Flower power

posted on 8th of march, 2008

Flower power is a phrase describing the subculture, youth movement that began in US in early 60’s and was fast spread around the world.
Originally hippie was used to describe people beatniks, who created their own communities, listened to rock music, embraced sexual revolution and used soft drugs as grass or more hard like LSD all to discover alternative states of living, feeling. This movement grows with the war in background and naturally became opposite to it.
Peace, love music and happiness that words describe it the most. Even now hippie a still big movement have their imitative in many cultures and subcultures, hippie had a major effect on music, television, film, literature, fashion. I our world their legacy maybe observe in forms like healthy food, music festivals, I...

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Featured photographer

posted on 8th of march, 2008

I was shocked, wonderful photos with beautiful reach of color landscapes and female models, fine backgrounds for designers, interesting lightening and amazing motion.
Loved specially this one, travel agencies should be pleased, young beautiful girl with see in background wonderful she looks more like illustration reach, distinct contrast and color gave this effect of comics. I can not wait for another photos form this member, and wonder how he did it maybe ‘blue box’ and then replace the background?

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Resolution high

posted on 9th of march, 2008

Creating high resolution illustration is not so difficult, all you have to do is to work out you graphic in high resolution or in vector program like Corel when no matter was it original big or small, vector drawing can be saved in any resolution that is needed, all matters to your computer powers. What about photography?
I found some photo that is originally 138,2 MP, wow that is the really big one in metric size is 81,3 cm on 121,9cm in 300dpi, in 72dpi it is 338,7 cm on 508cm.
Photo of beautiful green field was took by Canon Eos Digital Rebel XT. Is this possible to create such huge photo by this camera? Or it was same kind of manipulation.
I am wonder.
p.s. It is so big that could be a billboard without putting to it any work.

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Posted by Cool79 on March 13, 2008
Yes, beautiful photo. Maximum size is 9600 x14400 witch is 121,92x81,28 cm, 3456x2304 is only 7,96MP not 138,2 MP am I wrong?

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Savings with collage

posted on 9th of march, 2008

The biggest illustration I found on DT is that one. I thought what is the point to create such big image and then I realized that when I buy it in maximum size it will gave me more opportunities.
Subject of this image is peoples with big plugs outline black, buying seven illustration would cost me seven credits in small web version but buying this maximum size image I would have seven large illustration (not so large as original but still big) and it will cost only 4 credits. That is some savings.
I took me the same idea with some collage of people. This photo is over 12MP and has been compound from four different photos with the same subject, models and background. So when I buy this photo in maximum resolution for 4 credits it gave me four images in about...

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Posted by Irisangel on March 10, 2008
Great idea, I have seen some collages but never looked at it the way you have explained the advantages. Thanks, very helpful information.

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Collage idea for web sites

posted on 9th of march, 2008

Fine beautiful photo collage might give some good idea for web sites.
Collage of tea is compound of four photos of the same subject and expression, colors are also very sober. It has this calm, relaxing feeling of having a break.
Collage of Paris architecture is also very beautiful and telling the most important statement to come and visit this beautiful city.
People collages might be useful for every site, business or fun.
So many possibilities in one image that is a good idea for every one that looking for inspiration.

Comments (3)

Posted by Litifeta on April 02, 2008
Thanks. I have added collages to my portfolio.
Posted by Irisangel on March 17, 2008
I think I will try some of these, what a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.
Posted by Papuga2006 on March 09, 2008
You are wright, maye I started collage with my abstracts.

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Personal income tax

posted on 14th of march, 2008

Personal income tax is paid by Poland’s citizens and gave us an incredible strong headache because of its difficult. It is really something that outgrows almost everyone I know. It is complicated and change almost in every three months it is impossible for normal human to keep up for them, accept you are the accountant.
The personal income tax is paid on a monthly basic and the deadline for yearly tax returns is April 30. We have got four different levels of such tax basic of our per year earnings from 19% to 40% (big headache) when you personally have earnings above 85,528 Polish zlotys (roughly 24,500 euro) per year you have to pay a really big one tax.
Is it really that much that we have to pay so much. I do not think so but our government is different opinion so we/I have...

