Night photography.

posted on 3rd of june, 2017


Not my photo and not quite what I had in mind but on with the blog.

I'd seen a few articles about night photography, the stars, milky way etc but another article caught my eye and it had photographs of American towns at night. http://www.bbc.com/news/in-pictures-39040237
The pictures looked so good and I thought I'd like to try something like that. One thing was certain, my photos would look nothing like the ones in the article but you've got to start somewhere and half the fun is seeing how things turn out.

I'd had a try at some star shots a couple of nights earlier and from that, I'd learnt that even if you only go out for ten minutes, a short sleeved t-shirt and shorts is not a good idea for humans, although the biting things were happy with my poor choice. So,...

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Posted by TheSlowWalkers on June 09, 2017
Thanks for the link Larry, I have to say the pictures and the video are spectacular.
Posted by Seawatch1 on June 08, 2017
Just received this in my e-mail. I feel the more sources the better. Besides, the pictures are beautiful.
Posted by TheSlowWalkers on June 07, 2017
Thanks Patrick, you're right about the driving. As for the photography, my wife bought me a one day course, designed to give people more confidence in getting away from "Auto" and I found it ever so useful and have only used auto once or twice, just to compare it's settings to what I thought. I see though, with there being so many potential combinations, there will always be errors but you can always learn from them. As Larry (Seawatch1) says, "About one good photo out of ten is a decent ratio," so, there's something to aim for.

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100 Photos uploaded

posted on 6th of june, 2017

I know it's a small achievement compared to a lot of others but for a relative beginner, it's another milestone reached and I'm pleased to have got there. It doesn't match the satisfaction of having the first photo accepted but is a lot better than the first photo rejected and it's probably a little below making the first sale but that's something for the future.

Six months ago, when I submitted the first photos, I didn't really think about making it to 100 or even 50, I just tried to take photos that I thought would be acceptable. There have been times when I've looked at a photo and looked and looked, before deciding that it wasn't quite right to submit. Yes it looked OK but I'm trying to improve and OK doesn't work any longer. I started off...

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Posted by TheSlowWalkers on June 08, 2017
Thanks very much Bettina & Larry.
Posted by Seawatch1 on June 07, 2017
Good job!

Onward through the fog.
Posted by Bwagner656 on June 07, 2017

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Freshening up your online files

posted on 13th of june, 2017


I was editing one of my online files the other day because I'd thought of a better way to describe the photograph. I then went back and had a look at the first few photos I'd submitted and opened edit for each one.

All of them had something that I then changed, either in the description and or adding keywords. I suppose it's normal for some people when they start out and maybe don't quite know the right keywords to use and the descriptions.

I have to confess, I'm over six months in and still have trouble describing the photo and thinking what keywords match the photo. I'm still no expert but I do feel that maybe the newer people (like me) should give their portfolio a look over and see if there's anything you can add or even take out, which could better help buyers...

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Posted by TheSlowWalkers on June 16, 2017
I'm looking at checking around five a day, leaves time to go out with the camera then.
Also, if you right click on the edit button and open on a separate page, you can edit and then close that page and you will still have the original page left to edit the next file.
Posted by Westwoodkuba on June 14, 2017
Well i know what i am doing this week end ................thanks
Posted by TheSlowWalkers on June 13, 2017
Ah, the typos, yes, worth looking just for those.

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Photos that stand out.

posted on 21st of june, 2017

Being fairly new to photography, I look at a great many photos of on Dreamstime, to try and learn from different people, some of them also beginners but also those that have thousands of uploads (and downloads too)

Sometimes, I'll see a photo and it immediately say's "Yes" to me because it has that certain something. I know others will not agree with these choices but it's about that initial reaction. Anyway, here are some of those photos that (to me) have made me think "I wish I'd taken that"

They are in no particular order of "somethingness" and there are none that were taken by me. Because of the cropping needed, some photos don't look as good as they should, so please have a look at the original to get the best effect.

So, what do you think?




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Posted by Bwagner656 on June 23, 2017
Thanks Seawatch1, I liked your portfolio too, I LOVE covered bridges. :)
Posted by Seawatch1 on June 23, 2017
Hi Bettina, I too like your rime photo. Patience and good technique really paid off. Keep up the good work. I looked through your portfolio and you have a good eye for patterns.
Posted by Bwagner656 on June 23, 2017
TheSlowWalkers Indeed I was happy.

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First sale and a little story behind the image

posted on 22nd of june, 2017


Well, looking online this morning I saw that someone has bought one of my photos, which was a great surprise. Of course I'm very happy about this, very happy indeed.

The photo was taken quite recently and was taken as we were on a walk around a small Spanish village called Sedella, which is in the province of Andalucia, Spain. The area is also known as the Axarquia and is a very beautiful part of Spain, having lots of small white painted villages inland, miles of sunny coastline and even mountains! Not huge but definitely and officially mountains.

Anyway, we'd stopped to sit on a bench and look around, soaking up the quiet and the views. It was so peaceful that the time just went and the sun was dropping behind some nearby hills. I took the camera and began taking...

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Posted by TheSlowWalkers on June 25, 2017
Thanks Newton.
Posted by Newtonguarinof on June 25, 2017
Beautiful picture, congratulations!!!
Posted by TheSlowWalkers on June 25, 2017
Thank you Pet548

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