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  • Just commemorate my trip in Quanzhou

    by Fjord | 7th of September, 2008

    Last time I travelled to Quanzhou was three years ago. Though Quanzhou is not a big city in China, its history impressed me a lot. In my former years I lived in shanghai, which is surrounded by modern buildings. When I went to Fujian in south china, I had the chance to... More
  • Red in China

    by Bendao | 5th of September, 2008

    The emphasis of red colour in chinese culture originated from the han-chinese culture's veneration towards red colour. The red color wards off anything evil, red is auspicious. This view had already began in pre-historic times. Red was the colour of the sun (symbolizing power)... More
  • Don't forget on September 6.... Beijing

    by Linqong | 4th of September, 2008

    The 13th session of summer Beijing in 2008 Paralympic Game will be held in September 6 in Beijing, China. 2008 Beijing Paralympic Game opening ceremony evening 8 o'clock starts on September 6 in the national stadium, the entire time is 2 hour 50 minute. The 29th session... More
  • Beijing Olympic access for freelance photographers - China does it right!

    by Pniesen | 1st of September, 2008

    After spending some time in Beijing and shooting several Olympic events I have to give some praise to China for how well they handled the masses. Specifically freelance photographers with no press credentials were treated quite well. The volunteer staff was very friendly... More
  • the monks

    by Newkoala | 30th of August, 2008

    The Tibetans living in Tibet, Qinghai and its surrounding areas, believe in their religion loyally since ancient times, in which hiding many complicated meanings. It is a kind of Buddhism, with stories of reincarnation and legendaries. In Tibet zone, the followers set up... More
  • 500 sales

    by Linqong | 29th of August, 2008

    I have reached 500 sales in 9 months,however, I am not particularly satisfied with this result.I thought that I should be possible to do well. I also prepared to adjust my Portfolio during the year,continue to add new and more creative themes. More
  • Beijing in August (Part II)

    by Linqong | 22nd of August, 2008

    The Olympic Games in Beijing is being run here, it will bring new achievement and new feeling to us every day. During Olympic Games, the scenery in Beijing of ancient capital and historic site have attracted a lot of foreign athletes and tourists, Certainly, large-scale... More
  • chinese food

    by Cb007 | 22nd of August, 2008

    In Chinese cooking, color, aroma, and flavor share equal importance in the preparation of every dish. Normally, any one entree will combine three to five colors, selected from ingredients that are light green, dark green, red, yellow, white, black, or caramel-colored. Usually,... More
  • A splendid baseball game

    by Zhangjian | 19th of August, 2008

    A splendid baseball game,contest between brothers,China vs Taiwan. See Article
  • Beijing in August

    by Linqong | 14th of August, 2008

    Beijing in August is charming. The Beijing Olympic Games has attracted worldwide attention is being held here,whether newspapers or television, people talk about the Olympic Games has become the main topic. I think many foreign friends of Beijing's understanding that... More
  • Go China!

    by Lhj | 13th of August, 2008

    This is already the fifth day of 29th Olympic Games! There are already 18 Golds in China Olympic Team! Congratulations, my motherland! Go, China! You are always the best! ***You may win the world by LOVE or loose the world by HATE!*** See Article
  • Beijing Welcomes You

    by Zqfotography | 13th of August, 2008

    In the summer of 2001, I sat in front of TV to watch the release of host city of Olympic 2008. That night, July 13 if i remember correctly, every Chinese shouts out, "Beijing, Jia you!" Yes, It is Beijing. At that time, I was a high school student, preparing for the university... More
  • August,focus on China!

    by Macmaniac | 8th of August, 2008

    From now,the whole world will focus on Beijing.August,the whole world will focus on China. One world,One dream.A great time is on the horizen! See Article
  • World's Olympic! World's Beijing!

    by Lhj | 7th of August, 2008

    Finally, after a long time as seven years, the Olympic is right here! It's so close at the end and I can even touch it by my fingers, I think! The world is ready for the brand new Olympic! The world is looking at Beijing! The world cannot wait to celebrating together with... More
  • Yellow River's headstream

    by Newkoala | 5th of August, 2008

    The origin of the Yellow River is in the hinterland of the Tibetan Plazean in elevation of 4300 metres. Leaving from Xining, the capital city of Qinghai Province, passing the Heka Mountain Tunnel, arriving in Shixia and Maduo, it needed 4 days to reach the Zhaling... More
  • Mt.Animaqen

    by Newkoala | 4th of August, 2008

    Mt.Animaqen snow-covered mountain is one of the four scared mountains of Tibetan Buddhism in elevation of 6200 metres. This mountain is huge and covered with snow perennially. People in Tibet usually pilgrimage on the methods of trekking over the hills. If you want to drive... More
  • Beijing Olympics testing time for China

    by Litifeta | 3rd of August, 2008

    You only have to see from the comments made on my previous blog that the Chinese cannot handle scrutiny and have the opinion that everyone else in the world should back off and let them do their own thing. The rest of the world no longer thinks it is acceptable that a... More
  • China is Selling!

    by Studioceja | 1st of August, 2008

    Last Summer I was in China, beautiful place. While there I experienced the drastic change the country is going through.... or has been going through the last five or so years. I traveled through the country for over a month and had the opportunity to capture many beautiful... More
  • A lovable baby 曈曈

    by Zhangjian | 16th of July, 2008

    This lovable baby is my son.His name in Chinese meaning is "Morning's sun". See Article
  • Chinese tea art.

    by Linqong | 11th of July, 2008

    Tea is an indispensable part in Chinese's daily life, there is a folk adage in China: ' open seven thing: Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea '.This kind of drink tea habit is deep-rooted on Chinese, had a history of thousands of years already. If you want... More

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