Photo contests, more and more a race for our money

posted on 9th of december, 2007

I need to talk about something that really is starting to annoy me.
This whole year we have been getting mails about entering contests. of course there are a few that really bring you your exposure and a slight amount of fame.
But most of them don't bring you anything. They only bring the organisation your money.

10 USD up to 150 USD for just entering your photo in the competition. And what do you get when you win? 1500 USD and a publication in a their own book which of course you get for free but will be sold worldwide to others. Think about 1000 entries a 50 USD and it is very simple mathematics to see who really wins the contest.

Only one time I entered myself and the result would be known next week. But it seems they have not raised enough money from the contestants (How...

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Posted by Sutprattana on December 10, 2007
I look for contest that join for free, mostly are reliable organization like Nikon canon unesco and many other 100. There are some contest join for free when they selected your picture for standing out and try to sale you many product on your own picture before final contest.
Good luck.
Posted by Dnf-style on December 10, 2007
Dear Dimitry, please do not turn my words, which I choose carefully, around. I am not saying that all contests are frauds. This blog is only about those who are and they are becoming more and more and more. Read the second half of the second sentence ******************of course there are a few that really bring you your exposure and a slight amount of fame.****************************

The percentage of frauds is rising very very fast but I am not suggesting they all are my friend.

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Wish me luck

posted on 11th of december, 2007

Wish me luck you all.
I am now leaving for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce to get myself a commerce number to make DNF-Style an official company.

Tax bureau is next.

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Posted by Grapix on December 12, 2007
Good luck, even so!!

...and thanks for using my picture...:)
Posted by Matka_wariatka on December 12, 2007
I wish you luck :)

take care :)
Posted by Dnf-style on December 11, 2007
thanks all.
@Cmarshall717: In my case it is sucking the wind out of me (as you call it)
I just returned and....wel better read it for yourself:

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Dutch laws and trying to start a company

posted on 11th of december, 2007

Earlier I wrote a small blogmessage about me going to myself a, so called, chamber of commerce number so I can start doing business with DNF-Style.
I didn't.
As some know I have just been laid of buy the company I worked for, but since I worked there for 8 years they are paying me till February 5th and after that I will have rights to unemployment money (2 months 70% and 12 months 70%of that same 70% of my last earned wages.

Well guess what, If i get a chamber of commerce number before I am enlisted for unemployment money, I won't get anything. I have to make sure I get that money first and then tell them I am starting my own business so they will support me. Else they will say, you do not need money you have your won business.

So...I can't do any...

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Posted by Fotogeek on December 12, 2007
Hi Frenk, I feel your pain. But I think this is common practice in the world. Look at the bright side. You will have won 14 months of building a strong clientele that will provide you with lots of referrals when you start officially your studio. Good luck and look ahead.

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Hoping for snow

posted on 13th of december, 2007

This weekend we'll be off for three days of relaxing in a wellness hotel in one of the most beautiful surroundings of Europe when it comes to forestry. Schwarzwald Germany. We are hoping for some snow to be able to make some nice photo's.

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Posted by Cmarshall717 on December 13, 2007
Looks like Christmas to me, even without the decorations! Very beautiful.

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Let is snow let it snow let it snow

posted on 17th of december, 2007

Ofcourse if ayone needs to upload their Christmas pics they are probably too late. It is time to think about valentine and the Easter bunny.
But how about snow pics?
Is it too late for that also. Is it time for summershots already?
What do you think?

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Posted by Ellenboughn on December 17, 2007
As soon as the Santa Uniforms are put away, a lot of images of winter holidays in the sun show up. Spring and summer images are needed now for print ads and other uses that have long lead times. But its not too late for snow either as we still have months of snowy weather. Generally you will find that spring and summer images tend to have more uses than snow themed pcitures.

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music by stock

posted on 18th of december, 2007

Did you see the newest trend being set by one of the first and biggest stocks around (can't mention name here).
They are selling licensed music. How far will it go?

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Posted by Dnf-style on December 19, 2007
I can, I wil and I did.
Posted by Fotogeek on December 19, 2007
Can you please e-mail me the name? I want to know how much it costs to buy copyright for some music for my slide shows. Any ideeas?

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alternative swimmingpool for cats

posted on 24th of december, 2007

Whaha, our cats came in, a few days ago, soaking wet. Since this morning I know why.
I got out of bed and looked outside to see a little pool of water next to our neighbors house. Well, I thought, the snow is gone, here's the mud. When I turn around, to make myself a nice cup of good morning coffee, I realize I hear water running. I look outside a second time and notice it is running our of the corners of our neighbors house. A closer look and I see it is not a small pool but a big one ;-)
After calling the authorities we find a house where it is raining inside.
What happened. The occupants were people from Poland who came to Belgium to work but left for Poland to spend Christmas with their family. The forgot the freeze we were expecting this week. This freeze made their water pipe...

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Did something change, no credits for blogs

posted on 26th of december, 2007

I wonder if something changed. I did not get credited for my latest two blogs. Does anyone experience the same or is it me?

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Posted by One8edegre on December 26, 2007
i didnt get credit for posting Illustration starters handbook when i had put so much effort into it , so i am done with dream blogging for a while :)
Posted by Bimmergirl on December 26, 2007
You get a credit for a blog if the team finds your blog worthy for a credit. This can take a few days.

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