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  • I Heart Freedom

    by Sortapundit | 4th of April, 2011

    A month into my tenure at Dreamstime and I may as well write one of these blog things. With a little luck, penning a few words now and then will help me work out what I'm doing right, and what needs improvement. Soooooooo... Two sales! Booyah! This may seem... More
  • Do you have that too???

    by Franfoto | 17th of March, 2011

    Last week I changed a photo, four years on DT, with 0 downloads to the Free Images. I wondered how fast and how much it was downloaded now. Do you have that too? Here you find two of the photo's changed to free images. See Article
  • The ultimate in refusals, a Free image rejection...

    by Billdayone | 15th of March, 2011

    I am a bit confused.   I researched how to upload a couple of images to the Free section. I followed the instructions to upload by activating the option, that if an image is not approved for my portfolio, it could go to the Free section.     This is a similar image,... More
  • Getting started

    by Billdayone | 11th of March, 2011

    From what I see, people just let it all hang out. So here goes. I am trying to undrstand the DT experience. Not really very good at it but anyway... People inform of their first this and their first that... So my first collection is up..don´t really know what for but... More

    by TMarchev | 1st of March, 2011

    Hi all! This is part of my old illustrations and not have success to sell for last year. On the other hand will be glad to help some, so I shared them in the free selection. P.S. sorry for my bad English i from Bulgaria:) Good day! More
  • What about Egypt?

    by Thanatonautii | 6th of February, 2011

    I have been watching the last weeks the social movements that happen in Egypt and I was terrified! It`s a tragic situation and I think that no one wishes something like that to anyone! Even thought I was only 6 years old back then I still remember the revolt that took place... More
  • Frozen beauty.

    by Oracal | 28th of January, 2011

    Hi to them all! Winters at us cold. Sometimes the temperature falls below -40°F degrees. The nature during such moments is simply wonderful. It's a pity just it is necessary to photograph very quickly as from a frost fingers of hands very quickly freeze. I would like... More
  • free image donated!!!

    by Xiaofeng123 | 24th of January, 2011

    I am very happy today because I donated some image to the free section! I want to donated more image but as you konw my portfolio is small and DT require the image which must be online for more than one year.So I have not many images that meet the requirement.... More
  • New year, some changes

    by Aginger | 18th of January, 2011

    Dear Friends, belatedly, but with heart, I wish you a really happy and successful New Year! In the first round, with a free photo from my beloved country, Portugal...they're in big trouble nowadays unfortunately, because of some economist reasons, and I like to share this... More
  • Time is money, even when it's free

    by Stuartkey | 17th of January, 2011

    I've just completed a blog post on my website, but the images from it are not from my Dreamstime portfolio, so I can't show them here. However, the image to the left is used on one of the finished images, and by blogging here it will enable Yewkeo to see where I have used... More
  • Please like me on Facebook

    by Spectrumstudios | 1st of January, 2011

    Hey fellow Dreamstimers, I am just getting started with my business Spectrum Studios Photography and I need some more follows on Facebook :) If you want lots of tips on photography, free images or you would just like to help out then please click the link below. Facebook... More
  • 7 months smoke-free

    by Gennaro86 | 30th of November, 2010

    Today I'm very happy because are seven months that I don't smoke... The first weeks were terrible, but every day I saw the difference and I felt better... Now I feel very good, I can live whitout smoke and I can expend my money in photo lens :D :D DT present in this... More
  • Free images for promotion

    by Alexhor | 29th of November, 2010

    As you all know I am miles away from some real success. But on a way I learn things, so I am glad to share my thoughts with you. You can click here to see all other blogs that responds to the term free images. I read them all, so I decided to add my few cents to this matter.... More
  • Editorial vs RF

    by Bobsphotography | 12th of November, 2010

    A couple of blogs ago I wrote that my editorial pictures are not selling that well, but at this stage I do sell more editorial than RF. Of the last 40 sales, 24 are editorial. These pictures are my latest editorial ones. More
  • Visualise disk space used (free utility)

    by Bevanward | 24th of October, 2010

    Thought it was appropriate that I share a useful windows utility that I use regularly to show where space has gone on my laptop harddisk or an external disk. It is a free utility that you don't have to install so there is no penalty in trying it. You end up finding all sorts... More
  • Magazine Photographer - good exposure

    by Imdan | 2nd of October, 2010

    Hi Gang! I'm freelance, but I also shoot events for a print/online lifestyles magazine in Arizona, USA. Shooting for the magazine allows me to meet new prospects, meet a celebrity or two, see new sites and it gains me admission into places I might not otherwise be allowed.... More
  • first time my free image approved!

    by Huating | 15th of September, 2010

    I think donating images is very important, it´s a good promotion for the other images in the portfolio. it is the first time here my free image approved! these two pic taken on a market when i back hometown on Oct. 2009 holiday! More
  • Scooters and Mopeds, We love them!

    by Chrisrawlins | 13th of September, 2010

    Hi everyone Just to let you know that there's a new scooter collection of very affordable pictures at Dreamstime. In this collection we have lots of colorful images of scooters Most of them are parked... More
  • Free Images Q&A

    by Mani33 | 11th of August, 2010

    Many questions & opinions are going around the fact that there is a Free Section on DT & the fact that photographers are not paid any minimum cents by giving for free...! I wanted to answer the question made in a recent blog & I found my self over writing! So in order... More
  • Is the free section killing the market?

    by Bobsphotography | 10th of August, 2010

    For over a year I am a contributor to DT and after that year, I did put some pictures in the free section that were not even looked at. To my surprise these images are now the best downloaded ones of my portfolio. There are more than 97.000 photographers active on DT alone.... More

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