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  • A Dreamstime Christmas Tale

    by Karenfoleyphotography | 22nd of December, 2016

    Twas the night before dreamstime, as I clutched at my mouse, My images were all sorted, the time’d come to pounce. The keywords were entered with such loving care, In hopes that the buyers soon would be there.          When suddenly my smartphone started... More
  • About copyright...

    by Epicmagnagraecias | 24th of August, 2016

    Hello everyone, today the search of images on the internet and expecially through the most common search platforms is affecting photographers' copyright... many people download and use illegally pictures found on the net. But it's a real problem? Yes it is, because it is... More
  • A case for exclusivity

    by Alvera | 31st of October, 2013

    I read this on a stock photography forum and I think is good to share. So: "I read a quote in the book "The 4-Hour Work Week" that I think summarizes our situation quite well. ..talking about why not to sell product through many distributors.. "It works like this:... More
  • Seriously, how is Dreamstime's situation?

    by MinervaStudio | 25th of July, 2012

    I've been asking myself this for a few months. Since April things started goind really bad here, but anyway I've never had great numbers on Dreamstime. I'm writing this beacuse I realized that today, in 24 hours, on another agency (a good agency, not a crappy one) I've... More
  • Microstock Advertising

    by Peanutroaster | 23rd of August, 2011

    When my local Borders bookstore had its going out of business sale, I snatched up a bunch of Photoshop magazines. Some of these magazines are imported and typically cost $15 or more but at 50% off they were too good to pass up. Inside a few of the magazines were a few... More

    by Leesniderphotoimages | 18th of July, 2011

    Today marks something of a milestone for me inasmuch as Dreamstime has accepted and put online my 2,500th image. While it has taken a while to accrue this many online photos I consider it a major achievement which just goes to show that perseverence is important and pays... More
  • Invitation from another stock agency

    by Egomezta | 27th of January, 2011

    I just received an email from an international stock agency inviting me to represent my images. I was wondering if this has happened to you too, and also I'm writing this here to let DT know about this, just in the case there is something to be taken care of (I have to say... More
  • Why The Stock Agencies doesn't participate to TinEye program?

    by Shopartgallerycom | 25th of January, 2011

    Image owners want to establish authorship of their work and also know where their images are used. I was wondering why the stock agencies micro or macro doesn't participate to TinEye program submitting all their collections? The things would be easier for everybody and... More
  • Industry Standards

    by Davulcu | 13th of January, 2011

    After I started to work as a free contributor, I have experienced that there are no Industry Standards in micro stock business. Some agencies accepts images which others never approve. More interesting, the best and most selling images of your portfolio might be rejected... More
  • So let's rock exclusively for Dreamstime!

    by Terhox | 12th of May, 2010

    At first sorry about my not so perfect english, but then I am from Finland ;) This is my first post to my blog. I just want to tell that after becoming to exclusive member, my sales have risen like rocket going to space comparing to time before exclusivity! I am very happy... More
  • Is it worth going exclusive?

    by Chrisbrignell | 16th of December, 2009

    Just wondering if anyone is exclusive with dreamstime and if they would recommend it or not? Do you make more money this way? I do have images with a different agency and they are doing just as well if not better so its tricky to weigh up and decide. Any opinions would... More
  • Life Can't Be Better On Dreamstime

    by Maigi | 1st of June, 2009

    Wow, DT has become my best selling agency on this stock wonderland!!! With average 1.44 RPD this year, DT is definitely a company that makes you feel as a real partner. With the kind communication with contributors, DT team has made this site a cozy, comfortable, friendly... More
  • Sizzle Creative moving premises campaign

    by Drizzle | 30th of September, 2008

    https://www.dreamstime.com/goldfish-jumping-out-of-the-water-rimage4789553-resi230377 We used a great image during our recent premises to keep our client base informed New Website See Article
  • 1 month.....1 agency

    by Denisebeverly | 4th of May, 2008

    In just 1 month , I will downsize to only 1 microstock agency, Dreamstime. I have submitted over the past 2 1/2 years to approximately 8 different agencies and somehow always begin with Dreamstime when I start to upload new images. I began my process about a month... More

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