Independence Cat

posted on 3rd of march, 2016

During the year 2014 in Catalonia the push for independence began to manifest strongly, fed by the rigid refusal of the government of Mariano Rajoy in Madrid to any negotiation and nurtured by repeated attacks to the catalan language and autonomy, the "Estelades", the independence flags, appeared everywhere in the country as here in the medieval village of Rupit where even the cats joined the movement for freedom.


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Posted by Wxh6763 on March 04, 2016
A lovely cat !

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Invasive, but relaxed

posted on 3rd of march, 2016

The pet market has made many exotic species available to enthusiastic
animal lovers with different not-always-positive consequences for the concerned species and for our environment.

In some occasions an excessive hunt of wild species has endangered their survival, in other cases the missing know-how in the maintenance and care of animals which have a high demand in their conditions for wellbeing has led to their death or in many cases to them being exposed in the wild.

A good example for this mismanagement are the American water turtles of the Graphtemys and Pseudemys families among others. They grow much faster as expected and the tiny cute turtle soon becomes a big monster which needs bigger and bigger terraria. They are often freed in a nearby pond, lake or river where they compete with the...

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Posted by Photographycornwall on March 03, 2016
Exotic pets and owners who don't understand the animals they're giving a home to are indeed problematic for indigenous wildlife. Great post and a fab picture ☺

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Spirit of the Forest

posted on 3rd of march, 2016

During spring it is quite easy to get acceptable photos of Nightingales at the Aiguamolls del Emporda nature reserve in northeastern Catalonia, very near to the french border.
When I made this pic, however I felt that it was transmitting a special feeling or sensation. Of course you will always add keywords like "romantic" to a Nightingale image but in this case it was stronger and I decided to give it the title of Spirit of the Forest which was probably somewhat daring.
This time the photo was sold again and I was specially happy because the buyer used the word "romantic" in it's search so that my ego was satisfied as it always happens when somebody sees things as we do..


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Posted by Mariayunira on March 03, 2016
Your portfolio was totally amazing! Congrats and best luck
Posted by Seawatch1 on March 03, 2016
Nice photo Joan. A very good choice of key wording.

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posted on 3rd of march, 2016

Some months ago I visited the hides of Natura Prop in northern Catalonia.
A recently opened hide offered passerine birds in a beginning success story.
Goldfinches were plenty around and the clever idea of sticking several thistle plants (cardus) whose seeds are the favourites of these birds caused not only their prompt appearance but also added a satisfactory environment, more typical impossible "Goldfinch on Thistle plant", nearly kitsch!
The good thing is that a nice Dreamstime Editor chose one of the Goldfinch images as Editor's choice (thank you!) but the equally nice buyer who bought the following image didn't agree with the editor and preferred another "Goldfinch on Thistle plant" pic (I managed to get several accepted..) !



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Posted by Wxh6763 on March 04, 2016
Very good and nice image!
Posted by Lostafichuk on March 04, 2016
Beautiful photograph of the goldfinch-congratulations with it besting the editor's choice.
Your 'bird photos' in your portfolio are very very nice also!
Posted by Unteroffizier on March 04, 2016
Good for you with editor's choice photos.

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Too typical, kitsch?

posted on 3rd of march, 2016

Winter 2013 in the Picos de Europa, Castilla y Leon (Spain), we had a nice snowfall at the hides of Wild Watching Spain and the passerine species coming to the feeders were the dream of a wildlife photographer. Bullfinches were also present, beautiful males and females on the snow and when the hide keeper added some red berry bushes to the scene the whole thing got dangerously near to what you would like to call "kitsch", this german word which doesn't seem to have a decent translation so far but which everybody understands..
While working on the keywords I was tempted to add "Christmas" (I confess) but I refrained..
The Bullfinches didn't care, they were hungry, neither did the buyer care, he liked it..


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The useless Primadona

posted on 3rd of march, 2016

As it happens among birds, in most cases the males look simply much more spectacular than the females which has an easy explanation. Males (not only among birds..) often pass their time, specially before the reproductive season, dedicated to an exhibition of their beauty in feathers and colours and also of a capacity of ridiculous behaviour which exceeds by far other animal groups.
Female birds have more important and useful things to do like choosing the less useless male among others, laying eggs and rearing their offspring with or without the help of their feathered primadona-husbands. They don't need to boast or to exhibit themselves, they have a serious job to do.

