The Door of Chinese Ancient Architecture

posted on 3rd of october, 2008

For whatever kind of architecture, the doors do exist and present in many different ways and made of different materials.

In Chinese ancient architecute, the doors are always one of the most important element of a building. Especially for the imperial buildings, like Forbidden City in Beijing, all the doors were made in wood and painted in red and with golden locker / knocker as accessories. The color of red does not only have the meaning of happeniess and joy, but also have the willing of keeping those gosts or bad lucks away from the building. The color of gold is mainly to stand for the material of gold, which means the owner of the house is very rich and has lots of wealth. The most important factor of Chinese ancient doors are the two golden pieces in the middle, which has the function of locking...

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12 Inspirations of Portrait Photography

posted on 5th of october, 2008

Whenever you are going to take portrait photos, please remember to look into this blog again. It might help you a little …………..

1. Working with PhotoShop
The wonderful latter part of work might bring you lots of new ideas, especially to cover the shortage of digit photography in color range and itself. Of course, the latter part of work in black & white is also very important for films.

2. Recording Wrinkles
If your target has very deep wrinkles, or the other factors of texture, it might brighten your pictures a lot.

3. Over-exposure
In the light background, over-exposure will effect very special feeling – especially when the strong contrast between light and shadow existing in images.

4. Reducing exposure
For the images with most space in black, reducing exposure may stand the...

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On the Road

posted on 7th of october, 2008

There is always a sound in my mind and calling me to go outdoors if I stay quite a while in the town. As the child of wind, I'd love to be alone and have a free walk with my camera. To talk with the nature, to sing with the birds, or just to look at the wonderful scene and keep my mind totally blank. Is it called the feeling of being on the road? I don't know. But I love this feeling! How about you? :-)

© Lhj (Help)

Comments (4)

Posted by Lhj on October 07, 2008
Hei, girl, why do you say "the last days in my life"? What happened?
Posted by Icyimage on October 07, 2008
I also like the solitude and when I have time to thinking.These last days in my life I really miss that.
Posted by Lhj on October 07, 2008
Many thanks, Rebecca! :-)

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Something you might look at but miss always

posted on 8th of october, 2008

This is really possible and please do not say I made a big topic. :-P There are lots of things we look at everyday but never noticed its meaning inside!

Let's look into the below picture which shows you one of the pair of Hua Biao.

The obelisk marble columns engraved with entwining dragons and clouds. This kind of ornamental architecture is called Hua Biao. However, have you ever noticed its top??? Allow me to show you another picture with more close-up details.
© Lhj (Help)

The lion-like creature superimposed on top of the Hua Biao column is called a Hou. According to legend, it is a Heavenly Dog whose duty it is to maintain order in the cosmos. The Hou stands on a dew-collecting tray under which there is a stylized cloud that symbolizes the delineation between...

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Comments (4)

Posted by Lhj on October 09, 2008
Many thanks, Ms. 20D!
Lots of time we really need to slow down and look around to enjoy the view or even just the wind. What do you think?
Posted by Lhj on October 09, 2008
Posted by Jiajianzheng on October 09, 2008

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posted on 9th of october, 2008

The place with horizon must be at a wide place, which is at the end of the earth and the sky; it is the destination of the dream.

The people running to the direction of extended sky line must be a person with dreams in heart.

How wide the sky is, how broad the earth is, how long the horizone lasts.
© Lhj (Help) © Lhj (Help)

Comments (2)

Posted by Zhangjian on October 10, 2008
Catch very well!
Posted by Creepers888 on October 09, 2008
I thought this place is for blogging? If you need help with lightboxes and collections let me know it.

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My Personal Favorite Shot

posted on 12th of october, 2008

Recently I paid a lot of attention to my previous photoes and tried to collect more comments and draw more experience in order to improving my own skills.

Among the online pictures in DT, I found one interesting as follows:

This is one of my series of "Clouds - View from Flight". For sure I cannot remember when and where I made it. However, the lovly shape of cloud in this picture made myself so happy. I don't know whether you also notice it or not...... It is a DRAGON look like!!!

Dragon is not a real existing creative and "invested" in China! :-) It is also treated as the symbol of Chinese culture for thousands of years, especially to be used by the imperial families in most of dynasties. This man-made animal has the body of a snake, belly of a frog, scales of a carp,...

