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  • My first sales.

    by Anhong | 14th of March, 2010

    I am a new member of DT. Hope that within a month can apply for the success of an exclusive photographer. Shoot good photos, and more customers to download my photos. See Article
  • Welcome !!

    by Lasermedia | 8th of January, 2010

    Dear Visitor, Thank you for visiting my blog ! I hope you are buying my artworks. My Best Regards. See Article
  • My first approval

    by Archpenn | 22nd of December, 2009

    It is so glad to have a picture approved. I had registered dreamstime in June of 2008, but I didnot have any good photo or images at that time. So I tried to study photoshop and adobe illustration in the past year, now I have my first approval. I hope at the end of... More
  • One more to go!

    by Edwardje | 27th of November, 2009

    For the moment I have 99 downloads....I hope to get my 100 th soon. I just returned from the Puskar Camel Fair in Rajashtan, NW-India. I posted my first pictures from that beautiful place....so...maybe.... Gr Eddy See Article
  • I'm starting with 7 accepts out of 8 !

    by Kevinchenyt | 17th of September, 2009

    I have owned my 400D for more than 2 years, and I believe I could haveat least 50 good ones to be uploaded and get signed. But what depressed me most is that my past pics are all too small. less than 3 mp, and I could only find 8 which I believe were accidentally set of more... More
  • A happy week for me!

    by Pyfriend | 14th of March, 2009

    Thank you very much for downloading them! They are my first two downloads since I joined on January 10, 2009. It makes me so happy that I nearly cann't go to sleep recently ^_^! Now I have a large confidence in uploading my photoes. Where there is a will, there is... More
  • Sports pictures

    by Asklar | 21st of February, 2009

    I have been on Dreamstime since last July and haven't had tremendous success with my uploads. I tend to get a lot of comments like "Image is out of focus" or "Too much noise". I have been trying to fix these issues but it is still proving hard. Although I have had my hardships... More
  • Spring Comes Round

    by Toneimage | 16th of February, 2009

    Floppy of the dirt, melting of the remnant snow, Spring comes with its gentle breeze. Grass & trees open their eyes; melting ice water flow over the rural fields, nourishing the crops; birds would not cuddle up with their heads buried deeply into their bodies, they can paddle... More
  • One Year passed...

    by RedDaxLuma | 15th of February, 2009

    One Year (first!) passed with Dreamstime, 1500+ Portfolio and 1000+ DL, and we just started ! We hope... SVLumagraphica See Article
  • Don’t give up!

    by Awizard | 23rd of January, 2009

    I have read a lot of your blogs, some of them are very useful. And now I feel that I must say a few words. I’m a newbie here, and uploaded 10 pictures – 5 one day, and then one by one each other day. So… First 5 pictures were reviewed yesterday. The result was awful:... More
  • Just 5 more!

    by Annieyek | 17th of November, 2008

    So far, I have 45 uploads, 5 more images are waiting for approving.. Hope can reach to 50 uploads soon.. I noticed that pictures with isolated objects are quite popular in DT am I right? here I have some images, have a look and welcome comments for me to improve.. More
  • The Dawn

    by Lhj | 23rd of October, 2008

    Upon a while, I loved to take the pictures for the sun-rise. The dawn can always make myself forget all the unhappy mass and just enjoy the warm brought by the dawn. I do wish your life will be as same as the dawn, which is full of the brightness, strenth, hope and warmth!... More
  • Feel that everythig goes on it's way...

    by ZrKnight | 22nd of October, 2008

    Hello! I'm relatively new to stock photography,and i have feeling that my work is nice and will have some sales soon. In 1 or 2 months i will have my first dslr camera. My photos are being seen,and i hope that the 1st download will come very,very soon. Here's some my... More
  • Very interesting question! What's your goals in 2008?

    by Sleiselei | 27th of September, 2008

    The goals include the following contents, please answer the following format. 1 current uploads files 2 Upload the number of goals in 2008 3 Current sales 4 sales goals in 2008 5 Current revenue 6 revenue goals in 2008 Here are my answers: 1 4358 2 5000 3... More
  • wow,I have nine image online

    by Chaka | 3rd of July, 2008

    i am pleasure,though nobody view. nine,luck numeral. sorry,i english very poor. See Article
  • Beyond the Lens You Find His Fingerprint

    by Angelatoasis | 16th of June, 2008

    I get excited every time I get the chance to write or research. It has always been a strange passion of mine and so has photography. I love to look at things in a different way, and to be able to tell a story beyond the lens of my camera. In college I spent many hours... More
  • A small bridge and hope of life

    by J6789 | 10th of May, 2008

    In the experience of life of people, everyone always have oneself's hope for live. People have to get across many the bridge of hope and to look for the happy of life.Such as this image, it is the green world,beautiful world if you get across this small red bridge. More
  • Working around the Shredder Trojan Virus

    by Rgebbiephoto | 2nd of March, 2008

    It just figures, you go to upgrade, and all hell breaks loose... Our computer registry was fouled, and we had a bad stick of RAM, so we had to reconfigure the entire machine. Fortunately, our catalog was now safe on our external, and it's only the machine we are dealing... More
  • 3 stock lessons

    by Amyemilia | 22nd of January, 2008

    Making progress slowly. I've learned a couple things about stock photography as I've been uploading. 1. Pretty is nice but good light is better 2. The shot must support more than one story 3. I still don't have a handle on 1 and 2 I'm hoping there isn't a penalty... More
  • Being John Malkovich

    by Photojay | 28th of September, 2007

    OK, so I used a false pretense to lure you in, but its not the first time this has happened to you, right? I mean, I know of a company who used one of my friend's perfect stock images to illustrate how much better of an image you can get with the latest greatest digital... More

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