posted on 23rd of july, 2017


We are still waiting for the heatwave in The Netherlands, but yet - mostly because of the rain we're getting lately - I'm thinking about Christmas. I am not a real fan of winter, except when it's snowing. I still remember the cracking sound my feet made when I was playing in the snow as a kid. Those days Christmas was all about family for me. I was much younger and less independent, and we had the tradition of celebrating Christmas at the house of my grandma (now 93 years old), with lots of nice food and much joy. As I grew older those days faded away, so all I have left are my memories.
So whenever I see a Christmas decoration I get a warm feeling inside while thinking about times long gone.

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Streetfood in China

posted on 23rd of july, 2017


I love food. Especially food from other countries. So whenever I travel, I try to taste something new. Ofcourse in China, the country of my wife, I skipped the grasshoppers and sharks on a stick. Instead I went for the steamed buns you can buy on the street. Grasshopper and snake I did try in the end though and to my suprise they weren't bad at all, but the steamed buns stay my absolute favorite. So what is your favorite streetfood
O, and it can be crowded in China :)

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What kind of program do you use to enhance photos?

posted on 24th of july, 2017


How many people on Dreanstime are using Photoshop to enhance photos? I know a lot of people do so, but for some reason I'm always hesitating to do so.
So if you do touch up your images, what kind of programs do you use?

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Posted by TheSlowWalkers on July 29, 2017
I like your word, enhance, it's a great way off putting it. Anyway, depending on your outlook (literally) a camera does not see exactly the same way as us humans do. How many times have you looked at your photos and thought "It didn't look quite like that when I took it?" I'm a very basic user and so editing helps to enhance photos from the camera, especially as I now shoot RAW and this can look slightly washed out before editing. Also, when shooting in JPEG (which I no longer do, honestly) the camera outputs an enhanced image of what the camera thinks is the best result, so those photos are technicaly edited, albeit in camera. Ultimately, it's your choice but for me, the photos look a whole lot better after a tweak here and there.

As for most people editing, according to the latest DT stats, there are 369,817 photographers registered, so 7 of us replying is a very small amount in comparison. Good luck, whichever way you decide to...(More)
Posted by Rzachariasse on July 29, 2017
So in short, most do enhance? I'm still wondering why it feels like cheating to me though. But I will give it a go :)
Posted by Tarage on July 26, 2017
DXO Optics Elite, ON1 Effects, Noiseless CK, and Photoline. I do mostly sharpening, color enhancing, curves, noise reduction -- the basics.

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posted on 29th of july, 2017

Ofcourse we are here to show our photos, but how many of you are here for the big bucks? I'm not btw, but I do get jealous when I see some photographers with loads of exposure. I wonder how they do that, besides the obvious beautiful photos ofcourse :)

This is one of my personal favourites, taken during my trip through China.

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Posted by Nigelspiers on August 04, 2017
Hi - I hope you don't mind if I add a couple of comments regarding this photo and exposure. I appreciate this is a crop from a larger photo however there are two items you may consider changing:
1. Dark area on the left - this takes your eye off the subject on the right and could be cropped.
2. You don't want black areas anywhere in a photo - use the Photoshop Highlights and Shadows function to add some a little more detail to the shadows on the right hand side.
Sure - the purchaser could do these changes themselves however it is best if you present the picture in it's most salable form.
Best Regards
Posted by Bwagner656 on August 02, 2017
You have some nice photos too! Keywording is the secret, and diversity. Different categories, different topics. Keep up the work, and you'll be rewarded.

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