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Comments (3)

Posted by Loinshoes on October 13, 2008
Hi can you tell how to make a blogs and put photo to as how to send to my photograph on Dreamtime. I so love your photo and your blogs as i am very interest in China. Loinshoes.
Posted by Lhj on October 13, 2008
Thx, buddie!
To my surprise, this shot has never been sold even once! Nobody likes it??? Very wondering..........
Posted by Linqong on October 13, 2008
Great shot!

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How to create your own blogs in Dreamstime?

posted on 14th of october, 2008

Upon replying one of messages today, the blow blog was created so smoothly. This might be quite helpful for some friends who also would like to create their own blogs. I'd like to share with all of you.....

It's not difficult to make blogs in DT. I normally do as follows:

1. After your log-in, click "Blogs!" button, which is the last one on the first tool bar of the website;

2. On the right down column, there is a sentance with bigger font in blue "Create your own blogs in seconds...;

3. Key in the blog's title, content and keyword in according fields;

4. The most important thing of blogs in DT is to add at least 1 image from DT. You may choose either one of your online images or one of your downloaded image from DT. There is a tool bar between the field of "title" and "content". The...

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Comments (1)

Posted by Lhj on October 14, 2008
BTW, forgot to mention to everyone. If you copy any articles from books or internet, there is no any "credit" given to you by the DT editor! :-)

And if you write any too sensative topics like personal love / emotion, there is also possible without any "credit".

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Sound of Clouds

posted on 15th of october, 2008

Have you ever listen to the clouds? I guess not. But if you look into the pictures I made from the flight, I assume you might listen to the sound of clouds. They are singing a song for you, a holy song to bless you, a glory song to wish you, a warm song to encourage you......

Comments (2)

Posted by Lhj on October 16, 2008
Thank you! :)
Posted by Mega11 on October 15, 2008

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Shadow or Light? It's a question!

posted on 16th of october, 2008

Photography is called as the art of light and shadow, as you may all know. However, I do not know whether you have the similar question as I have: whether I shall use shadow more than light in the shot or not? I am still wondering and considering. If you also have any ideas or answer, let's discuss!

© Lhj (Help)

Comments (1)

Posted by Kzimarik on October 16, 2008
These images use light and shadow nicely. I especially like the one with the flags in a row. I have said many times that photos are in the eye of the beholder. What may look good to one may look terrible to someone else. That goes for light, shadows, color, and composition. Photography is very subjective. My photos, when I produce them, are very personal to me and when I release them as "final images" I think they are exactly how I like them no matter what anyone says.

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Over the Rainbow

posted on 16th of october, 2008

Over the Rainbow, shall be considered as one of the most famous songs in Hollywood movies. I love rainbows not only because its lovely light spray, but also because it's so rare.

Do you also have any shots with real rainbows inside? :-) Please share with me.

© Lhj (Help)

Comments (1)

Posted by Lhj on October 18, 2008
I believe you will have such a shot very soon since the rainbow is always in your heart! :-)

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Living Room On Bed

posted on 18th of october, 2008

Have you ever seen such a kind of bed, a heatable brick bed? It's called as "Kang" in Chinese and very popular in northern China, especially in ancient time.

As shown in my shot, you may find the ancient people even put a small table on this kind of huge bed, which is made of brick. They treated this bed not only as a bed for the sleeping at night, but also the living room for the entire family! Women will sit around it at day time to make some meedle work; the entire family will have daily meals also around this small table on the "Kang".

The "Kang" is very comfortable for people to sit or sleep on it because it is quite cool in summer (since it is made of brick) and very warm in winter (since people can burn woods inside the "Kang")!

Isn't it interesting? Hope you will like it!

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Circle Heaven & Square Earth

posted on 18th of october, 2008

All the ancient arthitectures in China were based on the mistary Feng Shui. Feng shui, a marriage of art and science, is a practice founded in China and refined by feng shui masters through 6,000 years of development. Feng shui masters carefully map the nature and flow of energy through buildings and spaces.

In order to collecting the best luck for the owner of a building, the Feng Shui masters are always to suggest the owner to make their buildings include not only the sky but also the earth. When you have the sky and the earth at the same time, it means you have the entire universe! In ancient Chinese architecture, the circle is symbolic of the heaven and the square the earth.

Well, let me show you two pic for better understanding:

Did you notice the...

