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  • The news: Got 50, at last!

    by Alexhor | 21st of May, 2009

    It happened today, suddenly. I see many of people here are proud to get first 50 online. Sure it is kind of milestone. You get some options, becoming exclusive or even participate in assignments. OK great. I've got 50! But I kind of cheated. No new photos! I was playing... More
  • Inviting Constructive Criticism And Answers

    by Secmaster | 18th of May, 2009

    Although I am not new to photography I am new to putting my images online for an attempt to sell them. I have no problem with my images being refused by DT, in fact I've learned a great deal about what DT looks for in an image for it to be a candidate for their stock photo... More
  • Converting my garage to a photo studio pt .2

    by Travismanley | 13th of May, 2009

    Hey all, Just finished writing the second part of the "converting my garage to a photo studio" on my blog twcdm.blogspot.com Here is an abridged version of my blog post. If you dont already know I am in the process of converting my garage into a photo studio/office.... More
  • Converting my garage to a photo studio.

    by Travismanley | 29th of April, 2009

    After months of trying to come up with a solution to my lack of studio space I have come up with an idea...drum roll please...I am converting my garage into my new office/photo studio! My current office/studio is a little over 10x10' and my wife also has a desk and computer... More
  • Art and advertising

    by Claudiofichera | 7th of April, 2009

    Hello friends! First of all, sorry for the English translator online.Might find errors of expression, but they are not purposely. Exists in the world certain that the best artists go to advertising field. Money and fame are working with this... But I think both (art and... More
  • My first Level 3

    by Linqong | 28th of February, 2009

    This is a very accidental shooting to images. Last year, in a fog in the morning ....The workers on the construction site begin to work,I try to shoot one and feel very good.So I went upstairs across from the shooting a group of images,I continue to shoot them for a few... More
  • My first blog - about future project

    by Mariv | 4th of December, 2008

    I always thought that my first blog will sound like "I have my first image approved" or "I have my first image sold" or "I reached milestone" or I think you got it till now... Oh, where did I go wrong? My work hasn't been easy to me. On contrary. I do not see the end... More
  • My first sale

    by Glossygirl21 | 4th of December, 2008

    My first sale! I thought it would not happen. After uploading 23 images, i thought my first sale would not come that soon. Here is the image. Thank you to the buyer See Article
  • A good start

    by Wnights | 28th of November, 2008

    After careful thought, from the perspective of the library market to select the picture, finally passed the examination. It gave me confidence. Will continue to work hard. See Article
  • My first Online File

    by Laststory | 27th of November, 2008

    This is my first picture of the Dreamtime, the screen is a crane, which is 5.12 in China, large earthquakes in the hardest-hit cities - Mianyang, a site of the shooting. on the current reconstruction work has already started.The Chinese people are still strong, I would... More
  • 365th Day

    by Jjphotos | 9th of October, 2008

    On October 10, 2007, I joined Dreamstime. Today marks the 365th day that I am a contributing member of Dreamstime. (One of the first shots approved) (Shot with my new DSLR at the time) (August 2008) (Learning a new technique... More
  • Emoticos for everybody!

    by Bluekatstudios | 20th of September, 2008

    I created the Aqua Emoticons because I was working on a web site which had a chat room and wanted some neat looking original smileys. A few years later I decide to put them up for sell after I had received an offer from another web maser to use them on his site. There... More
  • San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

    by Lifesazoo | 8th of June, 2008

    San Francisco has a beautiful flower collection at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. If you love Orchids this is the place to go because they have many different types of Orchids planted all throughout the building. The conservatory is divided into five... More
  • A construction site

    by J6789 | 15th of May, 2008

    June 30, 2007, in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, when the airport terminal at the airport found next to a construction site. - Steel structure on the site, several workers in the busy work. Steel structure in the backdrop of blue sky and white clouds, is especially dazzling. So,... More
  • consider be an exclusively contributor, but??

    by Billysiew | 16th of April, 2008

    Just want to know if I want to become an exclusively contributor, meaning all my images must be exclusive with dreamtime, right? that means I have to delete all the images on other stock photography agency before I can become an exclusively contributor. Hope anyone... More
  • Beijing under construction.

    by Linqong | 13th of April, 2008

    Beijing under construction. During the past 10 years, people living in Beijing experience urban construction of Beijing is very fast. It is that the Olympic Games in Beijing is annual this year, the modern every one of building is built up at one's side, enable old Beijing... More
  • Feeling Self-Conscious

    by Charlesoutcalt | 13th of March, 2008

    There I was, barreling down the 99 freeway in the Central Valley of California, when I saw an incredible sight: a windmill farm in a mountain pass. Hundreds of windmills, different heights and shapes, some spinning quickly, others making lazy loops, others seemingly stuck.... More
  • Think Green, Save Blue

    by Torchdesigns | 21st of January, 2008

    Everyone spends a great deal of time and energy discussing the environment these days. Global warming, the oceans rising, and strange weather events. Very few media events focus a great deal of energy on a much more serious problem, saving fresh water. There are some... More
  • A photo for a concert poster

    by Anatoliyvorokh | 6th of December, 2007

    Hello, my dears! I'm going to make a poster for a concert of well known opera actress and I plan to use there some good photos from DT. These photos will performance traveling activity of this acress. Warshaw, Riga, St. Petersberg, Paris, Tallin, Moscow are needed.... More
  • Growing as a Photographer

    by Naturevision | 20th of August, 2007

    Unfortunately by the time we get to the point in our lives where we can purchase the better cameras, and great lens we have reached our prime. A 20 year old usually cannot afford a digital SLR unless he is a professional photographer or has a great job with lots of disposable... More

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