I can't show any image of a female Zanzibar Red Bishop but believe me, I have seen them and they are just...

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Posted by Lengar79 on March 04, 2016
Very interesting and informative. It made me smile :) Thanks for sharing and great shots!

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Scientific celebrities don't sell

posted on 3rd of march, 2016

Cuba has an enormous amount of very interesting bird species to offer, among them quite a number of endemics.
Maybe the highest celebrity among them is the Zapata Wren. For various reasons: it is rare, even nowadays, difficult to see (I can tell you!!) and it is not only endemic to Cuba but to the Zapata Swamp and even there it can only be found in a relatively reduced area! Wow!
I passed three days in the swamps with my local guide, waiting, trying to lure the bird out of the thick swamp vegetation without results (he was not in the mood for any interview) and just on the last day, when we had decided it was going to be our last trial, the VIP came out, exhibited himself generously, from right and left, near and far.. it was a bomb! I made as many photos as I wanted. I don't know who was happier,...

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Posted by Wxh6763 on March 04, 2016
Beautiful !
Posted by Ctmphotog on March 04, 2016
Enjoyed your post! Such a beautiful and colorful hummingbird image!
Posted by Newsfocus1 on March 03, 2016
Great images Joan! I'm sure your Wren pictures will sell in time when somebody who needs them finds there aren't many images available. It's the old dilemma of shooting popular subjects or more specialised ones. Sales will come in time -especially with good images like these.

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The Vall d' Aran, Pyrenees

posted on 7th of march, 2016

Part of the Pyrenees of Lleida in Catalonia and attached to the french border we find the Vall d'Aran, the Aran Valley. This autonomous region inside Catalonia has unique characteristics as for example the Aranese which is the standardized form of the Gascon variety of the Occitan language.
The landscape of the valley is typical mountainous and has atlantic climate, holding the only catalan rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.
It's capital Vielha is a bustling touristic city which together with the rest of Aran profits from it's natural beauty and skiing resorts.


The beautiful landscapes of the Valle de Aran, the river Arriu forms a little lake near the famous waterfalls of Sauth deth Pish.


Sauth deth Pish waterfall



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Posted by Bjorn999 on March 09, 2016
Looks amazing!
Posted by Fjarabica on March 08, 2016
Posted by Perstock on March 08, 2016
Interresting place :-)

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The Chiffchaff

posted on 10th of march, 2016

The Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita) is one of our most well-known warblers and it belongs to the Leaf warbler group. According to the Wikipedia distribution map, in the Iberian Peninsula it only occurs during wintertime but I can't confirm this point as I have made photos of them during the whole year, having said this it is also true that we have the Iberian Chiffchaff which can easily be confused with the Common one, only the song is clearly different.
Together with the following pic of a bathing Chiffchaff which was sold a few days ago, I present some other of my Chiffchaff images.







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Posted by Wxh6763 on March 11, 2016

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The Greylag Goose

posted on 10th of march, 2016

The Greylag Goose (Anser anser) is the european wild form of our domestic goose. This is an extremely intelligent, social bird which has played an important role in the relation of man and domestic animals. Everybody will remember the wonderful story (hundred per cent true or not) of the sacred geese of the roman temple which warned the sleeping roman soldiers of the approaching barbarian troops.
I have kept domestic geese myself and I have to confirm that they are vigilant, alert animals which make a lot of noise when strangers approach, I have always admired their suicide braveness when defending their offspring from dogs or any other enemy no matter how big and dangerous, they fight to death!

The following image of a flock of wild Greylag Geese in flight was sold recently and I add some other...

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Posted by Mariayunira on March 12, 2016
Posted by Wxh6763 on March 11, 2016
the greylag goose is the best kind of geese! very nice!

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Birds of the Peruvian amazon rainforest

posted on 13th of march, 2016

Yesterday's sale was this amazing White-chinned Jacamar (Galbula tombacea) of the deep Peruvian rainforest where I have been lucky to shoot in two occasions during the last years. Conditions are tough as even during the "dry" season rain showers may be expected at any time during the day and night. The picture of the Jacamar was taken just after a heavy rainfall.
I have added some other photographies of several birds from this beautiful natural environment which I hope will prevail for future generations to be admired.


