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  • Classical beauty in China (Part III).

    by Linqong | 23rd of October, 2008

    Here is a group of Chinese Ming Dynasty's clothing (History of Ming Dynasty in China: AD 1368 - AD 1644),I conceive and stem from a novel while shooting this group of pictures. There is a very famous novel in China, Its name is Dream of the Red Chamber,the author is... More
  • Classical beauty in China (Part II).

    by Linqong | 22nd of October, 2008

    As a famous historical city, there are a lot of ancient buildings in Beijing. There is the Great Wall which you know very well, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, but also a lot of royal gardens are distributed in Beijing. These classical gardens are mostly emperor and... More
  • Circle Heaven & Square Earth

    by Lhj | 18th of October, 2008

    All the ancient arthitectures in China were based on the mistary Feng Shui. Feng shui, a marriage of art and science, is a practice founded in China and refined by feng shui masters through 6,000 years of development. Feng shui masters carefully map the nature and flow of... More
  • Living Room On Bed

    by Lhj | 18th of October, 2008

    Have you ever seen such a kind of bed, a heatable brick bed? It's called as "Kang" in Chinese and very popular in northern China, especially in ancient time. As shown in my shot, you may find the ancient people even put a small table on this kind of huge bed, which is... More
  • A fantastic trip in Shangrila, China

    by Hiallen | 10th of October, 2008

    Our first destination of the trip was Potatso National Park. When we arrived, we were all shocked by so blue and so clean sky and primitive landscape. The air was so fresh, and we couldn’t help taking a very deep breath. Everything was so different from the city we live... More
  • Classical beauty in China.

    by Linqong | 9th of October, 2008

    I have been wanting to take the work of a group of Chinese traditional dress all the time. The Chinese traditional dress that I understand is Han-clothes,these are Chinese clothes, culture clothes.chinese people call them Han-clothes. Han-clothes has a long history,... More
  • The beautiful autumn of Bashang

    by Jiajianzheng | 8th of October, 2008

    Bashang,one of many glasslands in Mongolia municipality in china. At this time last year,because I knew it is very beautiful in bashang in many ways,I travel to Bashang in autumn with a few friends enjoying photography. It is the best beautiful in autumn,all the... More
  • Something you might look at but miss always

    by Lhj | 8th of October, 2008

    This is really possible and please do not say I made a big topic. :-P There are lots of things we look at everyday but never noticed its meaning inside! Let's look into the below picture which shows you one of the pair of Hua Biao. The obelisk marble columns engraved... More
  • 1st National Park in China

    by Lhj | 30th of September, 2008

    Potatso National Park is located in Yunnan Province and the first National Park in China. Its fantastic typical plateau view is really outstanding and breath-taking! Of course, if you are not strong enough, the terrible altitude sickness really kills you. However, even... More
  • Happy National Day Holiday

    by Lhj | 28th of September, 2008

    My dear homeland, China! You are going to welcome your 59th birthday! I don't know what is the weather in our capital today, however, it's quite terrible in Shanghai, which is quite similar to my own feeling. Anyhow, everyone is enjoying their 7-day long holiday now.... More
  • Photography in the shopping center

    by Linqong | 25th of September, 2008

    Photography inside the shopping center is very difficult, it is more difficult to take a model and shoot together,because does not allow to shoot in a lot of shopping centers. Here is one of Beijing's high-end shopping, I like shopping here. Here's shopping environment... More
  • my lovely girl

    by Cczbb | 25th of September, 2008

    The Chinese girl was looking toward her mater. And I take this picture right now. This photograph was taken in her 26 months. See Article
  • 9.17 - Beijing Paralympic

    by Linqong | 17th of September, 2008

    Along with the closing ceremony of the fireworks show, we have to say goodbye to the Beijing Paralympic. We have said that the Beijing Olympics and the Beijing Paralympic bring China's influence is far-reaching.Here it concerns everyone, it has already gone beyond... More
  • Beijing office district landscape.

    by Linqong | 9th of September, 2008

    In the eastern part of Beijing City is Beijing's CBD office, In the eastern part of Beijing City is Beijing's CBD office.Recently, my unit will also go to there. Here the focus of many major domestic and international business, media companies,Here is the important component... More
  • About CRH

    by Bigjiang | 9th of September, 2008

    CRH,China Railway High-speed, the fatest moter train unit in China, is called Harmony CRH. It looks like a bullet and impresses people with it's shape and speed. I took this picuture in Shanghai,China, and uploaded to dreamstime first time, and was very excited to find it'... More
  • Just commemorate my trip in Quanzhou

    by Fjord | 7th of September, 2008

    Last time I travelled to Quanzhou was three years ago. Though Quanzhou is not a big city in China, its history impressed me a lot. In my former years I lived in shanghai, which is surrounded by modern buildings. When I went to Fujian in south china, I had the chance to... More
  • Red in China

    by Bendao | 5th of September, 2008

    The emphasis of red colour in chinese culture originated from the han-chinese culture's veneration towards red colour. The red color wards off anything evil, red is auspicious. This view had already began in pre-historic times. Red was the colour of the sun (symbolizing power)... More
  • Don't forget on September 6.... Beijing

    by Linqong | 4th of September, 2008

    The 13th session of summer Beijing in 2008 Paralympic Game will be held in September 6 in Beijing, China. 2008 Beijing Paralympic Game opening ceremony evening 8 o'clock starts on September 6 in the national stadium, the entire time is 2 hour 50 minute. The 29th session... More
  • Beijing Olympic access for freelance photographers - China does it right!

    by Pniesen | 1st of September, 2008

    After spending some time in Beijing and shooting several Olympic events I have to give some praise to China for how well they handled the masses. Specifically freelance photographers with no press credentials were treated quite well. The volunteer staff was very friendly... More
  • the monks

    by Newkoala | 30th of August, 2008

    The Tibetans living in Tibet, Qinghai and its surrounding areas, believe in their religion loyally since ancient times, in which hiding many complicated meanings. It is a kind of Buddhism, with stories of reincarnation and legendaries. In Tibet zone, the followers set up... More

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