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  • Happy Birthday Dessie!

    by Mani33 | 24th of April, 2010

    Hello everybody! I just want to say that it's Desislava Dimitrova's (Littledesire) birthday today and this is just a little space to tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY DESSIE! All best wishes on your day ;) More
  • Level 4 in Less Than 4 Months

    by Elephantopia | 23rd of April, 2010

    This image of Miami has been online since 12/29/09 and as of this morning it is a Level 4 image. It is also the 18th most downloaded HDR image on DT. Looks like I did something right with this image. This my first Level 4 image so you can understand my excitement. Thanks... More
  • Happy birthday to me!

    by Littlemacproductions | 19th of April, 2010

    Today is my birthday! Who would have thought... 55! Holy smokes! When I think about how quickly time has passed with my life (more behind me than in front) I am just blown away. Being one of the fortunate ones with many, many wonderful memories of being a child,... More
  • Try HDR When the Light is Harsh

    by Elephantopia | 12th of April, 2010

    Recently I took a trip to Thailand. I was hoping to come back with many photos, some of which I would use for stock. One of the challenges I encountered was harsh light. When on holiday you can't see everything on your list around sunrise or sunset. You can always count... More
  • HDR images

    by Sebikus | 18th of March, 2010

    Do you like HDR images? I think, it's young technic of photography and when somebody can use it, result is beautiful. What is HDR exactly? Wikipedia tell us: In image processing, computer graphics, and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set... More
  • Easy HDR Effect technique

    by Tanyae | 18th of February, 2010

    I'm sure you know about HDR. Just in a case, you can find information on Wikipedia. Here I'd like to share an easy HDR Effect technique that helps to improve your existing photos just with some clicks in the Photoshop. It is not my invention, I found the instruction on... More
  • Today is my birthday:)

    by Dvargfoto | 30th of January, 2010

    Today is my 32 birthday. What have I get? I have beautiful wife and two wonderful children. I'm professional designer. I like photography, drawing and play in World of Warcraft sometimes :))). And of course I actively develop on my favorite Dreamstime. P.S. ....... More
  • Im in my Forties Now

    by Chrisrawlins | 27th of January, 2010

    I turned 40 on the 26th January. After years of denying being my age, some people might say lying, I've finally realised that it wasn't a helpful attitude. Life is limited, so get out there and make the most of it. So now I'm going to embrace being forty and use it... More
  • It's my birthday!!!

    by Titania1980 | 1st of January, 2010

    Hi people!! Happy new year to all! Just surprised to see another contributor's blog about her b-day today, so I decided to post my blog. Its my birthday!! I'm 30 today, born on 1st jan 1980 And a lot of thanks to Maen (Mani33) for remembering anf greetinge me and the nice... More
  • It is my birthday today

    by Mildegard | 1st of January, 2010

    I was born in January 1st, 1985. You know, having birthday just after New Year party is not a best thing in the world. No guests and all that :) I used to meet every birthday in tears when I was a kid. But... The best birthday is a quiet one, with a loving family, that's... More
  • Today is my birthday, what a coincidence!

    by Billysiew | 20th of November, 2009

    Today is my birthday. I have 3 sales and the images order are: The two ribbons on left and right represent the birthday gifts and the middle one represent the birthday blessing (virtually shake hand) from my friends through the internet(i.e facebook). Somemore, I... More
  • A Gift in My Birth Day

    by Asaliro | 10th of November, 2009

    Today, I got $100 in sales. Which is the third and today is my birthday. Thank you dreamstime... thank you buyers... I love you full :) See Article
  • october 20, 2009

    by Almaterra | 20th of October, 2009

    october 20, 2009 Dear Dreamstime members, Let me introduce myself: I am leading Alma Terra, a non-profit organisation from Romania. Alma Terra’s goals are to create and coordinate activities that contribute to the development of the local and regional environment... More
  • Happy Birthday, Susan!

    by Littledesire | 9th of October, 2009

    Hi all DT fellows, it's time to make a big surprise for our friend - it's Susan's birthday today! surprised with lots of B-day wishes from her friends here! Happy Birthday, Susan! Don't stop having fun till you're 126! :) Oh, I almost forgot! I promised you long... More
  • First sale, not one, 3 in one day!!!!

    by Valerii | 23rd of September, 2009

    It`s a magic, yesterday I had a birthday, and wrote a blog about my day. And wrote about my wishes. Today I have three sales, it is my first sale. IT IS A MAGIC! Thanks a lot! See Article
  • Today my birthday

    by Valerii | 21st of September, 2009

    Today my birthday. I`m 22 now. I hope that this year will bring to me some creative opening in photo and I, at last, will have sales. Till now I don`t have any one ((. It`s a pity. On days off I am going to go for hunting to Republic Hakassija and I will necessarily try... More
  • Birthday sale

    by Ladyamber | 14th of September, 2009

    Today is my birthday, and my winter cityscape was sold for the first time! Moreover, I nearly witnessed it, for it happened while I was online. A nice present. :-) See Article
  • A year in reflection

    by Fultonsphoto | 7th of September, 2009

    Well it was a year ago today that I decided to join DT and start submitting - for the first time - images to stock image sites, below is a brief reflection of my activities over the past year here at DT... To start with a few days ago I posted a blog -$7 in four days,... More
  • $7 in four days, I can do it!

    by Fultonsphoto | 3rd of September, 2009

    Some of the more successful sellers here might get a good laugh out of this one but its all part of the fun. The idea behind my heading is that on the 7th September I will have been online at DT for 1 year, therefore in just over 4 days time actually, I will be 1 years old... More
  • Today is my birthday

    by Kasienka | 26th of August, 2009

    Hi! Today is my birthday ;-). Last year has brought a lot of new friends, accepted and sold files, plenty of hours that I spent at the front of the computer screen. It was worth it! Thanks a lot for being around, having a good word when I needed it , sharing with me... More

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