White-chinned Jacamar


White-throated Toucan


Festive Parrot


Scarlet Macaw


Crimson-crested Woodpecker



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Posted by Generalul2015 on March 16, 2016
Amazing pictures : )
Posted by Physi28 on March 15, 2016
thank you very much everybody!
Posted by Ciaobucarest on March 14, 2016
Amazing shots Joan

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posted on 14th of march, 2016

On my last five trips to Kenya and visiting mainly the Tsavo West and East NP as well as Maasai Mara (one time) I always tried to stay away from the masses of tourists in their mini-busses.
Actually most tourists want to see the so-called "big five" . Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino, Lion and Leopard. So, to have more intimacy and experience the beauty of the amazing landscapes you have to stay away from this animals, specially lions. It is normal to find one or more lions surrounded by dozens of mini-busses and shouting, hand-waving, jumping tourists trying to make the lions stand up and "do something", it is a disgusting experience.
It is one of the reasons why I have hardly any lions pictures but I have always been quite lucky to meet unexpectedly and often with hardly any people around us with leopards...

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Posted by Mariayunira on March 16, 2016
Wowww! Cool pics!
Posted by Picstudio on March 14, 2016
Beautiful pics.

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Andorra: the Principality in the Pyrenees

posted on 15th of march, 2016

Andorra is a tiny country in the middle of the Pyrenees mountains, it has borders with France and Spain and it's landscape is a typical mountainous change of deep valleys and high peaks. This microstate ( having an area of 468 km2 (181 sq mi) and a population of approximately 85,000) has made important changes in recent years, passing from an ancient way of ruling to a modern state in a few decades.
It's economy is clearly based on tourism in different forms:
Skiing is an important income due to the numerous ski- stations available and the corresponding hotels and apartments. On the other side, Andorra la Vella, the capital offers an extensive shopping district were specially perfumes, pharmaceutical products, electronics and food are the most outstanding products which attract plenty of visitors...

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Posted by Physi28 on March 21, 2016
Babar 760 yes we all used to combine our visits to Andorra with some profit in those times
Posted by Babar760 on March 19, 2016
Back in my smuggling days, I used to cross over from Girona to Perpignan. I got to see some beautiful early morning vistas. The border guards were all asleep at that time. I bought my first good camera with the proceeds!
Posted by Smisiel on March 16, 2016
very out standing

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Face to face with our "relatives"

posted on 16th of march, 2016

As it happens when we are confronted with the face of a primate, we sometimes get a shocking impression of looking at somebody who is familiar to us. That happens because many apes share with us our most common feelings like fear, anger, happiness and joy among many others and, what is more important they are able to express this emotions on their face the same way we do.
The recent sale of a portrait of a Tufted Capuchin Monkey from Peru gave me the idea of presenting some other close-ups of other monkeys which were all made in Peru, Kenya and Zanzibar.


White-fronted Spider Monkey


Pygmy Marmoset (the smallest monkey of the world)


Brown Woolly Monkey


Squirrel Monkey...

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Comments (1)

Posted by Julietta24 on March 17, 2016
amazing monkey!!!!

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Hunters with wings

posted on 17th of march, 2016

Among all bird-groups, Raptors or Birds of Prey are the ones who attract the attention of many bird-lovers as well as the songbirds of course which are well-known to most people from our gardens.

Raptors are specialised in hunting other birds, mammals, reptiles and even fishes. Evolution has prepared them for this task with sharp claws which close around the body of their victims with an impressive power as well as with hooked beaks which are used to kill and cut the prey. While some species as falcons mainly use their beak to kill, other as Royal Eagles, Buzzards and others rely on their strong claws to catch and also wipe out their victims.

Also the hunting tactics vary from family to family: Some species soar high in the sky and execute a sharp vertical attack as soon as they detect a suitable...

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Comments (4)

Posted by Joezachs on September 24, 2016
Wow.... what a collection.
Like those juvenile American Kestrel.
Posted by Fjarabica on March 24, 2016
Posted by Physi28 on March 19, 2016
thank you very much!

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