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All My Shots at Level 2

posted on 20th of october, 2008

I don't know how's your shots. However, I have 5 pictures at level 2 now!!! Dreamstime does make all photos downloaded 5 times above as Level 2. But when can I have my first Level 3? Anybody knows how many downloads for 1 shot at Level 3? 15 downloads or 20 downloads above?

Wondering but expecting......

All my Level 2s:

Comments (2)

Posted by Lhj on October 20, 2008
Hi, Brad, many thanks for your kind info.!
Posted by Bradcalkins on October 20, 2008
Sell Images

Level 2 is 5 and over, Level 3 is 20 and over, etc.

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Finally USD100!

posted on 20th of october, 2008

Finally I achieved USD 100!!! However, the total sale is still below 60......

Come on, sale sale sale!!!

Why is there no "On Sale" option for the photographers in DT?

Tags: sale sell
Comments (3)

Posted by Studioceja on October 21, 2008
Its cool how this works, the longer you are here, the more you get hooked.... the more images you load, in turn the more images you sell. Finally the more you sell the more they cost..... therefore more money in your pocket.

When I first started the images were bringing in like $0.36 and now the ones that sell the most are in the $1.40-$3.00 range on average and every once in a while you get the nice $30 EL-rights sale.

Congratulations and keep uploading and you will see how things begin to roller coaster into something impressive.
Posted by Lhj on October 21, 2008
It took quite long time around half a year to achieve it from 0. :-P
Posted by Tdmartin on October 20, 2008
Congrats!!!! How long did it take to reach this mark?

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Discussion on More Money or More Online Pic of DT

posted on 21st of october, 2008

Just read one interesting blog established by a DT photographer. His question is very interesting:
When do you consider your Dreamstime involvement serious?
Is it when you achieve your first $100 USD download?
Or when your 500th image has been accepted?

And my comments is as follows:
I believe both ways shall be considered! Earning money from DT is not the main make-living tool for most of DT photographers, I assume. However, the most accepted online pictures cannot be treated as a symbol of success as well, from my point of view. This is my personal reason: DT's photo editors, who are the main decision makers, their final decisons make your pictures to be seen in public. They are not the jury mission of World Press Photo, meanwhile, they can also not represent most of the viewers of the world...

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Comments (6)

Posted by Destinyvispro on October 27, 2008
I generally focus on making what I would consider to be good illustrations or photographs. When somebody purchases them, I am pleased. It validates that I know how to create commercial images. My DT involvement is serious, though small, but also enjoyable.
Posted by Lhj on October 22, 2008
Er.............. Then my reply shall be: me too, too................
Posted by Lhj on October 22, 2008
Good point! Personal preference!

Comments (6)

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The Very Place

posted on 22nd of october, 2008

Here is the very place I may disclose my real feeling and emotion! Thanks God!

Missing you so much! It's already 12th days!

The burden is much heavier when I need to carry it by myself alone.

Ich brauche dich sehr viel!

Tags: personal
Comments (2)

Posted by Lhj on October 23, 2008
Thanks! Wow, LI PENG???!!!
Posted by Linqong on October 22, 2008
Good shot!

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The Dawn

posted on 23rd of october, 2008

Upon a while, I loved to take the pictures for the sun-rise. The dawn can always make myself forget all the unhappy mass and just enjoy the warm brought by the dawn.

I do wish your life will be as same as the dawn, which is full of the brightness, strenth, hope and warmth!
© Lhj (Help) © Lhj (Help)

Comments (2)

Posted by Lhj on October 27, 2008
Thank you, Ed! Keep in touch!
Posted by Irisangel on October 27, 2008
What a lovely thought, Thank you. Your images are lovely too! Good luck with them.

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Difficult 72nd Sale

posted on 28th of october, 2008

After 168 hours' waiting, I finally have my 72nd sale of Shenyang Palace, which is from my first uploaded album.

To my surprise, there is no any key word shown upon this picture's downloading. Anybody may advise me how the buyer find this picture? Maybe he/she found my homepage at first, then bought this picture?

Very wondering........

Comments (4)

Posted by Lhj on October 29, 2008
But for this picture, there is no any key word searched or recorded at all.
Posted by Linqong on October 29, 2008
I think the buyer finds the images that they need by searching for words.
Posted by Lhj on October 28, 2008
Well, thank you, Rob! Visual search is understood! :-)

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