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  • The Practical Keyworder - The Mind of the User

    by Hatcheckgirl | 19th of April, 2010

    The Practical Keyworder - The Mind of the User There is a saying among librarians that "every book has its reader and for every reader, a book". Information organization is designed around this principle and this philosophy is relevant for any type of information that... More
  • The Practical Keyworder - Concepts: One thing leads to another...

    by Hatcheckgirl | 12th of April, 2010

    Concept keywording has gotten a bad reputation - why? As I pointed out in an earlier post, many articles have been written about the necessity of "shooting to concept" (Want Success? Start with the Concept). So, if you have a great concept, why not throw on as many concept... More
  • The Practical Keyworder

    by Hatcheckgirl | 5th of April, 2010

    The sea of information - and images - is vast. How is it possible to stand out from the crowd, to maximize views and downloads, and to make certain that your efforts are rewarded? Proper keywording of course. Keywording, or *cataloging* has been the key to finding... More
  • rediscovering keywords

    by Tan510jomast | 3rd of April, 2010

    Hello DT world... HAPPY EASTER ...HOLY PASSOVER...PEACE Carmen's April Fool secret to search is still hot on my mind especially with reference to keywords. I also recall Carmen pointing out to me to be less articulate with my titles as "shorter keywords work better... More
  • Keywords! 7 Easy Steps for Newbies

    by Countedsorrow2 | 9th of February, 2010

    KEYWORDS Probably the MOST IMPORTANT section of all. When someone enters words in a search, these are the words that get sorted through to see if your image is a match. This is the field where you get to enter all those juicy descriptive words that people love... More
  • 3 in 1...

    by Mani33 | 2nd of February, 2010

    Hello everybody... I got an idea that could be helpful for 3 parts: Newbies to sell faster DT our agency to have more revenue so they could make the great work greater We contributors to gain a symbolic value and who knows maybe to get inspired by something to help uploading... More
  • Some thoughts about plagiarizm in photography

    by Julia161 | 22nd of January, 2010

    Hi, today I got a very interesting response on my blog . Here it is: "There is always two sides to a coin.Copying keywords , like copying someone's idea , can come back to bite you in the rear end.Consider this. The same keywords are going to pull out that image you copy... More
  • Understanding search engine visibility

    by Alexhor | 22nd of May, 2009

    Recently I spent some time to do a descent research to improve my (today's and future) image visibility. DT web site is very well optimized for search engines (SEO). This means that whatever we do with our image title, description and keywords (along with other elements)... More
  • Keyword inspiration

    by Lorna | 5th of June, 2008

    Stuck for keywords!? No one sees my great image You may know the feelling, great picture but no one seems to view it thus no sales. The image is great but maybe the keywords are not, or maybe the image and the keywords are in competition with too many others similar... More
  • Keywords Copying - Is It A Crime?

    by Maigi | 27th of May, 2008

    I have to start with an observation about complaints what occur occasionally on stock photography sites: "Somebody stoled my keywords - please, stop it!", "How can I prevent others from copying my keywords?", "Keywords copied - is it right?!" Well, from legal wiewpoint -... More
  • Suggesting Keywords

    by Djk | 11th of April, 2008

    Want to earn extra cash? Try suggesting keywords for existing photos on Dreamstime. But wait, the pay out is $0.02 per accepted image suggestions!! Not much of an incentive. But there are other reasons that may make it worthwhile. 1. It is a positive way to spend time... More
  • Keywording Service

    by Charlesoutcalt | 11th of February, 2008

    Taking a tip from another Dreamstimer (thanks, KenneyStudios!), I submitted a few images for full keywording. I was a little skeptical at first, thinking 'How could they know my photos better than I do?' Well, I am officially hooked on this service. The keyworders... More
  • Girl with Shopping Bag

    by 36clicks | 4th of February, 2008

    Dreamstime definitely inches forward towards greatness with the keyword feedback they provide to their contributers on the sales page. I find this newly available information extremely useful, as it helps me analyse the effectiveness of my keywords, as well as help me... More
  • Importance of IPTC.

    by Sebcz | 20th of September, 2007

    Up til now I described my photos only when they had been uploaded on DT. You know, categories, keywords, etc. I have never used that File Info dialog box in Photoshop. Until I discovered how useful that is: 1. When you upload such a (described) photo on DT, the keywords... More
  • Keywording Tip

    by Kenneystudios | 25th of August, 2007

    Have you ever been writing keywords for an image and got stuck? Here is a tip that works wonders for me when I have Keyworder's Block. Take a good look at your image. What is it? Now, plug your first thoughts into the search engine here on Dreamstime. First sort my relevancy,... More

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