posted on 2nd of january, 2010

Welcome to LittleLion Studio’s blog, or should I say welcome to my blog? Either way, you are very much welcome! Truth is it is a blurred line between myself, Leo, and LittleLion Studio at least for the time being. With that said, let me give you a quick tour so that you’re right at home in no time.

First off, the time you spend here is supposed to be a pleasant one so... (read more @ LittleLion Studio)

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Posted by Littlelion on March 31, 2010
Hi Montemedia,

I don't really know what to make of this. This is most likely an error in DT's CMS pointing to the wrong file. Even that sounds pretty strange since other people purchase the file here and never filed a compliant. Anyway, contact me directly via email (you can find it on my website).

Thank you.
Posted by Montemedia on March 29, 2010
hi! i just downloaded and image of yours, and when i opened the file, it was another image!
I was looking for image No.3904986 (GARDEN FIREWORKS) and insted, I got: No. 3904987 (GRASSLAND).
Then i downliaded "grassland" hoping it would me "grden fireworks" but no. It wasn't. So i've got 2 Grassland Files.

Can you help me get "garden fireworks"??
Thankyou, I'll appreciate it.

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Asanoha, an “Ode to Japan”

posted on 5th of january, 2010

Not unusually, throughout time we get accustomed to symbols, glyphs and patterns so easily to the point of shamelessly ignoring their origin. Our society’s immediacy can become an almost unbeatable murderer to history and beautifully crafted stories. This simple text is a small pièce de résistance. (Read more @ LittleLion Studio)

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Posted by Rosedarc on January 06, 2010
Glad to have learnt a new Japanese word today! Arigatou gozaimasu.
I love your designs, not a surprise really since as I love Japan so much.
Posted by Littlelion on January 06, 2010
Hi Georgeskyrillos, Oshichi, became the most famous teenager of the Edo Period and being a teenager, she used to wear clothes with the Asanoha pattern (check her picture in the article for the pattern!). With time she started to be associated with the pattern itself.

Thanks to all who's commented but i'd really appreciate if you could do it directly in the post.

All the best in 2010!
Posted by Joe1971 on January 06, 2010
nice background.

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Silence Is Golden

posted on 6th of january, 2010

Silence is golden. Really! When working from home, one must learn to make do with the resources available at hand, unless of course, the will and the wallet are high and deep, respectively. My very own challenge was reaching silence nirvana but happily, solution was just an "adventure" away… (read more…)

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Posted by Littlelion on January 07, 2010
Hi Seema, thanks for the props and same luck to us all in 2010! :)
Posted by Littlelion on January 07, 2010
Hey Dragos, yep I did get to the silence nirvana I was looking for and beyond! As I said in the article, when I'm away from the computer for a while and the monitor is off, when I'm back I have to check the power led to see if it's on or off because I simply can't hear it! :)
Posted by Seema_illustrator on January 07, 2010
Absolutely loved your baby koala image. Congratulations on having a wonderful portfolio. Good Luck for the new year :)

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A Heart And A Bird

posted on 11th of january, 2010

Creating microstock art is, as Mr. Gump would say, "like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get". Translating this philosophy to the microstock market means that I never know where my designs end up being used. The rule is not having a clue whatsoever as to an image’s final destination and even worse, not knowing if their use abides by the license terms they were purchased under. But this can of worms is a better fit for a different post under the "All Business" category. (Read more…)

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Posted by Keki on January 12, 2010
very true! thanks for sharing :)

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posted on 12th of january, 2010

As I said in my last post, it is really hard to find out where my stuff ends up being applied (and under which license), but when I do, most times, I am happy to report, they are used in items I wouldn’t mind have sitting in the living room, lying on the bed, hanging on the wall or sitting on shelf… not at all! ;-) (read more...)

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Treasure Hunt

posted on 15th of january, 2010

The Treasure Hunt is on now!! Well, I must be humble and admit that different people treasure different things, but since you are here I guess it is not much of a stretch to assume you are interested in vector artwork. (read more...)

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Posted by Bradcalkins on January 15, 2010
You won't get anything for an existing member, but you would pick up new buyers with the click-through option if they hit your website first...
Posted by Littlelion on January 15, 2010
Dully noted, Bradcalkins, thank you. I thought DT only had referral links for new buyers or contributors, not for click-through. :)
Posted by Bradcalkins on January 15, 2010
You've got some great vector art! If I may make a suggestion, though, you should use the referral link to your images rather than the straight URL on your website. I.e. https://www.dreamstime.com/garden-seamless-pattern-rimage5201035-resixxxxxx instead of https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-garden-seamless-pattern-image5201035. Note that I've just put 'xxxxxx' where your ID goes, since I only know mine :)

That way you get referrals for anyone who clicks through.

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LittleLion Studio is a small shop specialized in designing vector art and illustrations for a wide array of applications, from the textile industry with focus on children’s apparel to both, print and online advertisement campaigns. Their seamless patterns and graphics sets can be easily found at the most unsuspicious places and items, gracefully embellishing the most delicate letterpress stationery, stamped on charming tool boxes, adorning the nursery’s walls, gently dressing little babies or framed in for their elegance in the living room. The Studio’s talent is easily accessible by ... [Read more]

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