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  • Free images - donate or not?

    by Julia161 | 6th of September, 2009

    After some of my portfolio images became one year old I decided to try this option. Some people wrote on message board this can be useful for sales, others objected, but you never know untill you see it with your own eyes. So, my first donation was this image , which... More
  • Free 10-Week Digital Photography Course!

    by Indianeye | 2nd of September, 2009

    I came across Free Online Classes that I thought some of you might be interested in! Please tell them the KC Camera Club sent you! During the 10-week structure of the course, students will learn digital photography while working at their own individual skill level. Using... More
  • "free images" doesn't help much

    by Suntrekker | 26th of August, 2009

    First of foremost,this is not a thread that complaining the DT's policy.This "free images" might help a lot of photographers,but it doesn't seem helpful to me. After giving out free images,downloads increased but sales doesn't. I had a few images uploaded simultaneously... More
  • Bring photos for free ... Yes or no?

    by Claudiofichera | 19th of August, 2009

    A week ago I put a photo for free. Many questions about donating, position among the other, etc. The data is this: 1)My photos are not bad. It had no discharge, On the second day had 33 downloads! Today 52 dls! 2)No one has left a comment 3)The next day I sold 4 other... More
  • Photo for free?

    by Saniphoto | 11th of August, 2009

    In my blog I recently posted about the photo for free strategy. Here in Dreamstime, as in other agencies, is quite popular the marketing technique to give a photo (or more photos) for free in exchange for portfolio visibility and possibly future sales. My point was to... More
  • Summer

    by Kasienka | 7th of August, 2009

    Summer is all around! It is fantastic warm and sunny! Most of you have a summer break traveling here and there. Europe, United States, Nordic countries there is so many great places to see. Great for you! I have to stay at work and keep thinking about physics. Physics... More
  • Free Webhosting Yes its totally free.

    by Creativei | 17th of July, 2009

    Finally my promise to offer free website to dreamstime users is here. It took quite a long time to deliver my promise, but finally I managed to deliver it. Well I have noticed many dreamstime contributors doesn't have their own site. Having your personal site brings in... More
  • Free Images

    by Zeddicus80 | 15th of July, 2009

    Hi All, I just wanted to se who of you used the tick-box 'use as free image' when uploading your images. I've got my first 'free' image online and it has a good few downloads. So many it actually makes me somewhat cry inside as none of my other images got as close many... More
  • Happy fourth of July

    by Dcwcreations | 2nd of July, 2009

    In the U.S. the fourth of July is a big celebration. It is to remember the independence of America. What I believe is just as important is to remember the price that was and is being paid for freedom. Freedom is never free, So please remember what it took... More
  • Quality Control

    by Brunoil | 5th of June, 2009

    Quality Control I do my best to ensure all my illustrations are of the highest quality. If you find a mistake on any of my illustrations please let me know and I will correct it for free. Thank you. See Article
  • 1% Free = 100 Hike in Overall Downlods

    by Ratmandude | 17th of May, 2009

    Today, I'd like to give some followup on my "Free Images Section" experiment … A few days ago I took the plunge, and started to identify some images that have not made any sales on, and also had not really generated many hits in terms of views … Over the past few weeks... More
  • Take the plunge … it costs zip, zero, nada, nothing

    by Ratmandude | 7th of May, 2009

    For far too long I have been saying to myself, come one … try and isolate a few images that you can offer up into the freebies. I've read many a posting for and against, I gotta say I somewhat torn between the two schools of thought on this subject matter. But what... More
  • First time!

    by Billysiew | 5th of May, 2009

    First time my free image appear on the first page. I really feel good since more people will know me.. Don't know how long it will last. Anyway, I can see its number of downloads increased dramatically. Here are some similar images of waterfall: More
  • Free image experiment

    by Amyemilia | 28th of April, 2009

    In the last couple weeks I have examined my portfolio and designated several images as free. They were all more than 1 year old, and had no downloads. I've been surprised at the result. For example, the image to the right had less than 50 views after having been in the... More

    by Picstudio | 20th of April, 2009

    Checkout my first free image. See Article
  • Free images for all, get them while they're hot!

    by Wingnutdesigns | 5th of April, 2009

    Now on offer is a whole batch of free images from my portfolio. I'll be adding more every month so fav me to make sure you pick them up! Free images here See Article
  • 51 dl for 1 day being online

    by Littledesire | 17th of March, 2009

    Here's my bestseller. It has 51 downloads for one day being online! Don't take it serious :) It's in the free section :) Thanks, Creativei for helping me to take my decision about putting my images in free section! That's the first one! I hope it will bring me more luck... More
  • New image arrived and Old one goes to Free Section

    by Creativei | 24th of February, 2009

    Hello Everyone, Its been a long time since I was very active in DT, lately some my images got approved and to make way for the new arrivals, i had to get rid of some images which was in my portfolio for quite a long time, Thought may be somebody might use them for free.... More
  • Give Away of the day

    by Fultonsphoto | 17th of February, 2009

    I recently came across an interesting site that gives away a version of different types of software for one day, each day new software if offered for download for free. For those interested check out More
  • Freeze toilet bowl water in action (Those who hate to scrub toilet bowls, read this.)

    by Yhca | 3rd of February, 2009

    Anyone wants to try to take water in action? I must say I took a long time to get this right. My first image was rejected for incorrect exposure. It was hard for me to take this image at night with the toilet lights on, so I waited til day to take this shot. I had a problem.... More

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