my first 3 pics accepted!

posted on 13th of january, 2012

I want to share my joy with you - after a massive uploads and rejects, 3 of my works are accepted :)
unfortunately, looks like all my photos with canon a95 powershot camera not compliance technically with this site standarts, as so no one of that works is accepted ( it is sadly, because most of my pics is taken with "mobile and everyday" compact, and some of that, i think, in the artistic value, is ok. but, what do...from now i try to use dslr more hardy ;)
PS try to learning to photoediting with GIMP too ( reduce noise and try to remove shadow from flash on one candidate photo, but until now - without sucess...;)© Drago76 (Help)

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Posted by Nero67 on January 14, 2012
Welcome to DT family!!!
Posted by Francy874 on January 14, 2012
Hello Janis and welcome to DT family :-) Wish you best of luck for the future and I hope you enjoy your time here!!! Bye, Francesca :-)
Posted by Drago76 on January 14, 2012
Thanks, friends! :)
about moon: thanks too, but i think, i far away from really good telescopic pics, including moon in prime focus ( who, on other hand, imho, is easiest of space objects, to shot ).
my lovest moon photo is on afocal method, taked with powershot a95 compact via telescope and eyepiece:
but thats pics have a lot ¨defects¨ like a chromatism, not focus on pics edge ( field curvature? ) and another thinks, who make them impossible to publish :)
as so i try to get moon in prime focus, with extender, for more detail view. on other hands - i see a ¨closeup moon¨ is very well covered topic in dreamstime ;)

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power sources for flash ( AA size elements )

posted on 13th of january, 2012

Some time ago i try to get a small knowledge about rechargeable batteries ( because on many cases it is a far better and cheaper than alkaline and so on), and i want to share my small knowledge in this area. i reading a lots of forums and sites approx 2-3 months, and maybe that material may be a handy for some newbies.
as so:starting with "best brands" - after a researching, peoples prefer generally a "eneloop" ( better is "made in japan" cells), GP ReCyko,and duracell staycharged ( about what i can read in some sites, it is a rebranded eneloop ). but actually most of peoples in rechargeable battery forums consider a eneloop is very good.
for that of us who lives in europe, maybe that link will be useful - for me that prices is better than that, who i can found in my country stores.

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Posted by Drago76 on January 15, 2012
yes, i a latvian in mean, a living country. my blood, as on most of us, is mix from lithuanian, latvian, german and russian as minimum...;)
about external packs : maybe, if it is for serious use. for me, even size of 580ex flash is big and relatively heavy, as so, it is cannot put in the camer´as bag due its size. for me also a DSLR is big and heavy - until now, my grab n go, and ¨take me everywhere¨ cameras is powershot A95 and even smaller A710IS, but under high quality plank in this photostock i switch to eos 350d for most cases. as so, external power packs is not for me. on other hand -AA size accu´s in nearest shops is very various quality - last 4 AA accu, who i bought in local shop, last in my A95 compact approx half year and 4 or 5 recharge cycles, after what he very fast degrade to high internal resistance, and on end i cannot take approx 3 - 5 shots on freshly charged accus..:(
as so i going to read materials about all of this, and share my founds...;)...(More)
Posted by Nikon4004 on January 14, 2012
External,power packs are the best. Cost up front is high, but I've jhad mine for 6 years and still running strong. I can get 450+ shots at full power on 1 charge.

That paid for a LOT of AA cells
Posted by Davidwatmough on January 14, 2012
Welcome to Dreamstime................ you are Latvian ? Happy new Year. David.

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As i dislike cities, and in a way to living in rural site, i like to shot a nice nature sights, wild animals and birds, sky with interesting clouds, and as a astronomer - also moon and so on via telescopes. Also i use small telescope as telephoto lens for wild animals and bird shooting at 400mm focus ( really with my camera crop factor of 1.6x it works as nearly 600mm lense ). Not loving post processing, as so, i try to take a maximal good, natural shots. I would be grateful to those buyers who let me know how and where my images are used. It can be done by commenting the image... [Read more]

Riga, LV

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