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  • Here comes my son, and I just completed two years in DT

    by Creativei | 18th of January, 2010

    Well this is the moment of my life, once I read an article my friend had written, he had put in bold letters on the first paragraph, to understand this article you need to be a FATHER, and now I understand what he meant. In the same line may be to understand the emotions... More
  • Excited about this particular photo reaching level 3

    by Retina2020 | 17th of December, 2009

    I'm so happy that this photo reached level 3. It gives me a great sense of pride not only because of the photo itself, but the fact that this meal was cooked by me!! :) I'll give you a bit of history of this meal. I've been cooking this meal for my wife and I for special... More
  • I'm one year old today

    by Mitch1921 | 7th of August, 2009

    I have been here for one year today. First,I would like to thank you all of you (buyers,contributors and admins) for all support and friendship. DT helps me to improve many skills e.g. Photography, Illustration and English. I'm really happy here. I requested my first... More
  • A year of DT - measuring sales growth

    by Bradcalkins | 28th of April, 2009

    Spring is in the air, and we're starting to see some buds forming. I had to bring them inside for this shot to get away from the snow we are still having! Spring is a good time for my one year DT anniversary. I've definitely met or exceeded where I thought I would be a... More
  • My 1st anniversary

    by Complexdesignpl | 17th of March, 2009

    Hi all! My first year of discovering Dreamstime stock photo agency just passed and I think it's a great occasion to make some statistics and a summary. First of all I have to tell you, that I wasn't too busy contributor. In the period of 1 year I've uploaded 98 pictures,... More
  • one year

    by Dmccale | 7th of March, 2009

    I have been with DT one year now!At first I must say I was discouraged.I had a lot of rejects and still do.But determination and creativity paid off.So for you newbies keep trying and you will start to see the sales,I am forever grateful to the ones who helped me out,Good... More
  • One Year Anniversary!

    by Marilynv | 26th of February, 2009

    Hello! This is my very first blog, so I hope I figured this out and you can read this! This week I'm happy to celebrate my one year anniversary here at Dreamstime. Wow, the year went by super fast. I guess time flies when you're having fun! Here are a few... More
  • My First Year

    by Irisangel | 21st of January, 2009

    I have just passed the anniversary of the day my first image went online here at Dreamstime. I just wanted to say that I am so happy to have found this site and this outlet for my creativity. I would also like to thank all the buyers and all the other contributors who have... More
  • 1st Anniversary

    by Billysiew | 7th of December, 2008

    I have joined Dreamstime for one year. I was quite satisfy and happy for what I have achieved in DT. Thanks Dreamstime for giving me a space to share my work. I really appreciate for those buyers who downloaded(or used) my pictures because you made me feel good. I will... More
  • 6 Month Anniversary

    by Lifesazoo | 21st of November, 2008

    It has been 6 months since my first upload to Dreamstime. I still can remember how excited I was when I saw my first upload on May 21st. I joined Dreamstime on May 12, 2008 but my photos did not even start being reviewed until the 21st. I had 82 files online by the end... More
  • The first anniversary

    by Linqong | 20th of November, 2008

    Time is really too quick,I came to already the first anniversary of DT on November 20. In the past year, I have been very happy on DT.My sale is getting better day by day(Uploads 1496,Downloads 857 ),I thank for DT and buyers in the heart very much.....I will continue... More
  • First year

    by Talanis | 15th of September, 2008

    It's been one year now since I started submitting to Dreamstime. In this last year, I learned a lot about stock photography and photography in general. The quality of my pictures is way better than last year and I still have a lot to learn (don't we all). In august 2007,... More
  • 9-11

    by Dcwcreations | 10th of September, 2008

    9-11 is an anniversary in the United States that not only marks a dark spot in our history but an event that changed the entire world. The minute the towers fell in New York The world became a different place. Young children and future generations will never know what... More
  • At me soon holiday!

    by Tokomag | 9th of September, 2008

    On September, 14th 2007 my jobs the first time have appeared Dreamstime.com The whole year has flown by as one day. Surprisingly! Do not ask me how much I has earned - I all the same to you shall not tell :) the Main thing that my perfection has grown. I have learned much.... More
  • level two image

    by Bigpressphoto | 9th of May, 2008

    my wine blog A level two image on my anniversary!Today I reached the goal I spoke about in my last blog, not only are my uploads still more than my downloads but this image above reached level two, and three or four others are knocking at the door after only a few months... More
  • :-) Turns 25!

    by Maigi | 19th of September, 2007

    Well, not me. Smiley face. Today is 25th anniversary of SMILEY FACE! Scott Elliot Fahlman is a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He is credited with originating the first "smiley" or "emoticon," which he thought would help people on a message board... More
  • My Dreamstime anniversary.

    by Sebcz | 14th of September, 2007

    It's my first DT anniversary today, whoa! Time flies, doesn't it. Time to look back and analyze what happened during this time. As I look at the statistics chart, my first months were completely idle in building portfolio. I uploaded my first files in November. No wonder... More
  • Wow! 2nd Anniversary!

    by Thefinalmiracle | 13th of September, 2007

    Wow! Today I am celebrating my 2nd wedding anniversary and can’t believe how I survived those two years… lol. 2 years back when I was getting married I never knew what I was getting into. There were these two weirdos getting married to each other not understanding the... More
  • 9/11 Photography

    by Hosae | 11th of September, 2007

    Another anniversary of a very sad day in History. When innocent people lost their lives. At this moment I want to thank and commend all the photographers who took many of the touch images. Images that will continue to remind us an haunt us. See Article
  • Anniversary!

    by Icyimage | 5th of September, 2007

    On 17 September it will be our first anniversary of our marriage. So I 'd like to surprise with something my husband. But too bad, I don't have any idea for that. So I need your help....What would you do? It can be something simple, or we could go on dinner and give... More

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