. thing to remember at the moment is you only have 55 in your portfolio, so you are limited at who is going to look.
also what i started doing was putting up blogs and leaving comments on others, it started getting me more attention.
Posted by Callearlisa on May 12, 2017
Seawatch I in no way feel your reply is mean or rude. That is what I am looking for not sales but advice and encouragement(if I sale an image while on my journey even better). I love to learn new things but strive to learn it correctly. Why do it at all if I am doing incorrectly. So my reason for the post is to get people to interact with not just me but all those out there that are new at this and are just looking to those that have been here to share what has worked for them. I work so not really the make a lot of money thing as I do this as a hobby. Even those out of focus not just right photos give me pleasure to share.
I do appreciate your advice and thank you!

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Happy Mothers Day To all the Moms

posted on 14th of may, 2017

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers , Enjoy your day and make some memories and remember to take lots of photos to make memories for a lifetime!

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Great Peace

posted on 21st of may, 2017

When something gives you such peace within your soul.

When you find that something, let it consume you.

When you can breathe that deep down breathe and feel calm within you.

When you feel it, Let it overcome you.

Photography allows me to pause and take it in, to see it no matter how small
see the hidden details in all that surrounds me and I feel Great peace.

I love sharing what I see.  



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The photos accepted

posted on 22nd of may, 2017

I have noticed with my photos that it seems the photos I have edited the least are the ones being accepted.

Which makes me wonder, the beautiful photos that you know are photoshopped how are they getting accepted?

Maybe it is just that I need to polish up on my editing skills, or am I just not tagging them correctly in the right area.
IS this even a site you would sell your fine art?

I don't know the answer so at this time I am just trying to be in focus and not edit that much any tips you could share would be much appreciated.


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Posted by Callearlisa on May 24, 2017
Great Idea I did disable one of my photos and plan on editing it again. Thank you for your comment I am learning with each image. Today I did purchase a macro lens now the fun begins I found I move to much gonna have to use my Tripod for this.
The struggle is real.
Posted by TheSlowWalkers on May 24, 2017
I'm with you there Patrick. I disabled an already accepted photo that just didn't look quite right. The original photo was then re-edited until it looked how I wanted it, submitted and accepted. I only did this once but it might be the way to swap out any images you're not completely happy with. ( I also used the comments for reviewer box to explain what I was doing.)
Posted by Patrick57 on May 23, 2017
I agree with all the advice given..I'm still learning and hopefully improving at the editing side, it is a skill and very easy to make mistakes. I have uploaded and deleted images straightaway at times, if I get them onto Dreamstime and think they don't look right. Then take them back to the editor and try a different approach. I also have had images which look really good until I look at them enlarged...I hate that but I've learned to bite the bullet and discard them. In fact I wish I could drop a few of my early images because I don't see them as being good enough now. It's all a learning curve and it takes time.

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