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  • referral programe

    by Alitvfilm | 10th of June, 2010

    I am trying to activate my referral programe, but ending with errors. I try for so many time by copy and paste, but still unsuccessful. Of cos I’ll be proud if I can make it especially attached in my blogspot website, flickr, facebook, myspace, tagged, etc.My problems... More
  • Edinburgh - tip or guide?

    by Sebikus | 15th of April, 2010

    Hello, I'm going to go to Edinburgh in 13. May. Is here anybody, who could advice good tips for take photos? I don't mean mainly touristic atraction, but something else, for example what resident can know only :-) Or, if anybody wants new friends with taking photos as hobby,... More
  • Purple Fringing Quick Fixes

    by Travismanley | 26th of June, 2009

    Just wrote a new post at my blog twcdm.blogspot.com Here is a sample of that post. Purple Fringing, AKA: Chromatic Aberrations (sounds like something you would hear on an episode of X-Files), AKA: Lens Fringing. Even with the best lenses you will occasionally find... More
  • The Photography side of Microstock-beginner to Masterclass

    by Kenny123 | 27th of May, 2009

    Call this,if you like, a "Photographer's Notebook" -these are lessons learned in almost 50 years of photography-aimed mainly at the beginner in the game of stock; But hopefully more advanced practitioners may pick up a trick, or wrinkle here and there. Regards, Ken... More
  • Stock Photographers Camera Buying Guide

    by Travismanley | 28th of April, 2009

    I just wrote a new article at my photography blog twcdm.blogspot.com about picking a camera to use for stock photography. Here is an abridged version: A lot of photographers out there might be asking themselves, what kind of camera do I need to take stock photos?... More
  • Photos That Dont Sell

    by Travismanley | 11th of March, 2009

    I recently added a new post to my blog (twcdm.blogspot.com) talking about what kind of images you might want to avoid uploading/selling. twcdm.blogspot.com is a blog I started to share tips, tricks and tutorials about photography, Photoshop and getting into stock photography.... More
  • Tips for editorial submissions

    by Costa007 | 9th of March, 2009

    There are a few important points to be considered for editorial submissions although they seem to be overlooked most of the times: Specific descriptions – increased editorial value The first thing one should keep in mind when submitting such images is that they... More
  • "The Kids' Guide to Digital Photography"

    by Eclecticelegance | 19th of January, 2009

    I have just finished reading a book, The Kids' Guide to Digital Photography. It was very interesting, and explained difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand way. As a newbie, I found several of the tips useful. Perhaps some of you professional photographers would like... More
  • Headroom on Images

    by Karldavis | 17th of December, 2008

    Well, I finally got started in stock photography! It seems like a whole new world to me and I have a huge learning curve... to come up to speed on what's important, what images sell and which ones don't. One thing has struck me already: LEAVE HEAD ROOM and Lots of It!... More
  • Getting Started on Dreamstime: Guide for Beginners

    by Carriel313 | 20th of November, 2008

    Getting started with Dreamstimes can be a...quandary for those photographers who are new to the Stock Photography business. There doesn't seem to be a good "How To" or "Dreamstime for Dummies" guide floating around, so I'll try my best to pass along what I've learned thus... More
  • What's that bug? A quick guide to tagging insect photos correctly. Part 1: Beetles

    by Liquidanbar | 6th of November, 2008

    As someone who works with insect and images of insects everyday, I get quite frustrated sometimes looking for images here on dreamstime. Many of them are tagged incorrectly, or more often just tagged with the words "bug" or "insect." So I thought I'd write a quick guide to... More
  • Panoramas with Carpathian mountains (part 1)

    by Emicristea | 16th of July, 2008

    The panoramic photography is used quite often by the mountaineers in order to show the mountains area due to the wide fields of view. Often the panoramic photography can replace a map (when the sky is clear) for those who know (or if it appears on the photo) the toponyms... More
  • Filter guide

    by Summerrain | 6th of June, 2008

    I wanted to create a photoshop filters guide for both photographers and manipulators and here it is! I will make this into two parts, the first one for freeware, the second one for shareware. These are all plugins that I am currently using or have used or at the very... More
  • The best set of keywords for my images

    by Prepresspd | 24th of January, 2008

    Hi there: Im new in here and I want to know if someone of you guys can help me: How many keywords are recommended to get the best results on the searchability of the images? Any good guide you guys recommend me in regards this? Thanks. See Article
  • Presentation of my latest project : Leveranciers.biz

    by Phlpascal | 20th of September, 2007

    For quite some time I’ve been working on a new project, called “Leveranciers.biz”. This website is meant to be a kind of starting page for business in the B-2-B-sector in Flanders and in the Netherlands. The “why” of this project I started this project after... More
  • Start

    by Dabobabo | 11th of September, 2007

    Hi again..I know I've to talk about my stocker project but, I've to talk right now about another topic: THIS blog.. You have to know that I'm a complete newbie about blogs, so is very difficult (!) for me to post something.. the system shout me that I've to insert an image... More
  • Illustrator CS3

    by Hosae | 17th of August, 2007

    I have been using Illustrator for over 10 years and i got AI CS3 about a week back. I am very thrilled with all the new features. Most of all the Colour Guide tool. I have been freaking out with this tool. Earlier you had to physically check the harmony in the colour harmony... More

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