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Comments (4)

Posted by Dprogers on September 11, 2010
Seriously unhappy with the new Dreamstime / US tax requirements. What a log of rigamarole, poorly written forms, poorly written instructions. Dreamstime - move to another country.
Posted by Cool79 on March 15, 2008
I wonder if there is someone that do not have to pay a taxes at all?
Posted by Kcphotos on March 14, 2008
Here in the US, our annual income tax deadline is April 15. While US tax codes are quite complicated, we only have to file once a year and make payments quarterly if self-employed. Funny but I did mine a couple of weeks ago and discovered that my Dreamstime earnings are hurting my refund big time! Good luck to all those around the world who are subject to taxes. And may all our governments learn to spend our hard earned tax money more wisely...

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More incoming

posted on 14th of march, 2008

Entering the Dreamstime site I was wondering how DT statistics looks like based on information: how many images getting online per day/month, how many users and photographers are registering on site per day/month.
Since those information are visible on prime site, I will do some statistics on my own, beginning from today for a one month and will gave you this statistic on about April 14. Then I will have my big curiosity assuaged, and maybe some of yours.
I have hoped that this information changes per day and of course it is not forbidden to do that, or maybe someone else have did that before, or someone knows where are this information on site?
If not I will start now: 2,561,053 images (online), 589,923 users, 32,090 photographers.

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First in amused

posted on 14th of march, 2008

I search the stock by keywords ‘nice photo’, what I have on my mind? First three photos/illustrations that amused me will be subjects of this article.
My first tip was this one almost monochrome photo of cat on a tree, really good one I think subject is good visible on white background, and in background there are some color trees that proved that this is really a photo not illustration. I wonder was it taken over light or is it a PS manipulation? Take some moment to see what else this photographer have in his/her portfolio and I was shocked to see that he/she is a newbie to DT have five images and this is first one photo in his/her portfolio. Good job I think gave us some more to amused.

But returning...

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Comments (2)

Posted by Cool79 on March 14, 2008
oops my mistake, and good idea for article Abused photos.
Thanks a lot Ellen.
Posted by Ellenboughn on March 14, 2008
oops. I think you meant "First in Amused" Yes?

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posted on 14th of march, 2008

What is this mean abstract? It means everything and nothing. In Poland when we say that it is everything and nothing it means that it does not means something at all.
Searching stock by only this one single word gave me some result over 230.000 images that’s a big search, of course can see only hundred first ones online, then have to set some another keyword to concrete my expectation.
In art abstract means that kind of plastically art that is devoid of any characteristics of illustrative and an artist is not imitate the nature. In that point lot of DT images that have abstract in keywords do not much to this theory. But abstract is sometimes defined only by the artist that wants to show something that is abstract to him self.
So is this beautiful dessert...

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Posted by Cool79 on March 15, 2008
Yes I agree with you in that point, but it seems that on DT when we choose categories for that desert photo for example we choose Abstract-Background and we automatically add keyword background and abstract without consider the meaning of this words. Of course dessert could be a background but for me it is not an abstract.

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Abstract photo

posted on 15th of march, 2008

Is it possible to do abstract photo when we know that we are photographing some subject with some form?
Those establishments are not matching the meaning of abstract art, but when artist take some shot and he do not explain to customer what was it, he could create some kind of abstract from other recognizable form that could be an abstract for customer.
Macros are nice examples of those photos. First photo is with Description from artist Staged photo to abstract theme it does not say anything about the subject and form of photo it just direct customer to right choice. Second one has description Computer Enhanced Photo - Abstract View of Train rack and it tells everything about the form and subject but for customer it could be something else that only he can image....

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One day DT works… More incoming

posted on 15th of march, 2008

Ok, one day have passed and what a remarkable result on DT. I wrote in article More incoming about my curiosity in DT statistics what will you say about those numbers.
Start 14 March 2008: 2,561,053 images (online), 589,923 users, 32,090 photographers.
Day two 15 March 2008: 2,576,041 images (online), 594,081 users, 32, 289 photographers.

That brings us 14,988 images (online) in one day, 4,158 users and 199 photographers joined to Dreamstime! Wow!
Watch out for another blog and numbers after one month.

