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posted on 6th of april, 2010

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Movie :

posted on 6th of april, 2010

Just seen " The Bounty Hunter " . If you seen the commercials on the movie you have
Seen the movie.

We spent probably $23 bucks. We love going to the movies, and as much as we love
Jennifer Anniston, (might of misplelled her name ) The best of the movies was in
The previews.

It was about a divorced couple that Jennifer hit a cop car and that became
a felon. The whole idea was great but it just didn't have what it takes
to become a great movie.

Let us know what you think.

The movie was slow .


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Posted by Mariaam on April 08, 2010
Thanks for the information! It´s good to know, because I love movies & going to the cinema, but of course I don´t like boring movies ;)
Posted by Knoxvillefm on April 07, 2010
Mariaam, It was really boring for first 30 minute, me and my boyfriend were about to walk out, then when we stayed it was like we had already seen it. The good parts were the previews. Sorry, we wouldn't recommend it to my family. Nicole
Posted by Mariaam on April 07, 2010
Hi, I haven´t warch this movie yet! And now I´m not sure if I should watch it. Is it really that boring? ;)

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Browsers - John Here - Why you need several browsers !

posted on 8th of april, 2010

You know a lot of people just use one browser. The bad thing about that is viruses hide in browsers.

I use Opera, Explorer, Google Chrome, and a couple others. Why ?

Not just to test web sites but if I am surfing to slow, I will test the pages I am familiar with,
and see if they are loading slow also. If something is quirky about how you surf the net,
Chances are your browser has a bug.

I delete it and re-install it, and if it helps I move on. If it doesn't I use another browser.

My favorite browsers is Google Chrome, and Opera.
I like opera cause it has a drop down that you can choose your most visited pages.
I like Google because you can type one letter and your page shows up if you have
been there before.

Just a few thoughts, If you have any questions...

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Posted by Egomezta on April 09, 2010
I use google.... With Firefox as internet engine.

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I found Angel wings in my Back Yard

posted on 10th of april, 2010

I'm sitting here at MacDonald's using their free net , listening to 2 of their workers talk about a variety of subjects.

The one worker is telling another employee about a guy that found " Angel Wings " in his back yard.

He was looking for someone to write a book about it for him.

It would make a good part in a movie but like the conversation went, he might of been missing a couple cards out of his deck.


Tags: cards crazy story
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Posted by Starblue on April 12, 2010
Nice story :-) I love already the title: "I found Angel wings in my Back Yard" :-) great... it would be a nice to developt a book from this :-) would he put the wings on or he would bring them home... :-) It would be also a nice photo - angel wings lying in corner of two old walls :-) Beautiful title for let inspiration go on :-)
Posted by Keki on April 11, 2010
hehehehehe might have been !! :) thanks for sharing
Posted by Mariaam on April 10, 2010
Nice story! Thanks for sharing! ;)

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Good Morning It's a Brand New Day - Poem From long ago

posted on 12th of april, 2010

Anyone ever been banned from adding comments ?
I didnt cuss or anything, just gave some ideas on how to get more recognized by search engines by adding more channels.

I can't respond, if you post but just curious.

I haven't had good experiences with blogs.
Yahoo lost all my post, but they dont do them within their site.
Any ideas ?

I wrote a poem years ago that I turned into a greeting Card.

It's short and simple:

It's just an imaginary Flower
I started to pick it but didn't have the power
So I'm sending you this
Telling you I touched it.
Hoping It will touch you

I just redesigned our sites

Nicole says Hi,

This is John her Dad
We have 7 daughters

Comments (6)

Posted by Joezachs on April 30, 2010
Thats a touching poem
Posted by Mariaam on April 13, 2010
Wow! What a great poem! Thanks for sharing, John! :)
Posted by smartview27 on April 13, 2010
beautiful lyrics!

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