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  • "Carpe diem"!

    by Helgardas | 3rd of March, 2017

    The most common symbolic use of the skull is a representation of death. At first impression it carries a negative aura and nowadays more often its portrayal express everything what can be associated with evil in general. However, it can have and another meaning such as life... More
  • Death tolls in Italy

    by Guernica | 19th of January, 2017

    Just heard of a new death tolls in Italy repeating the earthquake there and the deaths of the past earthquakes, Its really sad i want to let them know that i feel for them and my heart of breaking for their sadness and grief. I want to pray for the dead people and their family... More
  • Drabble: Cadaver

    by Secretnarrative | 20th of November, 2013

    ‘Where’s the body?’ ‘In the parlour, sir, follow me. He was breakfasting on bread and honey. It’s strange, the corpse is twisted. If he’d been on his back he’d be resting on his head and heels.’ ‘Where’s the widow?’ ‘I don’t know, sir, but that... More
  • Marathon Legen Caballo Blanco dead

    by Adrea | 3rd of April, 2012

    Hello, Today after finishing my running training (for marathons and ultra marathons) I've got home and started to read on RoClubMarathon forum the latest news and i've saw this new that made my skin like a chicken. I was a bigger shock his death cause now I'm reading... More
  • The Knowledge of Pain

    by Thefinalmiracle | 27th of May, 2011

    Three recent incidents gave me an insight of something what nature/god gave us but what we turned into a complication that multiplies itself due to our ability of thinking and learning. In the first incident I met a very great person. Great in his achievements and spiritual... More
  • Remember

    by Taylorgracephotography | 9th of May, 2011

    Today my heart is heavy. Today I don't even want to think about my camera, let alone pick it up. Today I want to cave in on myself and sink into the abyss of misery that comes with heartache. But I won't. I will walk past the photographs sitting in my living room taken... More
  • Give It Your Best Shot!

    by Jeniicorv8 | 25th of February, 2011

    “It won’t be long for our friend Lina, do you think you can help me put together a slideshow tribute,” says the email I received today at work. As I sit her sorting through the photos I’ve collected of our friend Lina over the past few years and as I wait for more... More
  • 200 dollars

    by Card76 | 21st of May, 2010

    Hi to everybody thanks to this picture af death valley desert I reached yesterday 200 dollars of eanings thanks Fabio See Article
  • Paying tribute to a Golden American Model on Dreamstime

    by Loveliestdreams | 17th of April, 2010

    James was born December 28, 1922. He was an Airforce pilot, with a passion for computers for over 30 years. He loved adventure and traveled the world all his life. This year, in March 2010, he was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. He will remain in his favorite... More
  • Not with a bang, but a sigh.

    by Avion49 | 3rd of October, 2009

    It was a morning like any other. After breakfast, he tinkered with the pressure washer he planned to use the next day to wash the mobile home. At lunch time, he came in to eat and then sat with his wife to watch a game show or two. He was bragging to her about how well... More
  • Letting go, but are we prepared and ready ourselves...................

    by Creativei | 11th of September, 2009

    Well after reading two blogs from dmccale about her dog, here are the two blogs about the dog, if someone missed it, and dmccale, I have taken the title of your two blogs for this blog hope you don't mind. Part 1 Part 2 After reading those blogs, I was seriously thinking... More
  • W00t I chilled you too much?

    by Tomdraug | 21st of February, 2009

    In my previous blogs I showed my winter pictures. You were chilled! This is not good. I feel you deserve some heating instead. I found this nice thermometer in the Death Valley, in the shadow. Look close. This is real. No joke. It was not the most warm point, in the... More
  • Virus

    by Yunxiang987 | 21st of August, 2008

    A virus is a sub-microscopic infectious agent that is unable to grow or reproduce outside a host cell. Each viral particle consists of DNA or RNA within a protective protein coat called a capsid. Some of them can cause human diseases and even cause death. Here are molecular... More
  • The Truth Behind The Lies

    by Thefinalmiracle | 18th of July, 2008

    I am writing this blog because I am very nostalgic since a week. I had lost a friend some years back over an issue that might be bothering so many of us today. Most of the old-timers of my site will think that I gave importance to this blog for some past reasons, but its... More
  • How Much Time is Enough?

    by Patballard | 19th of June, 2008

    My Mother died two months ago at the age of 89, and this has put me in something of a reflective mood. Her life was a long one especially for someone who was supposed to die the night she was born. At age 9, before the era of antibiotics, she almost succumbed to bacterial... More
  • Opposites: life and death

    by Papuga2006 | 25th of March, 2008

    This photo is really something amazing. I find it buy searching ‘opposition’ keyword, and at first was not sure is it correct to my search but then I look close to it and it was something that really have the sprit, matching my primary idea. I was searching of images... More
  • you always looked pissed off...

    by Arenacreative | 13th of February, 2008

    Every time I went near you...you inflated your little cheeks in defense at me. Now today you decided to go belly up. Come back, you jerk! I miss my fishy :( Rest in peace Zippety. See Article
  • Japanese Photographer - Killed in the line of duty

    by Fertographer | 28th of September, 2007

    Photojournalists who, in every way put their news coverage before their lives, is it all worthwhile? The current situation in Yangon not only cost the government an image badly damaged, it took a life of a fellow photographer in our photography community. Whether or... More
  • Butterflies Everywhere

    by Davidwattsjr | 14th of September, 2007

    Here in east Texas, we had a very wet and rainy spring. I think the great rain (breaking a several year drought) brought us many butterflies this year. My short experience photographing butterflies began with this shot a month or so ago. I was surprised at the large number... More
  • Deadly Embrace

    by Davidwattsjr | 28th of August, 2007

    Was out in the fields the other day looking for some interesting photographs. Found this one which I think turned out pretty good. I had to crop it some - as I couldn't focus quite as close as I'd like. Here's a green garden spider in a deadly embrace with a beautiful... More

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