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  • Butterflies Coloring the World

    by Risto40 | 16th of May, 2015

        Sun shines high, temperature rises fast, it's already pretty green on the otherside of the glass. But wearing shorts and summer dresses in many countries you still cant't. Still be happy as soon you can! Dress up for a walk outdoors, in a park or countryside.... More

    by Project007 | 18th of January, 2015

  • My oldest photo sold!

    by Robinstockphotos | 10th of March, 2013

    My oldest photo of this bird served someone yesterday. I'm quite happy about this. This was probably the first or second photo online back then. My AR was something like 17% probably. Maybe worse. I don't remember because I don't want to. ;) I also recently sold the second... More
  • Butterfly Photography

    by Robinstockphotos | 19th of February, 2013

    The very mention of butterfly photography creates an image of vivid attractive subjects fluttering in a dream garden. That happens if you are a buyer or end user of butterfly photos. What if you are a contributor? You begin to imagine heat, sitting in the sun, uncomfortable,... More
  • My butterfly macro photography tips for beginners

    by M4rio1979 | 27th of September, 2011

    I have some tips for all of you that have just started to do macro photography of insects. I want to share what I have learned a few days ago when I was going to shoot some butterflies. It is very hard to get close to these beautiful and colorful little creatures without... More
  • Rhododendron tomentosum, the Beauty of Peat Bogs

    by Taina10 | 22nd of June, 2011

    Rhododendron tomentosum (Marsh Labrador Tea, syn. Ledum palustre) is a low shrub (usually about 30-100 cm tall) with evergreen leaves and delicate white inflorescences or clusters of flowers. Related to the large and showy Rhododendrons which grow in parks and gardens, Rhododendron... More
  • Waiting for a Butterfly – A Series of Photo Shoots

    by Rubybayan | 29th of January, 2011

    One of the first photo projects I thought of submitting to Dreamstime was the life cycle of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly. When I saw the caterpillars devouring my parsley in the backyard, I knew I had to take the photo opp. I snipped off a half-eaten parsley branch... More
  • Collections Contribution Request Part III

    by Elianehaykal | 25th of January, 2011

    Following my other 2 blogs Part I & Part II, here's another invitation to contribute to the following series of collections (the old ones are still open btw!): Animal Romance Butterfly, My Butterfly Easter Eggs Smiley... More
  • paradise of butterfly

    by Keung1616 | 23rd of April, 2010

    Fung Yuen (Hong Kong) Butterfly Reserve is an area that is recognized as an important breeding site for some butterflies of conservation concern, such as Common Birdwing and White Dragontail. Despite being located on the urban fringe, remarkably more than half of all local... More
  • collection : butterfly and moth isolated in white

    by Defun | 12th of April, 2010

    My collection Butterfly and moth isolated If you have photos and want to add to this collection, please let me know the IDs. hoho^^ hope someone will like it. More
  • P-EL sale

    by Defun | 14th of January, 2010

    I am very exciting of my first p-EL sale With 50 credits (2008) and about $25 earnings. See Article
  • 500 uploads !!!

    by Defun | 9th of November, 2009

    300 Uploads on 17th of september, 2009. And I've just reached another milestone. With the butterfly picture, now is 500 uploads!!!! WOOOH!!!!!! See Article
  • Chinese New Year and the candied fruit

    by Shupian | 29th of October, 2009

    I feel like I had a habit of eating ice candied fruit. Junior high school, on the way home from school there is an aunt selling candied fruit, every where we go eat a bunch of the total, but no money to go helplessly passed away for many years. Later,... More
  • Butterfly and Country Map

    by Kenliu | 11th of September, 2009

    A period of time ago, I made some vectors about 81 different kinds of butterflies and more than hundred Country flag and map, I spent a lot of time and energy on it, and these vectors sold very well at another agent, so I think them might be some good Material for DS designers.... More
  • Butterfly: unique symbol

    by Olyashevchenko | 24th of March, 2009

    Butterrfly is an insect from lepidopterous order. It is unique because of the life cycle which contains metamorphosis from egg, then caterpillar through pupa to beautiful bright adult. That is why butterfly image became symbolic. It represents resurrection, hope and soul... More
  • Love for butterflies

    by Saniphoto | 20th of March, 2009

    I have wondered, but cannot find out why I love butterflies so much. I have made several composite photographs using these delicate and colourful insects as part of the image and I'm also pretty satisfied with the results and how they have been appreciated. I have read... More
  • My First Illustration!!!

    by Eclecticelegance | 2nd of February, 2009

    My very first illustration was approved a few days ago!!!! I had tried doing some computer illustrations (see my previous blog article ), and they did not have high enough quality, so I tried uploading some illustrations that I had drawn by hand and scanned in. This... More
  • i like the butterfly

    by Dtguy | 30th of July, 2008

    the butterfly like a princess that dancing in the sunshine . she looks very neat and beautiful . she will fall on a flower when you watching her staring .and also she will fly away when you closing with her . Only then you in-situ motionless, treats... More
  • Photographing Butterflies

    by Naturalphotos | 6th of February, 2008

    I get a lot of people asking me how I manage to get the butterflies to sit still or to stay on a particular flower. I do have a couple of tips and look for more to share. Time of Day - As with most photography, early morning has not only the best light, but often lower... More
  • Butterfly Skye's

    by Skye_babie | 12th of December, 2007

    I have a butterfly farm in Sydney Australia. I sell butterflies for weddings and special events. It is a fantastic job, I love to see the look on peoples faces when they release their beautiful butterflies into the sky. Every time you release butterflies, the experience... More

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