Strange things happen around tripods.

posted on 16th of june, 2010

I have read many articles & posting on the internet, the latest being another article in DT ~ "Risky shot...", on being forbidden to use tripods in certain areas. I have always thought, how can that be? How can anyone disallow the setting up of tripod for a photo shoot, If photography is not forbidden? If photography is allowed, then why should tripod be disallowed?

I found out sooner then later, one of the many reasons, and to my bemused on my first & only encounter with the authority during one of my photo shoot session. This happen at a horse race track.

I bought an entry ticket and specifically checked to see whether photography is forbidden, no such thing. Then when I pass through the gate, I asked the ticketing officer, whether photography is forbidden. The answer is no. As I passed through...

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Posted by Gwoeii on June 18, 2010
Jdane ~ well done! It is indeed a fantastic shot! In another words, you can stop a tripod but you can never stop a photographer!!!
Posted by Jdanne on June 18, 2010
The Basilica cistern in Istanbul is one of the most important tourist hot spots after the Hagia Sophia and the blue mosque. It was full of tourists and I even didn't dare to take a tripod inside. So I put the camera on the ground fixed it with very unprofessional tools (Turkish + Euro coins, straps of my rucksack and other stuff). Additionally I had to switch off the auto focus because the rotating lens did push away that unprofessional stuff.

It took me plenty of attempts (flashes from the P&S tourists cameras, tourists who didn't move during the exposure time - 30 seconds!, etc.) but it worked!

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It must have been very funny to see a Germany business man crawling at the ground to fix
his camera. Nevertheless it was worth the effort.
Posted by Gwoeii on June 18, 2010
Though it's hard time, we photographers will & shall always be the people with conscience & respect for our environment, as we are the people that only take photographs away from any place we visit! And leave nothing behind but the three prints of our tripods stand!! :)

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What does it mean to be a photographer!

posted on 18th of june, 2010

Not to long ago, I left my cushy job in the corporate world, not to say that it is there anymore anyway! With time in my hand to reminisce on what I could have & wanted to be, I realised that many many years ago, I have a love for photography, how I get stumble into it is another story altogether. I decided to pick myself up from the couch, dust my shoulder, throw away my compact point & shoot and purchased a SLR in pursuit of a "career" in stock photography.

Now! Three months into this adventure, 126 photos accepted by DT and 15 sales, what do I think it means to be a photographer?

Being a photographer is aiming to be artistically refine. To be able to see and capture beauty in everything on "film" or sensor that no one else was able to imagine. It is about living with a bohemian spirit that love,...

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Posted by Jdanne on June 21, 2010
Wish you much success!
Posted by Mariaam on June 19, 2010
Thanks for sharing this story!
Posted by Gwoeii on June 18, 2010
Thank you for all the kind words! I will strive to be a millionaire photographer! HAH!

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Your Image is your image!!

posted on 20th of june, 2010

Stock photographers are those artists that capture images for the benefit of others at a very minimal fee! Each and every shot is imagined, framed and shot with the end-user (designers, advertisers, editors, etc) in mind! We are an unselfish lot, hard working and sometimes live dangerously at the edge of the law :), pushing the envelope of where, when and how to get our photographic equipment into any place to capture the most amazing picture.

Take Mr. Jdanne for example! Can you imagine the effort he put in to capture this image!

Imagine him crawling on his hands, searching for a stable hold for his camera & then waiting patiently until the perfect moment to trigger the shot (He have to wait for all those pesky tourists to get out of the frame!). That is what we call a photographer!...

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Posted by Jdanne on June 21, 2010
Thank you for the praise!

Nevertheless, there are many photographers at DT who are much better than me - like you. It's a honor for me to learn from them!

Wish you much success in the jungle!
Posted by Egomezta on June 21, 2010
Well.... That's a good way to put in words what we stock photographers are in a sort way.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Posted by Frantab01 on June 21, 2010
thanks for sharing :)

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