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Welcome all 199

posted on 15th of march, 2008

Hi I will say welcome to all of those 199 photographs that have joined to Dreamstime yesterday and of course those over 4 thousands users that are buying all those wonderful images (this are the numbers from my other blog One day DT works… More incoming).
Go to Resource – Our Photographers to find those whose joined but did not found anyone that joined at 14.15 March 2008 I spouse they all confidential as I am and I do not blame them in this global world and time our privacy is very precious for us. So I found those Dreamstimers that have fresh started.
I found two of them joined in 10 March and also have some photos in their portfolio. Congratulate to both of you....

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Funny birds

posted on 17th of march, 2008

That is the funniest bird I found on DT by searching ‘birds isolated’ keywords, and it shocked me that this is a photo, of course it probably have been modified in some graphic program, this bird have pilot goggle on head and compass, there are not usual equipment of sea-gull. Maybe postal doves but not gull. That is the tip for Titelio to do such one.

Anyway this funny gull had inspirited me to search some others and this was next that shocked me by the simple expression. Cute little duck served on a plate and title of image Easter Food, that reminds me that we are the worst horrible animals on earth, but it is a very good joke.

Than all those rubber ducks...

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Scary or interesting?

posted on 17th of march, 2008

Is this a human?
I was wonder if all those components came from one person but it do not have model released so could be some mix form many models. Do not know if this picture is terrified me or surprise me but certainly shocked me and at first impression positively but it is strange. This photo is from portfolio Titelio too, as funny sea-gull and really improves that its creator has good skills in modify image and change their prime meaning to something else.
But this article is about those images that have some other meaning by some manipulations. They all have some different perspective then the originals and also shock me and even scared me. Man behind the desk with bulb instead head, it is neutral with it expression and simple says to me about some good,...

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Polite or impolite

posted on 17th of march, 2008

My previous article about images looks pretty strange (in my opinion) inspirited me to do some research on stock.
After a while here on DT this stock shows some very good but polite subjects, like business people, nature, abstract texture, background, simple objects.
I find out that it is not necessary so polite because it also shows some sexy women and men in negligee, sad, unhappy, angry, furies persons, catastrophic scenes and bloody objects and some other things that I found by using ‘unparliamentarily keywords’ (don’t know if this phrase exists in other languages but in Poland we use it to describe vulgar language). Will not use them in this article, but they exist in searching engines of DT, I was wondering if this pretty girl with money instead...

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Snowing in Spring

posted on 20th of march, 2008

It is almost Ester and the weather was great.
There were some green grass growing, tree were burgeon, birds were singing and know everything is covering by snow. Can you believe that? I was hoping that Ester will be more like spring time, worm, sunny and happy but now it looks more like Christmas. Winter is getting to knock on my door and I am not happy with that. Was try to buy some spring jacket but now I am depressed with this weather and won’t buy anything at all. Maybe will just sit down on floor and get some fire in my fireplace.
It is crazy and I wonder what next will happened another Ice age or what I can’t wait a summer, because I think there will be no spring at all?

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Older people

posted on 20th of march, 2008

Many older people suffering because of their loneliness, diseases and heartless family. Why is this happened to them, their lives sometimes are not so easy and calm at it suppose to be.
We meddle age people still have a chance to change that. Our moms and dads begging to older, and it seem that this is getting them so quickly that we are not prepared for that situation at all. In Poland there are houses for old people but they are not prepare to love them to the rest of their lives, if you lucky you find one that is good for their patients but most of them are know as places to die not to live even private houses for older people sometimes are so heartless.
What to do? We suppose to take care for our families even when such care means that our big devotion. I read about how Holland...

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Useful site with tips

posted on 21st of march, 2008

I found some useful side with many tips from photographers and illustrators. Here is a link to one of the BLOG of Paul Morely. He shows who we can produce white/black photo in many ways in PhotoShop. Whole side have is really interesting and useful.
Find out your self.

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posted on 21st of march, 2008

Black and white photography seems to have something more to say to us then usual colored one. If this rose where red it would be like other roses lovely, sexy, calm, happy.
To me black expose gave this rose some sadness meaning and little drops of water on petals seem like it is crying. Now this peace black rose is says about something sad and terrible that happened. Color seems changing everything in her expression.
Black bench also says more about the sad feelings, it means something unhappy and loneliness even if the view is beautiful but it is also in black color so it does not disturb the viewer. Colorful one with some wonderful colorful autumn trees frame is in opposite to it, happier and peace place.
Is black...

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