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  • Big decision about my DT account!

    by Snookless | 1st of March, 2015

    Well I have finally decided that after almost 5 years on DT that I will now go EXCLUSIVE! I am just waiting on some of my other accounts to close on other sites. It just has been to much to do keeping track of these other sites and I will now be able to focus all my effort... More
  • Photography: College or University?

    by Yelo34 | 21st of March, 2013

    Recently, I was talking to a friend's daughter who wants to take Photography in the university. I was amazed how she knew about history and art besides she had some excellent pictures to show. I could tell she really liked it! She was turning down two Psychology offers in... More
  • Accomplishment

    by Egomezta | 5th of December, 2011

    Today I want to share a small quote that I just read in internet, and it is quite good to not share it. I couldn't find who it belongs to... EVERY ACCOMPLISHMENT STARTS WITH THE DECISION TO TRY. See Article
  • The results of going exclusive.....

    by Asakalaskas | 6th of September, 2011

    I read a lot of the threads about going exclusive before I decided if I should or not. After consideration of both sides I decided it was a good move for me and made the jump. All I know is since I did so the middle of August my sales and views have quadrupled. The attached... More
  • Finally I did it!

    by Rosipro | 4th of August, 2011

    I've decided to change that all at last and chosen to be DT exclusive photographer! I should do it earlier, but till today thougth that "sitting on many chairs" can earn me more... I'm happy I did it! :) See Article
  • What to do now?

    by Ewamewa2 | 3rd of August, 2011

    It looks like I have already uploaded all of my best travel photos... These were accepted today: It is high time to decide what to shoot next. Decent isolated photos are still to difficult to me, so what are the other options for a beginner to get sales? Photos with... More
  • Important Question

    by Morphers82 | 21st of February, 2011

    So there are lots of question marks on dreamstime images. But here's a different take on the question mark. Remember that old gameshow "The $64000 Question". An American game show broadcast from 1955-1958 See Article
  • A Life-changing Decision...

    by Elianehaykal | 21st of July, 2010

    ... that you took during the past 6 months (happy, sad, romantic, etc.) - let's share! You're free to illustrate your story with a photo. As for me, I got engaged last weekend to the creator of these birds :)... More
  • The reason I won't go exclusive

    by Bobsphotography | 16th of January, 2010

    I have been thinking a lot about the possibility to be a full exclusive photographer for Dreamstime, but yesterday I took the decision not to become one. The reason is that pictures are rejected, but accepted else were. As a full exclusive photographer for Dreamstime... More
  • Decision process

    by Rosedarc | 8th of January, 2010

    Making decisions is not always easy... I stopped, looked, listened and came to the conclusion it would definitely be a good thing to become DT exclusive. So here we go, I crossed the line! See Article
  • How does one decide on a 'style'

    by Freedomphotos | 10th of December, 2009

    I would be interested in hearing how other photographers have made 'that decision' what style of photography are you suited to and why. See Article
  • Not about photo.

    by Valerii | 4th of August, 2009

    This is a blog, like I understand I can write about anything...So... Do you know the filling of troubles and problems....when you can`t fight with them, because of any reasons. You just try to hide of them, make a wall and hide behind it... It`s like watch through the photo-... More
  • is rejection really that horrible to you?

    by Tan510jomast | 26th of February, 2009

    how do you see rejection? we hate that word, don't we? is it like a skeleton in your closet, or the bogeyman under your bed,lol. or do you see it as something that can be useful in your related work? do you remember your first rejection? i do. it was when i was just... More
  • What's your camera?

    by Asaliro | 17th of February, 2009

    Confuse to choose a camera digital? hmmm it almost happen to people today. Because a lot of camera digital or pocket camera is launching every months. When people asking what's camera should i buy? hmmm... what's the right answer!?? See Article
  • here i stand at the crossroads

    by Denisebeverly | 5th of February, 2009

    here i stand at the crossroads of decision. this is the month i can delete the approximately 250 images i have, most already disabled, and leave dreamstime. i have waited for this time to come for quite a while and yet now, i do not know whether i will take my predetermined... More
  • Editorial V Royalty Free

    by Jaboardm | 3rd of October, 2008

    Editorial V Royalty Free My editorial images are bringing a good share of downloads with a lot less effort on my part. I don't have to get a model release or go through and remove all of the logo's or other possible copyrighted items from the images. I struggle... More
  • Decision U Made

    by Lhj | 20th of September, 2008

    My love, I know you are such a stubborn person. So am I. From this point of view, we are so alike from bottom of our hearts. You love the freedom of being in winds, and I love the feeling of wind blowing over my face. From this part, we are still so alike. In order to... More
  • Plans for the Future

    by Lifesazoo | 30th of August, 2008

    Lately I have been doing a lot thinking of what do I truly want to do in the future. Photography has been a hobby that I earn a little money here and there through Dreamstime but do I want to make Photography a full time job or just keep it as my hobby which I greatly enjoy.... More
  • Exclusive Decision

    by Photojay | 16th of July, 2008

    Well, I have decided to stop uploading to other sites, which is the first step to becoming EXCLUSIVE with Dreamstime. Over the next few months I will be able to disable images from other sites to allow the individual images to become exclusive here at DT. As soon as I... More
  • Going Exclusive?

    by Tnotn | 12th of November, 2007

    I am trying to decide if I should go Exclusive or stay 'out' and continue to sell with a number of different site. Currently I have the option to go exclusive with two different site and I have been weighting the decision; Is it better to be 'in' with one site or 'out'... More

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