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  • I'm so happy for being announced as the Second Prize Winner of the "Connection Photo Contest"

    by Sf2301420max | 4th of March, 2009

    I'm a real fans of National Geographic. so this could be very very exciting for me :-) I shot several photos and made a BKT exposure from that scene, this is one of them: anyway, no one has downloaded this image, maybe it's not that microstock type, :-)... More
  • Medical Arts Press Photo Contest!

    by Eclecticelegance | 12th of February, 2009

    I received an email this morning about a photo contest that I thought all of you out there would be interested in. It's called "Point, Click, and Win $1,000!" I don't think you have to be a previous customer to enter, either. Medical Arts Press will use the winning photo... More
  • Are you in Washington, D.C.?

    by Davidwattsjr | 7th of January, 2009

    If any fellow Dreamstime'ers happen to be in D.C. - may I ask a favor? If you would happen to be along the Smithsonian Mall in the next few days - before the 15th of January - is there any chance you might stop in the Smithsonian Castle? I have a photo on display there... More
  • Suprised and Happy

    by Markogt | 3rd of December, 2008

    I got a really big suprise today! I just found out that one of my new winter series photos has won the Earthshots Photo of the Day Contest ! You can see my winning photo here Winter Alley The winning photo is now up in DT:... More
  • Surprise Win!

    by Lifesazoo | 1st of December, 2008

    Several months back I attended an event hosted by icanhascheezburger.com at the San Francisco Zoo. They had a contest with the event for people to go to the zoo and photograph the animals and then come up with a caption for the photo. That day was not a good photograph... More
  • Published!

    by Marilyngould | 24th of November, 2008

    Recently a local newspaper of Ventura County held a photo competition with the idea of creating a coffee table book entitled “Capture Ventura County”. The book would highlight landscapes, daily life, newsworthy events, sports and recreation, people, pets and nature as... More
  • The importance of confronting

    by Xevious | 12th of November, 2008

    Hi all, that's my first blog and my english is really horrible, excuse me. ;) I have 51 illustrations in my portfolio, i can't wait next assignment ! :) My sportcar is ready to start, do you see ? Ok ok, is a pathetic spam attempt, i know. :D Yes, i am really happy to... More
  • Creative bursts

    by Southernstar71 | 4th of November, 2008

    In the company I work for, it's a bit of a habit to have small competitions, in particular when it comes to naming a project, internal website or other stuff. I quite enjoy taking part in them, because I like the short but intense burst of creativity that they imply. I... More
  • Smithsonian Magazine 6th Annual Photo Contest

    by Patballard | 15th of September, 2008

    It seems that either competition season is upon us, or I'm the new Dreamstime contest guru. Interesting photo contests keep popping up in magazines and on web sites that I frequent. Entering contests not for all of us, but for photographers who are so inclined, it's a great... More
  • Yihaaaaaaaa First PayOut

    by Ladyminnie | 21st of August, 2008

    Today on august 21 I received my first payout. I had alittle contest and Moth is the winnar, so I will buy a photo from his portfolio , just like I promised :) Thanks DT and hopefully next time a little bit sooner ;) 100 dollar photo More
  • just a little bit more

    by Ladyminnie | 14th of August, 2008

    just $ 6.06 more and I am ready for my first pay out who will choose the winning date and my next buy will be one of yours Its not going fast so any date for this week is not gonna happen or something real strange has to happen ;) so come on and place your date :... More
  • Photodays 2008.

    by Ejla | 12th of May, 2008

    I can proudly announce and share my joy with you .... One of my photos entered in the finales of Photodays 2008, a photographic contest in Croatia, which is meant to be a retrospective of photography in the last year in Croatia. Among 5000 submitted photos of 300 authors... More
  • Photography contest

    by Morgancapasso | 12th of March, 2008

    Couple of weak a go i posted 2 my immages in an photography contest and with my big surprise one of my 2 entry is won the contest, for me the surprise is was because i saw the work of the other contenders and is was excellent. The 2 images i presented are this one in black... More
  • Shotaddict

    by Dmturmell | 5th of February, 2008

    I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with this site, but they are always offering various photog contests that are fun to participate in. Also, they have an active forum often discussing "professional secrets" and a section dedicated to purchasing or selling camera... More
  • Choosing Contest Winners

    by Jsternig | 11th of December, 2007

    Any of you Dreamstimers wonder or know how contest winners are chosen? Is it by number of views, downloads, or just plain discretion? I currently have an image in the "Time" contest which conveys the concept of having "too much time on our hands." More
  • Photo contests, more and more a race for our money

    by Dnf-style | 9th of December, 2007

    I need to talk about something that really is starting to annoy me. This whole year we have been getting mails about entering contests. of course there are a few that really bring you your exposure and a slight amount of fame. But most of them don't bring you anything.... More
  • My First Dreamstime Contest Acceptance!

    by Jsternig | 26th of November, 2007

    I just entered into my second contest here at Dreamstime and within a day, had my image accepted and raised to the highest level. Hopefully this will mean an increase in sales for me, and maybe even another chance to sell the rights completely! More
  • For everyone who has a studio....

    by Torie508 | 30th of October, 2007

    If you buy backgrounds or props from this company, you can take pics using their items and submit them for a photo contest. If you win, they will give you a $50.00 gift certificate from them. It's a good way to earn your new studio equipment. BackdropOutlet.com More
  • NASA Art Contest - Life and Work on the Moon

    by Charon | 17th of September, 2007

    A new NASA contest encourages university art and design students to partner with science and engineering departments to create art representative of living and working on the moon. More
  • Contests – Loss or Gain?

    by Thefinalmiracle | 10th of September, 2007

    In whatever field we enter, in whatever hobby we take, in any part of the world, our life is a competition everywhere. We are trying to prove ourselves better than others in every step in our life. The hunger to win and be successful is the basic instinct of any person with... More

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