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  • If I were an editor...

    by Afrumgartz | 11th of December, 2013

    Uploading photos, we have to remember that we do it for somebody. Cause any stock is like a great market where you sell and someone can buy images. So your idea should be clear to anybody - in Africa, Aisia, elswhere. So when uploading photos I imagine an editor of a... More
  • How to create a set of similar photos

    by Andrews71 | 22nd of February, 2012

    Hello to everybody I need an information. One of the photos that I have uploaded have been refused beacuse I have uploade too many photos on the same subject or from the same series. And DT suggested me to create sets of similars (several shots included within the... More
  • Feedback on Portfolio

    by Hotmidhun | 23rd of January, 2012

    Hi Friends... It has been few months since I had asked this to anybody.. I now have a little more than 160 photos online, and I would like to get a honest feedback on my portfolio. (few samples attached) Though I try to diverse in creating a portfolio, it would... More
  • Looking For Advise

    by Sunguy | 15th of December, 2011

    Greetings I am looking for advise from some of you old timers on this site. I joined DT last July and have gone exclusive, with 72 images on line and 10 sales. For stock, is it better to specialize in a few areas of subject matter or spread yourself out. My non-stock... More
  • Exclusive or Not?

    by Hotmidhun | 14th of May, 2011

    I'm at 40 images online and I am just wondering Should I go exclusive at Dreamstime once I cross the 50 images mark??? The only thing that is pulling me back is that even after 3 months I am yet to get a sale here, so whether going exclusive is the right decision? If I... More
  • My first two months on DT

    by Splosh | 3rd of May, 2011

    After my first two months as a DT contributor, here are some of my thoughts and experiences. Consider the pictures you upload. Really! It’s too bad having a picture rejected due to noise, poor composition, blur or other obvious things. You might have been told you are... More
  • Trying something new?

    by Lizapixels | 8th of March, 2011

    Hi all Im really into this stock thing now and dedicate ALOT of time to it lately,I am doing better at some sites than others but not making enough to buy coffee yet lol. I am going to try my hand at more still life,objects and see if that helps does anyone have any... More
  • Rent a lens!

    by Bradcalkins | 30th of September, 2009

    This last weekend I rented a Canon 135mm f/2 prime lens for taking shots of the kids and so on. I've rented lights before, but what surprised me was the really low cost of renting lenses. I don't know if this is common in other cities, but the cost of such a lens is over... More
  • Create a collection... What's next?!

    by Mani33 | 26th of September, 2009

    Hello everyone, just thought of sharing this with you... Normally we visit sites everyday and of course we are expecting an update, other wise we will not visit it frequently and maybe by time we will stop visiting it! That goes also on your collections as well! If... More
  • Winter is coming...

    by Aginger | 10th of September, 2009

    ...so be prepared and get ready for it with snowy shots and Xmas illustrations! Do not forget that marketing business and ads are far before seasons! Agencies and buyers need your winter scenes before cold days! You won't sell your wonderful frozen shots in the middle of... More
  • Editing advice needed!

    by Javashots | 17th of April, 2009

    How many of us worry constantly not of our composition, subject matter, or ideas. but rather, we worry about "did I apply too much color saturation? Not enough saturation? or the dreaded "Image over filtered" rejection? poor lighting set up, etc... Does anyone out there have... More
  • India

    by Piscari | 15th of January, 2009

    I have never been to India. But going to go there soon for inspiration. They say that any creative person needs to go there. The views about this country contradictory. Some love her madly, but others say that there is dirty. And I just want to sit on the shores of the ocean,... More
  • Hi everyone! Fun Fun Fun

    by Alaskaparks | 18th of December, 2008

    HI, please check out my portfolio here at Dreamstime and lend me some advice. This has been so much fun but i am slow to get approved and no sales yet. My Blog~join me and follow my Alaskan journeys See Article
  • Difficult 72nd Sale

    by Lhj | 28th of October, 2008

    After 168 hours' waiting, I finally have my 72nd sale of Shenyang Palace, which is from my first uploaded album. To my surprise, there is no any key word shown upon this picture's downloading. Anybody may advise me how the buyer find this picture? Maybe he/she found my... More
  • How to improve my collections

    by Littledesire | 12th of September, 2008

    Hi all! I've just done my first collections (and first blog)! I would want to know how my collections are done and how could I improve them so that they could work well. Should I have done something else? Include more photographers? You know I'm new to stock photography... More
  • Increase my sales

    by Danyweb | 8th of September, 2008

    Hello everybody!! I'm in DT till the second half of July and I'm quite satisfied! I've published 36 photos and I've sold 6 of it. Can anybody advise me of how increase my sales? What do you think about my photos? Thanks. Daniele More
  • Clipping path

    by Ladyminnie | 4th of August, 2008

    I know how to make one, but not sure how to save it for DT and other microstock They like it as ESP or SVG ? can someone tell me please See Article
  • Happen to meet Dreamstime

    by Sunflowerhike | 1st of August, 2008

    At the end of last month,I met Dreamstime by chance while I was searching on the net.I tried to upload six photos on the net to see what would happen.On Aug,1,2008,it is a nice day that I was so exciting cos I got 4 photos online though 2 refused.I know I found a place to... More
  • My experience about making the ETR shorter

    by Namowen | 17th of July, 2008

    ETR, Estimated Time until Review, is a boring term for newbies. It's usually more the 100 hours how can we tolerate this. But don't worry about it, after a long time practice, I have already can handle it well. Here is my experience, sharing with newbies like me. At first,... More

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