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  • The search engine revealed

    by Tangie | 1st of April, 2010

    Many questions have been asked and heated debates started on this subject in the last few years. It is that thing each and every contributor wonders about at least twice a day when checking account statistics and sales. It is one of Dreamstime's greatest mysteries and best... More
  • The Golden Gate Bridge

    by Lyoung403b | 26th of August, 2015

    Almost everyone has heard of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. And many have walked it or cycled it many times. I thought it would be cool to take a photo under the bridge just so that one can appreciate the architecture and engineering design from below. I know that... More
  • The Kung Fu Master of Stock Teaches Grasshopper About Social Media

    by Wisconsinart | 29th of July, 2013

    "Here, Grasshopper," said the old Master of Stock Photography, "Take this hammer." At his command, Grasshopper obediently took the hammer and began to follow the instructions of his Master. "Clasp both your hands around the handle. Good!... More
  • RELEVANT Relevancy Searches

    by Clarsen55 | 14th of May, 2012

    I take changes here at dreamstime with a grain of salt...the administration usually does a good job of testing and tweaking until the change is fair and positive. BUT recently I have noticed a distinct downgrade in many of my images appearance in a search. When "buyer searched... More
  • New Collection: "Engineers and Engineering Concept"

    by Kharyadi | 15th of March, 2012

    I have create a new collection: "Engineers and Engineering Concept". I would like to add some images from other contributors into my collection. Should you have related images, feel free to post your images in the comment area as I will add them to my collection. ^_^... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - Long-tail Keywords and Microstock

    by Hatcheckgirl | 13th of January, 2012

    What are long tail keywords? Well, to start with you need to understand the nature of microstock and long tail theory in general. "The Long Tail," is a term that was coined by tech writer Chris Anderson in his article "The Long Tail" The piece describes how content providers... More
  • How to search your own portfolio.......

    by BCritchley | 4th of November, 2011

    Ok for some time now, in fact from the time I started on here I have all ways searched for my pictures by going into my online files link in the management area. As my portfolio has grown this has resulted in an issue that this feature will only return a maximum of 20 files.... More
  • Just sold my 1st picture

    by Fotosenmeer | 14th of July, 2011

    Just sold my 1st picture via stock ever. THX.... anonymous buyer. THX.... Dreamstime. The photo is hardly 24 hours visible on-line. After being with stock just only 1 month. I almost feel like the famous super rich duck with its 1st hard earned 0,10$. Here... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - Categories and Concepts

    by Hatcheckgirl | 8th of March, 2011

    What's the difference between categories and concept words on dreamstime? The categories that you choose for your images are broad concepts after all - business, arts etc. But the method of choosing categories encourages you to place your image in the most specific sub-... More
  • The Practical Keyworder – Visual tools for Visual people

    by Hatcheckgirl | 15th of November, 2010

    The Practical Keyworder – Visual tools for Visual people What is the difference between cataloging your images and just randomly tagging them with keywords? The answer can be found in the definition of cataloging itself – Cataloguing uses langauage (words) to describe... More
  • One IT guy(China) like landscape

    by Skylaila | 11th of November, 2010

    Dear friend, I'm James in BeiJing of China,male,35 years old. It's very nice to meet all of you on the DT. I'd take every oportunity improve my photograph, to be professionally & substantial. I like the nature view & my photograph style like artless & real view and also... More
  • The Practical Keyworder-Keymentoring and the

    by Hatcheckgirl | 27th of September, 2010

    The Practical Keyworder - Keymentoring and the "collective consciousness"… You know by now that we are living in a new paradigm for content creation (see my earlier post Microstock and the 'Stream of Content-ness' ). You also know (or should!) that this is not a reason... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - Microstock and the 'Stream of Content-ness'

    by Hatcheckgirl | 23rd of August, 2010

    The Practical Keyworder - Microstock and the 'Stream of Content-ness' There has been a lot of talk on this site and elsewhere about the end of stock photography as we know it - even the end of microstock, which, not too long ago, was the wave of the future and the very... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - Deep Search

    by Hatcheckgirl | 14th of June, 2010

    Images are not made of words, but words are the only means by which we can organize, identify and find images. I've often wished that I could translate the look and feel of an image that I am searching for into something besides words - is it possible to search by painting... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - Keywording and Community

    by Hatcheckgirl | 21st of May, 2010

    The Practical Keyworder - Keywording and Community As has been pointed out in a number of articles - Dreamstime is much more than just a place where people buy and sell pictures. It is a true community supported by forums, a comments area, blogs and other tools that... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - did you mean…?

    by Hatcheckgirl | 5th of May, 2010

    I got a call from an upset customer one day - he had been looking for glamour shots of women's legs for some kind of ad campaign and his search results were coming up with some very strange stuff. Instead of images of female legs, he was getting page after page of baby animals... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - Babies and Baby Tomatoes

    by Hatcheckgirl | 26th of April, 2010

    The Practical Keyworder - Babies and Baby Tomatoes First let me say one thing - there is no such thing as "bad" keywording or bad keywords. Keywords are only bad if they do not optimize your search results for the unique search engine that is retrieving your images for... More
  • Is keywording a self-fulfilling prophecy?

    by Bradcalkins | 19th of April, 2010

    I see a lot of people with different takes on keywording (me included!) and I can't help but wonder if it isn't a self-fulfilling prophecy. Consider two very different approaches to keywording, along with my take on what the results would be: 1. Relevancy is the goal:... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - The Mind of the User

    by Hatcheckgirl | 19th of April, 2010

    The Practical Keyworder - The Mind of the User There is a saying among librarians that "every book has its reader and for every reader, a book". Information organization is designed around this principle and this philosophy is relevant for any type of information that... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - Concepts: One thing leads to another...

    by Hatcheckgirl | 12th of April, 2010

    Concept keywording has gotten a bad reputation - why? As I pointed out in an earlier post, many articles have been written about the necessity of "shooting to concept" (Want Success? Start with the Concept). So, if you have a great concept, why not throw on as many concept... More

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