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  • Xian Terra Cotta Army

    by Lihui | 18th of March, 2008

    The Chinese city of Xi’an was the central stronghold for all of the country’s most important ancient dynasties going back 3,000 years. That will only multiply when the emperor’s sprawling mausoleum, rumored to hold invaluable treasures and rivers of mercury,... More
  • The minority people of China

    by Chinaphoto163 | 17th of March, 2008

    The minority people of China Ethnic Groups China is a multiracial country with 56 ethnic groups, including Achang, Bai, Bonan, Blang, Bouyei, Korean, Daur, Dai, De'ang, Dongxiang, Derung, Oroqen, Russian, Ewenki, Gaoshan, Gelao, Hani, Kazak, Han, Hezhen, Hui, Jino, Gin,... More
  • I am from Northeast China

    by Lhj | 16th of March, 2008

    Hi, everyone, welcome to LHJ's world in Dreamstime! I am a photography fans and from northeast China, a dreamland in China. However, I am now in Shanghai, a busy and modern city in China even the entire world. Anyhow, I have the connection now among the modern city,... More
  • Chinese resources

    by Chinaphoto163 | 15th of March, 2008

    Chinese resources China abounds in natural resources. It leads the world in many proven mineral deposits; No country in the world boasts more wildlife than China, many of which are native to China, such as giant panda, snub-nosed golden monkey, and Chinese alligator; China'... More
  • Hello everyone!

    by Yangxibaobei | 14th of March, 2008

    Hello everyone!   My name is Yang Xi, I from China. I was a pretty cute little girl. I'm 11 years old this year. Very glad you understand. I hope we can become friends. My Mom and Dad will always take some of my pictures and make other pictures to here.... More
  • Chinese climate

    by Chinaphoto163 | 13th of March, 2008

    Chinese climate China is characterized by a continental climate. The latitude spans nearly 50 degrees. The greater part of the Chinese territory is situated in the Temperate Zone, its southern part in the tropical and subtropical zones, and its northern part near the Frigid... More
  • Welcome to China

    by Chinaphoto163 | 12th of March, 2008

    Location The People Republic of China is situated in eastern Asia on the western shore of the Pacific Ocean, with an area of 9.6 million square kilometers. China's continental coastline extends for about 18,000 kilometers, and its vast sea surface is studded with more than... More
  • A Movie Review - Red Doors

    by Chinaphoto163 | 11th of March, 2008

    A Movie Review - Red Doors In the media, especially in Western countries, Chinese are often depicted as the “upstanding citizen.” The hardworking immigrants that work long hours, always get ‘A’s, always win the spelling bees or chess tournaments, and the biggest... More
  • How to Make a Lantern

    by Chinaphoto163 | 11th of March, 2008

    How to Make a Lantern A lantern is one kind of Chinese handicraft. Here is how to make a lantern. It's easy, so give it a try. Steps: 1. Use a rectangular piece of paper and draw some drawings you like on it. 2. Fold the paper into strips repeatedly from the downside... More
  • It's a so small world

    by Miao | 11th of March, 2008

    Just few minutes ago, I found few photos on DT closely similar to mine . What a surprise! I previously thought the place where I took these pictures was out of the way. Mine: Eprom's: Next time, I must go to a place where nobody knows. ;) More
  • welcome

    by Jasonjung | 10th of March, 2008

    thanks for visiting my blog, i am a free photographer in BeiJing China. i like take photo in my spare time, your suggestion is appreciated and welcome. See Article
  • My hometown

    by Chinaphoto163 | 7th of March, 2008

    Zibo, my lovely hometown, lies in Shandong Province, China. It is a small village with a beautiful scene like a picture. It has more than 300 peoples in the villiage, the young, the old, men and women, I like them very much. See Article
  • China National Stadium

    by Hanhanpeggy | 4th of March, 2008

    The stadium will be the main track and field stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics and will be host to the Opening and Closing ceremonies. ]The huge building is a fantastic piece of architecture. More
  • Grand Canyon in China

    by Eprom | 3rd of March, 2008

    Every one know famous grand canyon in America. less people know the grand canyon in China. 2 years ago I take a travel in Tibet of China. It is a wonderful place. And is hard to give expression by word. From the photos, you can see some people live in the grand canyon. Can... More
  • My first sale in DT

    by Zhuanghua | 29th of February, 2008

    I have to say I am just the luck dog! 38 images were accepted on Feb.27,and the next day I got the good news:2 of my images have been sold! It's really an exciting news for me.About half year ago,I join a Chinese stock photos online,but only one picture was sold,although... More
  • Sandy

    by Shupian | 28th of February, 2008

    when he was the Juan Lian Jiang Jun, accidentally broke a glass lamp during the Empress's Peach Banquet. He was given 800 strokes and banished to Earth by the Jade Emperor. All because of a single glass lamp. Wu Jing was changed into a demon, and once every week, flying... More
  • Pigsy

    by Shupian | 28th of February, 2008

    Pigsy was lazy, stupid, greedy.He succeeded into becoming an immortal and ascended to Heaven. He was given the title of Tian Peng Yuan Shuai and was in charge of the Heavenly River. But one day, after attending the Empress's Peach Banquet, he became very drunk and stumbled... More
  • Beijing national geological park

    by Linqong | 28th of February, 2008

    Beijing National Geological Park is 50 kilometers away from Beijing, and the inside of karst caves secondary chemical deposition landscape. Local name for the hole to SHIHUA CAVE. Geopark is the current domestic karst caves found in the large-scale, multi-layer, the entire... More
  • Tianfu Garden Water City

    by Shupian | 27th of February, 2008

    The broad expanse of the Chengdu Plain, quietly flow from three rivers - the river, Pihe, North River, the crossroads of three rivers, is the first of a thousand miles Tuojiang River City - Tianfu Shuicheng Zhao town. "Hao-miao of Sanjiang, 1000 Ancient Ferries head; Health... More
  • Share some low-pixeled pictures

    by Urty | 27th of February, 2008

    I have taken all kinds of pictures before. What annoyed me is that their pixels were too low. So I cannot upload them to DREAMSTIME. It's a pity! Here I share some pictures photoed in Yunnan and Guizhou with you. Please click the following linkage.Thanks for your watching!... More

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