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  • Women (want to) RULE...

    by Ellenboughn | 3rd of September, 2008

    Truth in advertising requires ads to present the benefits and qualities of their products in an honest fashion. Of course, advertising has a very loose relationship to reality especially in the manner in which women are pictured. Advertisers recognize that women are responsible... More
  • Masters of Light

    by Ellenboughn | 30th of July, 2007

    Lots of blog talk lately about what differentiates a pro from an amateur. If an image has what it takes, I don’t care who took it. Could be a top photographer or my Aunt Nellie: it’s a professional image. But on the over all career level, it’s usually the light that... More
  • 5 Unconventional Ways to Make Money in Photography

    by Rachaelmurphey | 20th of July, 2017

         Apart from being a hobby, photography can be a great way of earning money and making a living. Today, modern technology makes it possible for almost everyone to carry a mobile camera and apply the necessary techniques to produce professional photographs. When... More

    by Cathconvey | 13th of May, 2015

    Recently I’ve been reading several articles on how famous photographers built their professional careers. I discovered that actually many people took a few very similar steps on their way up to the top. Step one – shooting celebrities (not Hollywood stars Like... More
  • Commercial vs artistic integrity

    by Glennmart | 15th of July, 2014

      This is a repost (slightly edited) of something I said in one of the forums. I think it holds true to not just photography, but anything we are passionate about and would like to make a living from. It talks about the tension of doing only what you love, but the... More
  • Adventure begins!

    by Mrwhite80 | 12th of February, 2014

    Hello to all, My name is John, I'm 34, I love nature and animals. I'm Italian, so sorry for my English :) Start now by saying that for some time now I have found my real passion ... I heard born, and now I'm really sure, I love the photos, I love watching them, I love them... More
  • Snap out of It and Get a Career in Photography

    by Zofia123 | 15th of July, 2012

    Have you ever wondered what the difference is between people with successful careers in photography and people that just dream of being photographers? Is it simply a matter of talent? I don’t think so. I think that, often, it’s a difference in confidence and drive.... More
  • Turn That Hobby Into A Career In Photography

    by Zofia123 | 2nd of July, 2012

    The average American work year is made up of 2080 hours. For someone who is in the workforce from the ages of 21 to 65, that’s… (Carry the one…) a lot of hours! That’s too many hours to spend doing something you don’t love. Is it time for you to turn your photography... More
  • Photography as a career?

    by Fultonsphoto | 15th of March, 2012

    I have recently been retrenched from my job after 23 years in the IT industry. I have gone for numerous job interviews but as yet have had no success in finding another job, this being due to age, job market congestion etc etc…As part of my retrenchment package I have... More
  • Three Years With DreamsTime and Three Milestones

    by Wisconsinart | 8th of January, 2012

    I joined DT in February 2009 and after three years and I have recently achieved three milestones in my stock career. Milestone One: 3,000 sales! I think the key from this accomplishment has come from trying different ideas and concepts. From business concepts to cooking... More
  • A chance in a lifetime?

    by BCritchley | 22nd of September, 2011

    I thought I would share this with you guys, it looks like a chance in a life time if any of you fancy this. Taken from Yuri Arcurs site "This year Yuri Arcurs Photography is putting together an elite international academy program in the hope of producing the most competent... More
  • So stinkin excited that my last 7 submits were accepted w/no rejects!!

    by Laqhill | 10th of May, 2011

    I am so stinkin excited this morning, because I have had soo many rejects in my short stock career, and now this morning, I found out that my last 7 submits were all accepted!!! WOW, isn't that something!!! Does that mean that I am finally learning something, or are the... More
  • The Nude Girl, Tomato, and my Stock Career

    by Wisconsinart | 13th of April, 2011

    I was recently walking down the street when I ran into a pretty, smiling girl who was holding a cell phone and a tomato. "Would you like to take my picture?" she asked. Being the good photographer who always carried his camera, I was more than kind to oblige. I began... More
  • Enlightened Career in Photography

    by Gunshe | 9th of September, 2010

    Two roads diverged in a wood & I chose the one less traveled & that has made all the difference Gone are the days when there were only a limited number of professions to choose from. Engineering, Medicine, Law, Govt. services topped the list and photography was not... More
  • What does it mean to be a photographer!

    by Gwoeii | 18th of June, 2010

    Not to long ago, I left my cushy job in the corporate world, not to say that it is there anymore anyway! With time in my hand to reminisce on what I could have & wanted to be, I realised that many many years ago, I have a love for photography, how I get stumble into it is... More
  • Progression of Stock Photography

    by Mattography | 19th of January, 2010

    Since I've began my journey into the stock photography realm, my progression as a photographer has changed in many ways. I realized shortly after focusing all of my attention into creating stock images that my passion and love for photography quickly diminished, whether... More
  • Happy new year!

    by Gheburaseye | 9th of January, 2010

    Hello you all and a happy new year, full of beautiful and fruitful innovations in all areas of your life, from work to the love affair. Did you have good holidays? Are you ready for the resumption of 2010? I take this opportunity to show you the latest illustrations created... More
  • Is DT a long term business ?

    by Applee | 6th of September, 2009

    is DT safe for a successfull career for an illustrator? or any chance for crisis in micro stock sales ? See Article
  • Has microstock improved your life?

    by Saniphoto | 1st of April, 2009

    This is just a fun question, for the sake of a positive thought about our hobby/profession. In my case yes. It has improved my life in many ways: - I have earned more money than I did before microstock - I am free from work (I consider what I do daily a complete... More
  • Plans for the Future

    by Lifesazoo | 30th of August, 2008

    Lately I have been doing a lot thinking of what do I truly want to do in the future. Photography has been a hobby that I earn a little money here and there through Dreamstime but do I want to make Photography a full time job or just keep it as my hobby which I greatly enjoy.... More

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